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“6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 24, 2009

A new book from NFTFI.

The first work of its kind, Gina Ponydroolwhore’s6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore breaks new ground in the field of radical literature. In an ongoing project, Gina has been constructing and executing wills for much of the last decade, and finally we have a document that collects much of their best work- over 200 wills and numerous, hitherto unpublished documents and photographs of Ponydroolwhore’s ceaseless radical interventionist actions and genre-hopping canon- in a neat, readable format. Exploding such an unexplored literary medium, “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths” is encyclopaedic in scope and dissects hegemonic conventions of death, identity, sexuality, memory and commemoration. The Wills are a call to arms, a challenge, implicating all realms of the social. The way you think of dying will never be the same.

Critics reviews of “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”:

Gina’s death-knell for humanity sounds through her own dissolution, her body’s need, the sheer demand and scope of her deathwishes speaks for the genocidal inhumanities of the last centuries, the lost tongues, the rituals…read as a metaphor for the social body, the body-metropolis, the body politic, a diffuse sexuality and consumption adhere to the objects and practices of contemporary banality like acerbic glitter…the wills serve as a fitting paean to the beginning of new lives, new societies.

Gerard Dupre, International Journal of Lettrist Literature

Not since Virgil Harris’ 1911 “Ancient, curious & X Wills” has such an audacious project surfaced. Ponydroolwhore’s work bespeaks their Dadaist sympathies, using the emphatic-ironic linguistic structure of 60’s US conceptual art their instructions invoke a heady retinue of visions and references…the protest pageants of the Russian Revolution, the undead balls of Bulgakov, the hysteric screams of Diamanda Galas, Fluxus Mass, a feminist sensibility…florid hyperbole will not suffice!

Amandi Kilgore,  The Contemporary Art Review.

At once Stultifyingly Multivalent and Immensely Readable! I am- and I’m sure I speak for many of those who have cherished the scraps, the trails left by Gina’s often evasive practice- thrilled to finally see the compilation of their work in such a comprehensive volume! This work seems set to have a deep and lasting impact on the work of many artistic and political workers, if not genres.”

Annie Dongerson, PLA

Bio: Gina Ponydroolwhore:

Gina Ponydroolwhore, of no fixed address, maintains various transient abodes with their 8 maimed cats. Currently researching mistaken anthropological portrayals of death rituals and practices of transubstantiation for an upcoming project under the working title “Redying and Apocalypse”. Upcoming from Gina- “Whilst I lay gently leaking: The Coma Wills of an Endangered Tranny“, “Proposed funerary monuments/arch: situationist play, cities of death”, “Schtupping with the Emperor: Italo Calvino’s urbane Metropoles meet transfeminist Dystopia“, “New Deaths for New Life: Radical Genetics, Database Lifeforms and Information Entropy“. Gina’s other pursuits include costume-making, hormone mismanagement, and Noise (she features on two leading femme-noise compilations “Women Take Back the Noise” (, and “Spleencoffin Presents: Ladyz in Noyz” (, is curator/contributor to upcoming Trans-Noise compilation “Death Noise and other deadly insults…”).

— A note from The Fauxists —

Hello again Gentle Followers,

We are ceaselessly proud to present the work of one of the more poetic of Our members, (though they’d never put it this way, perhaps the more ‘conceptual art obsessed’, ‘linguistically baroque’?), Gina’s works exhibit numerous qualities the Fauxists imagine themselves as promoting (for a deeper treatment of this subject see Our publications: Fauxist Will Project Callout, Fauxist Children’s Wills Project etc.), and in fact has also featured in recent Fauxist projects, notably: “Fauxist Time Capsules: A Massage to the Future“, and “Timeless Prank“.

A consistent shirker of attention and renown, Gina’s work may now gain the critical reception, and indeed enact its revolutionary potential.

The upcoming collection  “My No Future’s Future” composed by self-professed ‘hardnoses’ among the Fauxists, and including works by Gina, seeks to broaden the attack of “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths”.



◊—selected excerpts from—

“6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”


a). Biographical/personal/celebrity details have been removed in lieu of approval/release by the author.

b). The pieces have been numbered for referential ease only, and imply no hierarchy or order of operation, completion, or reading. This sample is a small portion taken from over 200 wills included in the book.

c). Hopefully this selection will provide you with ideas etc for the construction and maintenance of your own will project for the Fauxist Will Collection Project. Remember, the submission deadline is September 15th, 2009.


Will# 40

a tremendous chemical reaction will produce a gigantic foam, hardened, the empty spaces within which will house my city. Constantly updated by devotees, each cell will be decorated as requested & visitors will be amazed at the variety and scope of embellishment.

Will# 68

one coffin, two sets of portable gallows, seven hoods, two executioner’s masks, one artificial arm, ten high heels, four net stockings, twenty gross of used poppers, eighty three empty bottles of liquid same, fourteen rubbers, seven diaphragms, one damaged dildo, ten pairs of ladies’ underpants, forty-seven jockstraps, seven cock sacks, twenty-one falsies, five cock-and-ball harnesses, six ankle shackles, seven bras, two corsets, eighteen whips, one pair of Gloves of Silence, two force-feeders, one mace, forty clothespins, one cattle prod, one surgical ass-spreader, several odd lengths of rope, several unmatched links of chain, one Ping Pong paddle, five empty containers of Joy Jell (one each of  raspberry, orange, grape, licorice and Persian Rose), two depleted tubes of Sta-Hard, seven dual inhalers, three Crisco-ed pool cues, one pair of thumb cuffs, one pulsating vagina, four vibrators with worn-out batteries, one copy of The complete enema guide, one meat tenderiser, five blindfolds, one pair of slave hobbles, 1,453 roach ends, 17,543 cigarette butts, two hundred Vaseline empties, ten knives,  forty-two cock rings in various sizes,  seven tit-rings,, one empty pill case, twenty-seven kilos of dried semen scraped from simply everywhere, seventeen pounds of shit, one hand-lettered sign: “Free Regrette!“, one lavender letter: “I love you so much I can hardly shit”, twenty pale faces popping out from the interior for air and light and wanting to go back for more, etcetera.

Will# 14

delicious entrapments & devices & pricelessly fragile & themes so delectable & scintillating all the prettiest & the one’s ne’er to leave their homes & for the deaf-identified & boats arrive bedecked with symbols of common regrets & diaphanous blimps raining silver fortunes salient & sodden tickertape of the libraries’ content snatched up by hysteric scholars & the stadiums filled with hasty graves of disinterred colonial genocides. Necessarily set to the hiss of a great cultural shrug.

Will# 112 “As suits a tranny”

These coffins, reflecting at once upon my character and its friction with the material reality of my milieu, are carved from a cliff of geological import, formed otherwise as my room has clear latex poured into it, otherwise its ephemera glued together. Consistently perfumed and renewed. Set in a mechanically worked funhouse scene with others of sociobiological import, to be employed in theatrical works and in protest. 25¢.

Will# 165

As an Orgone accumulator cut with rooms for us homeless & a central location & bringing property value down down.

Will# 73

Tattooed giants- leashed, their skin, images of thousands of genocides & contagious, a genealogy of familial fits and elisions, wet archives- will push me into the river, two or three creatures in each nostril.

Will #21

Used to fingerprint criminals & as a standard measure of time & only the finest & a ceremony on rails w/ gunfire or enough sex

Will# 11 (Ode to the Fauxists)

Jettisoned into space to return on a huge elliptical orbit in 600,000 years with accumulations & included by stealth in someone else’s time-capsule & sunk to the deepest part of the ocean to be grazed upon by hitherto unknown luminescent creatures, hitherto unknown to eachother & held, until your arms come to be holding yourself & forgotten sweetly & like a pill.

Will# 22

staining the snow.

Will# 56

Sunk, a new mine shaft is to have branches and alcoves cut within it, to be heavily decorated with scenes of my life painted on the walls, and have gas-lit shrines within. You must crawl to the shrines grazing yr spine, in a sacrificial procession, any number of children or coiffured companion animals carrying in on their heads, the instruments. After a careful distribution of guilt and responsibility, involving symbolic sexual supplication, members must flee after each has finished their part. To stop my ghost from following you, you’ll all somehow fit into my clothes & act me out bitchily for the night & then continuing, return to the fray. You have once before lived an evening identical to this and think you were happy, that time.

Will #40

Tied to the frothing back & stampeded through the streets & ending in confusion amidst the zoo animal’s confused squeals & the newspapers to admit to it all.

Will# 85

Open your sachets & inhale & thereafter

Will #19

A huge neon sign saying ‘I’m not sorry’, the ‘not’ lit approx. 1/10th of the time.

Constantly on ‘Days of National Significance’.

Will #54

Humped to the caves & hundreds of fake graves, one in every intersection & big old fire smell of leaves & cum & suspended above the orgy & a judges gavel & cut memorial hymens from me & for forms of technology not yet imagined & 15 failed universal taxonomies brought to bear & a disgusting influx of cyst or worm & worn as an excuse & permission to continue, continue.


against aerodynamics, dommes are flailing, smiling, amidst glossy fuschia dungeon décor rendered functionally in a reduced 1:8 scale, whilst the pseudonyms finally decrypted, hilarious & instructive, & “must remove a finger or at least a toe to show respect”, in handfuls are used in lieu of cobblestones and slogans. Pollute the air above me with bullets & kites & flies to lacerate and perforate the ill intents and bodies of spirits, the surveillance. Englittered bones carried around for years or thrown into the Jordan, replacing tears.

Will# 122

Buried in that white mink bikini that she just adored, for seven days my mirrors must be painted over, with scenes from a life, a narrative, and a city of dissolution. The sounds are songs of the smell of an animal kept in a room for weeks, like that white mink bikini and sung at once, surrendered are the songs that can no longer be faced.


Contact for information on Gina Ponydroolwhore, pre-ordering the publication “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths”, launch events and the Fauxist Will Collection Project.


2 Responses to ““6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore””

  1. Undoubtably, the listed kitties are angelic but these ones are wild. Look at Vannessa Doten

  2. […] Information, excerpts and critical reviews of Gina’s 2009 book “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore” can be found here. […]

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