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Children’s Will & Funeral Project: Call for contributions.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 11, 2009

Children often write letters to Santa, the Easter Bunny, Kali, Kylie Minogue etcetera but rarely articulating their relationship to death, property, afterlife, transcendence and so on. The Children’s Will Collection is an integral part of the Fauxist Will Project, which seeks to collect, distribute and facilitate wills that promote a revolution/paradigm shift in the relations between death and society, authorship and audience, body and performance, secular and sacred, ritual and dissolution, transgression and preschool.

We believe that children offer ways out of, beneath, decoratively etc the received channels and dream of new realms of possibility and fluidity in death and life. Children’s voices are generally ignored, their visions patronised into self-repression. We encourage radical self-determination for children, and believe we-they hold important insights into a total revision of death and performativity, identity and fun, dissolution and morality.

Your Children’s Wishes

Currently, Our methods of collection vary, and in addition to our school and community workshops, We are asking that you ask yr children to write, build, draw, sing (etc.) their will, their dissolution, what they believe in, what will happen to their bodies, their possessions and their cultures. Alternatively, they can make their wills for you, for their world, for their favourite characters, friends, teachers, career paths etcetera. Could it include, or be limited to: Diagrams, drawings, be a recording of the dialogue of planning with a friend, playmate or guardian. Could it take the form of a child’s fantastic epitaph or obituary, of invitations, scripts, monuments, pageants, costumes, party menus, toy memorials etcetera.

What will be done with the collection?

The Children’s Wills are to be collected and published in an upcoming Fauxist magazine as a subsidiary part of the greater Fauxist Will Project. Especially promising wills or responses will be facilitated or operated by the Fauxists. Submissions will be published in upcoming releases of News from the Fauxist International, thus reaching a wide and illustrious audience, and will also form part of an upcoming published collection. Suitable wills will be constructed/operated/carried out or facilitated by the Fauxists in collaboration with the author(s)/artist(s)/subject(s). Thus a select few will be able to attend their dream event and farewell their milieu, or what have you.

How to submit

Submissions will be accepted in any form. Emailed to the address below, or by contacting us to arrange non-electronic collection/transmission of your Will. For hints, questions, challenges, more information etcetera, do not hesitate to contact Us at this address:

(Contact this address also for submission hints and guidelines for ‘adult’ wills and funerary proposals).


Submissions due by september 15.


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