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Digital Space-Be-in time-capsule

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 26, 2009

Along with your DNA, the Fauxist’s Space Be-in will be collecting 1 TeraByte of digital data to be included on the shuttle, taken into orbit and
launched into our solar system, and far, far way. Your digital information: stories, books, Blogs, ideas worth spreading, viruses, images, videos,
animations, songs, web pages,  your Second life, your thoughts on mankind, your bookmarks , your  MySpace, Facebook or other  personal site space,
are what we are seeking to send. These bits of data, known as Memes, are non-genetic replicators that define and delimit our cultural profile and express what and who ‘we’ are, how we’ve grown as of Now. Billions of years of constant and tumultuous cultural evolution and political yearning are encapsulated in these Myspace profiles, images, songs etc; all the beauty of our being here, all of which we achieved during our time here are within us; when our time ends here, we just might be able to buy ourselves some more of it on another planet, or entertain Alien’s with our splendour . Unlike DNA, memes spread and evolve much faster, continuously re-defining who and what we are, and even eventually change our DNA (a phenomenon so horrendously studied by Sociobiologists).
Imagine the possibilities: alien intelligence using Your photos, music etc to decode and reply to earth! Imagine the picture of life you can send! Ever feel left out or analysed by authority? Here’s your chance to contribute without annoying anthropological interpretation!

Historical Antecedents of Data Capsules: Voyager’s Journey to Planet Dullsville

The Voyager (I and II) projects (launched in 1977, Voyager 1 is currently the most distant man-made object in space- 8.1 billions miles from the sun) included, as part of their payload, the “Golden Record”- a golden phonograph disc (as seen below). Containing 115 images and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind, and thunder; animal sounds, including the songs of birds, it also contains musical selections from different cultures and eras, spoken greetings in fifty-five languages, including whale greetings, and printed messages from President Jimmy Carter and U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim. (See  to experience the complete contents of the US “Vision of Civilisation”).

Whereas the Voyagers carry the chosen documents of a technocratic elite, the Space-Be-In ambitious project will eclipse such an undertaking in two principle ways. Firstly, the Space-Be-In capsule will contain a billion times more information than the Voyager (not to mention containing DNA that will give hope for the beginning of life on other,
distant planets to

Voyager Plaque contextualize, use and enjoy these documents!), information of new types, resolutions and offering a much more detailed and various image of living, unbound from the old restrictions. And secondly, the nature of the input is completely different. Rather than a few dried-out patriarchal scientists controlling the vision of our world, Our project encourages and allows a democratization of the process and content that will at once give a more honest, humourous and hot cross-section of contemporary-historical cultural production and refuse, with no moral or political rules or exclusions as to what can or cannot be included . In fact, and as you know, the Fauxists in their dissolute malaise, are wont to wildly encourage the inclusion of all manner of delightful offense. Some examples of individual Fauxist’s inclusions: pornography written for alien invaders, invitations to destroy earth, speculative fashion, deliberately misleading cultural surveys, false histories of Earth (including a total erasure of patriarchal mythopoetics).

voyager-record-label Voyager golden record

How are we going to do this?

To ship the Memes (and/or genes) into outer space, Space-Be-In has established contacts with leading providers of space shuttle services, most immediately with those who are currently supplying the ISS. They will ship the SBI console into orbit, from where it will be carried out of the solar system and sent on a permanent celestial journey on a small solar rocket. Whilst on its supersolar sashay, the console will be recharged periodically by solar paneling, and protected from cosmic rays by a chic mylar housing. Included will be a transponder mechanism to signal earth when it is opened by an instance or shiver of ETI. Once opened and removed from it coddling gossamer, the console will be ready to display its cornucopian bacchanalia, its unnerving erudition!
How to send your digital life
– It is important to create a diverse profile to send out to space: please pass this information on so everyone can contribute to future civilizations and contact. Share and collaborate on your Memes with your friends and show them the things you think are worth preserving.
– Once you have decided on and collected/created your data, simply upload it, give it a name and a link to your web site or blog or whatever and we will do the rest.
– The cost for each file, that is uploaded, is a fee based on the type and amount of Megabytes that are uploaded. Every MB costs $2. Start your file today! You’d be amazed how fast a Terabyte gets filled!

Bottom line is- it’s simple, safe, and after all, you are a human. Be a team player.
For all enquiries, application and uploading instructions, and FAQ, contact the address below:


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