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The Fauxist International “R.I.P GINA PONYDROOLWHORE TOUR” 17-27/9/2009

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 3, 2009

.  The Fauxist International .


.                        17-27/9/2009                         .

Coming soon to Melbourne.

Hot on the heels of the runaway success of News From The Fauxist International, making the Australian return of Fauxist founding member and luminary Regrette, and to launch the new NFTFI book by Gina Ponydroolwhore “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”, the   Fauxists announce the R.I.P Gina Ponydroolwhore Tour.

A scintillating occasion for you to come and hear about all that you won’t read published on Our blog, with a chance to ask questions and tender submissions.


TAPR TALK #4 – Reality is a friend of mine.

Friday September 18th, 7pm, FREE
Bouverie Studios Inc, 1/81 Bouverie St, Carlton

Regrette Etcetera , from the Fauxist International, and psychologist Simon Cropper reflect on the concept of a constructed reality, and the many ways of challenging it.

—Regrette Etcetera: renowned autodidact, performer, hot mess, founding Fauxist member will be speaking on behalf of the Fauxist International- “a subversive global network of pluralist activists……skipping seamlessly from speculative erotics to astrobiology to Millenarian hoaxes to psychological warfare to trans liberation”- outlining their principles, latest projects and investigations in contestational and fabulous science, terrorist art and activism.

—Simon Cropper is a senior Lecturer in the School of Behavioural Science at the University or Melbourne. His research focuses on the perception of motion and colour in humans on the one hand and the development of reality, or hallucination, on the other.

Reality is a construction with which we have become so familiar, we take it for granted and assume that everyone is part of the same experience. We even assume that our personal experience should be reflected in the way that we internally represent that experience, even though that very assumption is part of the same construct. Will the system ever be able to understand the system? Possibly all a bit hard for a Friday evening but the mulled wine certainly helps. The system likes mulled wine. It told me.

The TAPR Talk is a monthly series initiated to coincide with our current cross-disciplinary collaboration, 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe. We are inviting speakers from diverse academic fields to talk to us, and the public, in an informal environment to encourage discussion and inquisition. 100 Proofs is being developed as part of Next Waves Kickstart Program. Guest appearances from mulled wine and cheesy toasties.

One hundred proofs the earth is not a globe is a cross-media collaboration between the artists of Tape Projects (TAPR) that will focus on interrogating systems of belief and skepticism in religion and science and the risk and return associated with challenging the status quo. Taking its point of departure from the historical belief in a flat earth, One hundred proofs looks at notions of resistance, righteousness, illusion, truth and science and the tensions between belief, conformity and fundamentalism.


BE regaled with presentations on the following topics:


– Updates on the Post-Apocalypse Time Capsule projects and Apocalypse Consultancy Agency.

– The Fauxist International Global 2012 After-Party– planning and theory. Lead-up event info.

– Theorising of contemporary proliferation of secular apocalii and the Fauxists’ theorising of the Neo-Apocalii.

– Current status of the Fauxist Museum of the Apocalypse– preliminary narratives, anecdotes of collecting missions.


– The Fauxist Universal Taxonomy Project, the Postmodern Bestiaries Project.

– Databasing and the Virtual Gene Crossover Point– explorations around identity formations in reproductive tech.

– Working papers of the Queer animality blog/advocacy group.


– Sex with aliens, hybridity and race, contestational/anarchist space programs.

The Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party

$$XENO$$ Trans-sex workers Extraterrestrial Erotica Anthology.

Send your DNA into Space and the Digital Space Be-In Capsule.


– The latest Fauxist Subliminal Films and audio projects.

Pop Music vs. Islam, and, The Subliminal Symbolic Faunal Taxonomies and Bestiaries of Late Capitalism

– Recording works with San Francisco cult-group Heticide.


– Gina PDW, speculative literature and the Fauxist Will project, Children’s Will Project

– Funereal architecture and situationist cities.

ALSO: Robot makeovers, Prizes for most futuristically attired, a Musical performance by Regrette, signups for party planning and guestlists.



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