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The Fauxists “Sex With Aliens Survey” 2009

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 1, 2009


The Sex With Aliens Survey is part of the Sex in Space investigations and greater project.

We guarantee total anonymity, and believe in validation and understanding of all sexual persuasions, practices etc.

The survey itself: Methodology and intent

The survey forms part of an ongoing effort to address and redress the lack of information, discussion and understanding of Xenophilic Sexualities in general, and sexual practices with Extraterrestrial ‘Aliens’ specifically. This is the first survey of its kind. By participating in this survey, you guarantee the informed future of Xenophilias worldwide. You are not alone. Better data means better representation, services and acceptance. Using an anti-anthropological framework, notably the structures of Clive et al. (2006), and of Foucault (1982), the intersticies of their studies of Russian Gulag Beauty Pageants and transgenderism, and Bagemihl’s remarkable account of H’Hend taxonomical abjection, sexual rites and homosexual animals. See page 2 for more information and discussion on the history and contemporary social place of Xenophilic Sexualities.

What the data will be used for

The results will be collated, tabulated and permutated to render data on the nature of alien desire, possibilities for preparation for Contact, and for use in R and D in space-shuttle design and policy. (see the Fauxist’s publication: “Sex in Space” for further details on our thoughts on inter-lifeform sex and various other subjects.) The results of this survey will go some way to formulating ideas and structures around Alien sexuality, the borderlands of human desire, and cultural acceptance and readiness for expansion/contact. By determining the true level of interpenetration of aliens into humanity, the possible motives of such a program etc., the data will be an important aid in the development of sexual practices that will please our alien captors, provide insight into how better to reacclimatize the lucky amongst us, and at its most basic, feed back into clubs, pornographic publications and communities.

We guarantee TOTAL ANONYMITY. Your details, if included, will only be made available to other participants who also signal their willingness to share personal information.

Please complete and return to the address shown at end of post.

Sex & Truth: Why We BELIEVE You.

The 1992 Roper Survey suggested that at least 2% of the US population has been abducted by aliens. Thus, over 5 million Americans alone may have had the experience. Therefore, if 2% of the world’s population has been abducted over the last 40 years (as has been suggested by ufologists), then at least 90 million people have been abducted in the world. This means the aliens are ‘taking’ 2.25 million of us each year (assuming we each get to have only one abduction). Over 6,000 abductions are then occurring each day with about 257 abductions occurring each and every hour, 4.283 each minute. These figures are astonishing, and point to a global crisis not being taken at all seriously! Of course, many of the claims are contested. Whether simply not believed, seen as products of sci-fi etc, or as symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, resurfacing memories of childhood violence, projected desires for racial genocide or cleansing, or simply as fabricated calls for attention, etc. sexual encounters with aliens (and their pogroms) are generally seen as pathological aberrations. This obviously follows the arc of many other minority sexual practices, like homosexuality/bestiality, in the myth making, denial etc. Scientific ufologists, more interested in ‘hard’ evidence (like radar traces, photographs and forensic samples) condemn this ‘wet’ material as too subjective, relegating claims of sex, sexual assault and abduction to the fields of psychology and folklore (which they likewise distrust). The early contactee literature provides a rich variety of such stories and, whatever their validity, it is a pity they have been largely neglected or ridiculed. When prominent ufologist John Keel visited college communities in Northeast US during the 1960s, young men often confessed that aliens had extracted their semen through ‘sexual means’. By the 1970s, the idea of hybrid ‘space babies’ was more widely known but taken seriously only by UFO cultists who, said Keel, feared, that “the flying saucer fiends are engaged in a massive biological experiment creating a hybrid race which will eventually take over the Earth.” Alien sexual narratives have continued to evolve, though no definitive link has been established between their content and broader cultural shifts, though some hypotheses have been offered. Ufologists, in particular, have been aware of the structural similarities between accounts of fairy and alien encounters, particularly in terms of sex. A recent study by James Pontolillo compared 17th century accounts of sexual relations with demons (an accusation often levelled against ‘witches’) to 20th century encounters with aliens, and concluded that both traditions expressed a fundamental fear of female sexuality. Today, the male body and mind are just as likely to be under attack, and sex with aliens crosses all frontiers, formerly policed lines of identity and society. Other theorists have investigated the role sex with aliens plays in cultural narratives of manifest destiny, miscegenation, misanthropy, and misogyny? Locating it within a history of cultural yearnings and attempts to come to terms with difference through fantasy. Supposing, for a moment, that sex with aliens is merely fantastical. Being fantasy-prone to the extent of ‘imagining’ sex with aliens is not an abnormality, if abnormality is defined in terms of minority belief or behaviour. The vast majority of humans are fantasy prone, otherwise they would not believe in God, angels, government, spirits, money, immortality, race, devils, gender, ESP, Country Music, Bigfoot, blue jeans etcetera. A person can function “normally” in a million and one ways and hold the most irrational beliefs imaginable, as long as the irrational beliefs are culturally accepted delusions. Little effort is put forth to try to find out why people believe the religious stories they believe, for example, but when someone holds a view outside of the culture’s accepted range of delusional phenomena, there seems to be a need to “explain” their beliefs. This cultural genre proves inconclusively that there is a huge desire for sex with the other, with another ‘race’, species, lifeform (etc.), stretching back centuries, which we have to validate and provide for, let alone considering their- perhaps inconceivable- desire for some Human booty! Whatever the validity under other guises of such discourse, The Fauxists believe that it is imperative to establish readiness for such an encounter, which is only only to become increasingly likely as We push into space. The results of this survey will go some way to formulating ideas and structures around Alien sexuality, the borderlands of human desire, and cultural acceptance and readiness for expansion/contact.

A brief history of Sex with Aliens

Almost from the start, sex and aliens- most notably UFO’s- were inseparable bedfellows. The adventure of 23-year-old Antonio Villas Boas on 16 October 1957 in Brazil is probably the most famous case of interstellar intercourse. Antonio was ploughing a field on the family farm when the engine of his tractor cut out; at the same time, an object with purple lights descended from the sky. Humanoids in spacesuits emerged from the object and took him into their craft, subjecting him to what seemed like a medical examination. They stripped him, spread a strange liquid over him and took a sample of his blood. He was left alone in a room for what seemed a long time, until a beautiful, fair-haired woman arrived… Equally lurid stories of sexual liaisons with UFO occupants came from the world-famous contactees of the 1950s. The 60’s was a heady time for the proliferation of sex stories and fledgling attempts at pornography, the emergence of the Erotic Crop-Circle Phenomena, and the rise of the abduction narrative and solidification of the genetic narratives. Until recent decades, numerous books and movies dealt with the topic only by allusion, few having honestly addressed the scope and implications of the xenophile reaction. In many countries there are now groups and societies- too numerous to name- devoted to the discussion, promotion and development of what are broadly labelled ‘xenophile sexualities’. The acceptance and visibility of Xenophilia has followed, albeit more clandestinely, the historical paths of bestiality, homosexuality, BDSM and Paedophilia, in their repression and growth. A vast and varied literature supports and informs the xenophile community, which wants only academic recognition and respect. The zenith, apogee and acme of the erotic literature remains “$$Xeno$$: XXX”, having come to exemplify the diversity, strength and politicisation of the xenophile movement. Xenophilia is truly global in its practice, scope and implications.

Fauxist Sex With Aliens Survey # 1

1. Shared Identity

(a) Would you label yourself as an Xenophile? Yes — No — Why or why not?

(b) Would you label yourself a Exoist? Yes — No — Why or why not?

(c) Provide any other term you prefer and explain why you find it preferable.

(d) Describe how you came to use the term you prefer (e.g., suggested in e-mail, book, in person from individual who shares interest).

(e) How many people who share your interest have you been in contact through (type a number under each category): Last Year Your Lifetime * computer contact * by regular mail * by phone * in person

(f) Have any of them (type the relevant letter under category): Never (N) Some (S) A lot (A) * increased your sex with aliens * put you in contact with others with this interest * helped you feel less lonely * helped to increase your self-acceptance * taught you about a sexual technique with aliens * engaged in sex with you * put you in contact with a person you had sex with * provided an alien for sex

(g) How many times have you gotten together (in person) with people who have a sexual interest in aliens?

(h) Have you ever had sex with another person who has a sexual interest in aliens? Yes — No — If Yes, were they of the same sex or the other sex? Same — Other — At least one of each —

(i) Currently, how secretive are you? Very –; More than a little –; A little –; Not at all — Previously, how secretive were you? Very–; More than a little –; A little –; Not at all– Did contact with people sharing this interest influence your degree of secrecy? Yes — No — If Yes, how:

2. Nature of the Interest in Aliens

(a) Why do you think you became sexually interested in aliens?

(b) Describe the first sex you had with an alien.

(c) Is being in love with an alien different than with a human? Yes — No — If Yes, in what way:

(d) What makes one alien (within a species/race/politic) sexier than another?

(e) Do you think this interest began or continued to develop as a result of any of the events listed below (write term under category): NO — A LITTLE — MORE — A LOT * Your family having a household or ‘pet-alien’ * Your family having a ‘farm alien’ * Pleasurable sex with aliens * Not being popular * Not being physically attractive * Lacking opportunities for human sex * Unpleasant human sexual experiences * Other people influencing you/peer pressure * A fear of AIDS or other STI * Lack of sex interest by human partner * Because you were drunk or high * A desire for affection

3. Sexual Contact with Aliens

(a) If you have had sex with an alien: * At what ages did you first engage in such sexual contact * What was the ‘species’ & sex of the alien * Did you (or your parents) own the alien * If No, describe how you obtained access to this alien

(b) With what aliens have you ever had sexual contact? Starting with the alien you have had the most frequent contact with (no.1), continue to list the aliens in order of the frequency of contact, noting the alien’s (a) species (e.g., Reptilian Shapeshifters, Mayan Cosmonauts), (b) sex/gender, (c) number of aliens of this species & sex, and, finally, (d) what happened/description of appendages.

(c) With what sex & species (if any) are you currently having sex?

(d) What sex acts do you currently engage in with aliens (who does what to whom, e.g., insert your X in their Y, A mummifies/flogs B etcetera)?

(e) How often do you have sex with aliens? Less than once a month –; 1-3 times a month –; Once a week or more —

(f) If you are not having the most sexual contact with the sex & species that would be your preference, why is this the case? What needs to change?

(g) Have you ever fallen in love with an alien? Yes — No — Species & sex/gender? Has an alien ever fallen in love with you? Yes — No — Species & sex/gender?

(h) Do you own the aliens you currently have sex with? All –; Some –; None –; Not now doing this –; Never did this —

(i) If you do not own all these aliens, how do you gain contact?

(j) Would you feel jealous if another person had sex with the alien whom you sexually favour? Yes– No –

(k) Have you told you family, friends or community members about your love/sex life/lives with aliens? If so, how did they react?

(l) What would be some of the key elements to a good or supportive response from such people? 4. Human Sexual Desires and Contacts (a) Do you have “strong” sexual feelings for human (“x” one): Men –; Women –; Men and women –; Neither men nor women –; Transgendered/sexual –; (b) How many women/men/human-other have you had sex with (put under category): No. of Women: No. of Men: No. of “other”: * in the last week * in the last month * in the last year * in your lifetime (d) If you have engaged in sex with humans, has this sex generally been: Very satisfying–; Satisfying–; Not very –; Not at all –; Annoying– (e) Do you wish you had more sex with humans than you are having? Yes– No– (f) Do you consider yourself: Heterosexual –; Homosexual –; Bisexual –; Queer –; Pansexual –; Other –; None of these –;

5. Balance of Alien and Human Sexual Desires

(a) If you have had sex with people and aliens was it more satisfying: With people–; With aliens–; Equally with both–; Best done simultaneously —

(b) When you self-masturbate, do you currently think more about: People –; Aliens –; Both equally –; Scenes combining the two –; Neither –; Don’t masturbate —

(c) If you had your way, would you rather have sex with: An alien –; A person –; Both equally –; Simultaneously–; No desire for either – 6. Alien Sexualities and Sexual Politics (a) What do you believe are the sexuality(ies) of the aliens you prefer? i.e. Gay, straight. How do you know this? (b) Was there a ‘date’ structure? Were ‘gifts’ employed? (c) Have any of your alien partners/subjects discussed (or intimated) their ‘native’ sexuality/politics with you? If more than once, describe each.

(d) Have aliens used any forms of literal or conceptual contraception or ‘safer sex’ devices in your experiences?

(e) Have you any experience or knowledge of repression, moral structures etc. in your alien partners?

(f) Do you believe your love/sex with the alien(s) would be better accepted in their ‘home’ or culture? If yes, does this make their home desirable to you also? If so, what would you

(g) Do you believe that sex with humans is common for the particular alien or alien species you have encountered? For either yes or no, what made you think this?

(h) What do you believe made you a candidate for alien attention? (Especially if repeated)

(i) How did the alien(s) in your encounters establish consent? — verbal; — physical (non-verbal); — telepathic; –other (please describe)

(j) Have any aliens in your experience mentioned pornography? If so, who or what featured in it? eg. Humans featuring in sexual situations with aliens of their species, human abduction narratives. What was their opinion of this pornography?

(k) What lessons do you believe humans can learn from alien sex or sexualities? Would you be willing to speak as a representative about this in public?

(l) Would you liken your experiences to any particular human sexual fetish, subculture or minority?

(m) Do you think sex with aliens will increase or decrease in the future? Do you think the ‘demographic’ will change? How? The geographical spread? How do you think it’s reception or public opinion of it change?

(n) Would you recommend sex with aliens as a healing or therapeutic methodology or medium? If so, please specify for any particular ailments/conditions.

7. Sex, Abduction, and Rape

(a) If you have been abducted by aliens, what experiments, if any, were carried out upon you? Detail especially in cases of sexual experimentation.

(b) Were you implanted with anything? eg. a beacon, chip, transponder, icon. If so, where is/was it, what is/was/will be it’s function?

(c) What do you believe were/are the motives of your alien abductors: (please rank in order of apparentness) — breeding a new race of human slaves to pave the way for an alien invasion; — a desire for exotic pets; — an attempt to preserve a few, choice specimens of a doomed species; — genetic experimentation and crossbreeding; — sexual gratification; — the production of pornography — Other (please specify):_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

(d) What has changed about your ‘function’ in greater human society now you have been abducted?

(e) Did the aliens in your experience combine humiliating surgical invasion with instilling cosmic awareness? How was this achieved?

(f) What comparisons and contrasts can you draw between alien sexual violence and human varieties? Eg. do you experience the threat of alien rape more or less frequently or pervasively than male/patriarchal violence?

(g) Have you undergone hynotic regression therapy or been diagnosed with False memory syndrome, PTSD or associated conditions?

(h) Have you met anyone else who has been abducted for sexual purposes?

(i) What would you do if you wanted to be abducted again, in order to increase your chances?

(j) Would you liken your abduction experience to that of colonised peoples worldwide?

8. Aliens, Patriarchy and ‘Race’

(a) Have you learnt about the gender/sexual makeup of alien worlds/societies? Have the subject of Alien matriarchies been broached?

(b) What traits do you see in common with men (or patriarchy in general) and your alien experiences?

(c) Do you believe you’ve ever had sexual contact with a Reptilian Shapeshifter? How did this differ from your experiences with human men, if at all?

(d) In what ways would you be regarded as alien to your human sexual partners?

(e) Do you think the alien(s) you encountered could displace, or merely reiterate or exaggerate patriarchy?

(f) What were the facial and physical characteristics of the alien(s)? Which human ‘races’ would you liken them to?

(g) Do you believe that alien invasions and their associated racial cleansing programs are a conveniently unquestionable outlet for racist fear or desires for a form of manifest destiny usually unutterable by liberals? Does sex with aliens follow a similar, albeit ostensibly reversed, formula?

(h) Would you liken the history of non-consensual medical intervention into the lives of women and non-white peoples to your abduction experience? Would you say that the rise of the abduction narrative is a result of this focus turning on hitherto hegemonic groups like white North Americans?

(i) How did the alien(s) in your encounter differ, if at all, from the standard ‘Grey’ type? Do you think that the Greys are a ‘difference-erasing’ image of racial blending and wishful androgyneity? Do you think their bodily forms consist of a future evolutionary projection, based on the effects of presumedly ever-continuing modernity- the ascendance of objectivity, rationality and technological austerity written in bodies from ‘obviously more advanced’ civilisations?

(j) Does abduction, for you, encapsulate and embody many of the anxieties as described by postmodern theorists?


Thankyou for your valuable time. Again, complete anonymity is assured.

The Fauxist’s Sex With Aliens survey 2009 Please mail the completed form to: Fauxist rep. Kabuki Bukkake: Note: Queries, FAQ’s, critiques, and etcetera can also be sent to this address. To sign up to the Fauxist Email Bulletin and Soiree Board, or, The Fauxist Monthly Handful, again, write to this address.


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