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Fauxist Will Project Collection: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 9, 2009

The Fauxist Will Project is a wide-ranging project investigating death, funerary literature, monumentality and authority. The Will Project Collection allows you to contribute your Last Will & Testament as part of radicalizing and democratizing this field in upcoming collections and studies. For information, suggestions and examples, read on!

02_kite_329x300 (Kite Coffin)

“I have nothing. I owe much. The rest I leave to the poor.”
Complete Will and testament of Francois Rabelais, 1553

The ‘Last Will and Testament’- the document which describes what is to be done with the writer’s assets, body etcetera- is an underexplored and under-theorised literary device or register whose possible effects (if fed through the Fauxist filters) upon legal-social structures has been desperately underestimated. Normally when a person writes their Last Will and Testament, they carefully consider the assets they own, who they wish to bequeath those financial resources to, as well as other details of their estates. Usually consisting of accounting and legal jargon, Wills merely distribute worldly possessions and contain little, if anything interesting to anyone but the most trivial of recipients or fanatics, and nothing relevant to revolution, fabulousness, or furthering liberation.
The Fauxist Will Project seeks to collect, distribute and facilitate wills that do just this, that promote a revolutionary paradigm shift in the relations between death and society, authorship and audience, body and performance, secular and sacred, ritual and dissolution, transgression and lollies. As you well know, the Fauxists operate beneath (encrusting like glittering barnacles and thus ruining the fuselage: Against Aerodynamics!) the chandeliers of true power, and thus encourage Wills of the fantastic, oppressed, glamourous, colossal, subversive, anti-spectacular, tiny, unseen, endurance, appliquéd/decoupage, detourned, etcetera variety.

At this stage, We are calling for submissions to add to the existing Fauxist trajectory.

Some ideas to prompt you:
What relation does your intent have to your body? What will happen to it? For how long? How will it use technology? Media? Public events? Could it: include, or be limited to: Diagrams, drawings, budgets, funding, public institutions etc., be a recording of the dialogue of planning, arguments etc. Could it take the form of your fantastic epitaph or obituary, of invitations, scripts to be practised each year as a gathering, fundraising reports and ideas, cutups or designs for generator software..
Living wills and Funeral Plans: Evolving wills, collaborative or collective wills, wills-as-manifesto, funeral scripts or performance plans, diaries, practices, costumes, ritual/anti-ritual, anthropology, anti-economic, revenge, tranny revelations, wills as terrorist acts.
The future of wills: What will Wills look like after the invention of human cloning? time machines? The colonisation of outer space? The end of patriarchy? The digitisation of the human personality?
Biographical wills– the wills of famous individuals, societies, ideas, historical events/periods. Wills covering afterlives, reincarnations, cyclic wills, pick-a-path.
Funerary monuments: Graves and monuments- plans, drawings, descriptions, visionary designs, utopian spaces, Abject monumentality, pedagogy-as-monument, performance or electronic monuments, databases, pyres, architectures of ritual, and other methods of transmission. Funerary urbanism, the funereal city, Time-capsules, uses of outer-space, suvivalist treatises, deep/long-term architectures and storage.

What will be done with the collection?

Submissions will be published in upcoming releases of News from The Fauxist International,  thus reaching a wide and illustrious audience, and will also form part of an upcoming published hard-copy collection. Suitable wills will be constructed/operated/carried out, or facilitated by the Fauxists in collaboration with the author(s)/artist(s)/subject(s).

How to submit

Submissions will be accepted in any form. Emailed to the address below, or by contacting us to arrange non-electronic collection/transmission of your Will. For hints, questions, challenges, more information etcetera, do not hesitate to contact Us at this address:


Submissions are due by SEPTEMBER 15TH 2009.

Again, please contact Us with any queries.


2 Responses to “Fauxist Will Project Collection: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS”

  1. warren said


  2. Lostetta said

    I’m working on my epic suicide note these days. i got 3 chapters down on the first volume of her. nailing all the illustrations for the suicide not is waht takes the most time. and i got alot of editinbg to do allready with just 3 chapters. i’m terrible at the speelling and grammer.especially when I’m in my distraught suicide note wring head space.

    i’m’a still send fuaxy my will soon. cuz i s’posed a make one anyways to make sure i meddle with people long after I’m rotting meat in a drainage canal.

    in the mean time I like changing peoples home page on their computers to Fauxywurdpress.

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