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Basic Care and Maintenance for your Ceruluan clone’s oral system. Advice for Owners.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 1, 2009

An exercise in futurehygiene, sponsored by the Fauxist Xenophilic Studios.

➯ Many Ceruluans do not like having their mouths touched. It is important for you as a Ceruluan owner to desensitize them to being handled like this at a very young age. The xenoveterinarian is always going to need to examine your Ceruluan’s mouth and you do not want to have problems with this. The best way for you to get your Ceruluan used to having its mouth touched is to begin touching it when you first get your clone. Make sure to touch the proboscis and lips, open the mouth, and touch the teeth, blades and motor plates in a calm and relaxing way for about five minutes each day until your clone is used to being handled in this way. You can use a chair or step-ladder to reach more comfortably, which will also lend you the height necessary to maintain an authoritative position in the imprinting stages. Make this a regular part of your interaction with your Ceruluan so it remains calm when you are doing any kind of preventive dental care. Such practice also has advantages for later sexual activity. Ceruluan’s have some of the most complicated and unique ‘culinary systems’ of the common clones, and so are prone to nanobot colonisation, mechanical failure and various infections. Many of these conditions can easily infect or harm you in turn, whether through oral-genital contact, or viral-genetic proliferation.

➯ Most xenoveterinarians recommend brushing your Ceruluan’s teeth and blades daily. Many manufacturers make special nano-paste and brushes for Ceruluans. You do not ever want to use human toothpaste on Ceruluans as it may be harmful to them, in corroding the teeth or dulling the blades. To get your Ceruluan used to having its mouthparts brushed, you may want to start by putting a dab of Ceruluan mouthpaste on a cotton ball and rubbing it over its apparatus . Mouthpaste for Ceruluans is usually quite tasty to them, so it shouldn’t mind this. You can then try a hand-sized brush, available at your xenovet’s office or xenopet supply store. Eventually, especially for larger species, you will want to graduate to a regular Ceruluan brush, in the range of 2-3 metres in length. You can make brushing and maintenance part of your sexual practice with notable success, whether as foreplay, cleanup or plateau-phase torture. Regular work will help prevent the buildup of calculus and debris on your Ceruluan’s teeth. Another way to help prevent calculus and buildup on your Ceruluan’s teeth is by allowing your Cerulean to gnaw regularly at the bones of the Moa bird.

➯ Even with proper preventive measures, most Ceruluans will eventually need a oral cleaning and service from your xenovet. If they recommend a cleaning, it is important that you follow through. A cleaning performed by your veterinarian is much like a human dental cleaning, though much more complicated and time-consuming. Your Ceruluan may also need to be sedated, though the anaesthesia is light and with today’s technology is extremely safe. A thorough exam will be performed to determine if any components need to be changed or repaired. Some veterinarians will do a series of scans of the mouthparts to find any cracks, jams or diseased parts. After this, a trained member of the veterinary staff will perform a cleaning. First, they will scale the blades to remove the oxidation above and below the bi-line. This will be done with both hand instruments and ultrasonic scaling equipment. After this, the blades and teeth will be polished, which will make them smooth and help prevent plaque or debris from adhering to them. If any components are diseased or broken, your veterinarian may remove or service them. A general lubrication of moving parts is standard procedure. Most veterinarians will put your Ceruluan on a treatment of antibiotics and antinano agents to help prevent infection.

➯ So in closing, if in fact your clone becomes infected- do not be ashamed to present them. The theorizing, engineering, production, and use of clones (such as Ceruleans) for sexual purposes is no longer illegal, and is increasingly accepted as part of a healthy, moral lifestyle. It is easier, cheaper, and less embarrassing to present a clone infected, by whatever agent and means, than to have yourself hospitalised- perhaps for months at a time- due to cross infection from your sexual activities with a badly maintained organism.

Please contact: or leave a comment here for more information on this and other hygiene and Xenophilic sexualities topics. Happy cloning.


One Response to “Basic Care and Maintenance for your Ceruluan clone’s oral system. Advice for Owners.”

  1. I really like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.

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