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The Fauxist One Second Theatre Competition: Call for submissions

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 21, 2009

The Fauxists announce the opening of their “One Second Theatre Competition”, and invite you to contribute easy-to-make subliminal media and take part in the ongoing campaign of the subliminal dissolute. Read on!


The current omnipresence of consumer friendly computers and associated media technologies (digitisation etc.) has both facilitated the production and analysis of the subliminal in film, audio and public space. Further than ‘democratising’ the creation of subliminal messaging and lending it to art-terror uses, technologies of portable digital editing and filmmaking, ubiquitous computers and the internet, have opened up many new sites/spaces for placing and encountering subliminals, which naturally, the Fauxists have capitalised upon!

Fauxist Experiments

Using Flash, GIF format, and strobing programs usually used to treat/analyse dyslexia, the Fauxists have created a swathe of experiments and works in rapid subliminal animation. GIF files are remarkably successful, as they are small in size, can be easily inserted into blogs, emails, messages, postings etc on the sites of others, (and are hence easily spreadable) and are expected to have a jumpy, flickering appearance- all of which makes subliminal usage perfect. Try it yourself! We are yet to find a single GIF with subliminal content! We have so far disseminated 56 Subliminal GIF’s, and 24 Flash animations, (all made remarkably cute and catchy, in hopes they will be spread) throughout the World Wide Web. Deliciously Deleterious!

The Fauxist ”One Second Theatre” competition

The Fauxist One Second Theatre Competition challenges you to create one-second long subliminal works in any format, which will then be evaluated and published. Standout workers will earn a mentorship in the Fauxist Psywar department ., and will be invited to participate in international collaborative cyber-terror projects. As you know, the Fauxists collect themselves in sachets of viral subversion, and so, apocalyptic, apocryphal, subversive, pan-historic, and over-emotional (etcetera) content and themes are wildly encouraged.

Where We will take your work:
1. Each submission will be exhibited here on News From the Fauxist International, each contributor will receive a copy of EACH and ALL One Second Theatre pieces, and exhibiting their work to the long list of luminaries who follow the NftFI..
2. Dispersed throughout the WWW
3. Archived in the Museum of The Apocalypse. (See associated literature).
4. Shown in the next Fauxist One Second Theatre screening, to which you will receive invitations.
5. Later developments are to include: Further possibilities of worldwide collaboration and networking. (Stay tuned to this site for details)

Acceptable formats: GIF, Flash (& other) animation, video, written description/storyboarding, diagrammatics, performance documents, equation/text-based generators etcetera. We also solicit ideas, manifestoes, rants, questions etcetera. All other formats can be arranged by contacting the address below.

Stay tuned for uploads of examples of Fauxist one-second theatre pieces.

All works must be viewable/executable/receivable in one hot second.

To Submit your work(s): Simply send your work as an attachment to The Fauxist International PSYWAR division at:

With the subject: “One Second Visual Irritant” (one attachment per email). Again, to arrange collection/transmission of non-electronic submissions, and for queries and clarifications, write to this address also.

For more information on subliminal media, see the Fauxists Psywar Department’s publications elsewhere on this site: “Fauxist Psywar and the Subliminal City Unbound”,  Fauxist Subliminal film theory and productions,  The future of subliminals, The Magic Eye Conspiracy (including The first Fauxist Magic Eye Films!).



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  2. […] of the Fauxist International’s investigations into subliminal media and PSYWAR, the Fauxist One Second Theatre Competition was launched in July, 2009, and has recently closed for submissions. Calling for media of 1 second […]

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