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The Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party: December 22nd, 2012.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 27, 2009

.        The Fauxist International’s      .

.           2012 Global After-Party          .

.             December 22nd, 2012.            .

A globally unique event in multiple satellite-linked locations in/near:

Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, London, New York, Berlin,

Istanbul, Tokyo, Moscow. Plus more TBA.

What’s the significance of December 21st 2012?

In case you haven’t heard of the Mayan Calender, in case you’ve missed public awareness being whipped up to a frenzy, missed a proliferation of books, movies, and websites covering the 2012 Mayan End Of Days phenomenon, crawl out from under your pebble and see our publication “Just what is all the hype about 2012?” at the web-address below! Or just Google it! In short, on December 21st, 2012 (one of the three) Mayan calendars will reach the ‘end’ of its huge calendric cycle- 1872000 days in length- reaching the figure of and something- though no one knows what, though they’re willing to bet it’s a burst of energy from the ‘galactic centre’, the ushering in of mass enlightenment, various forms of Apocalypse, the dawning of a new age etcetera will happen!…Anyway, proponents of a wondrous morass of new age, esoteric ‘fusions’, syncretic appropriations, miasmic space filling, are all building a case for The Next Millenarian Apocalypse! No one knows what significance ‘the Mayans’ attributed to cyclic change. So there’s a little room for debate as to why the Mayan calendar equals apocalypse. The Fauxist’s Global After-Party aims to bring together all sides of the debate: Doomsayers, Calendar Reform Movements, Neo-Shamanic (psychedelic) Millennialists, Conspiracy-based 2012 speculators, (Pseudo)Scientific 2012 theorists, casual and spirituality-based 2012 believers, skeptics, ravers, performers, spiritualists, hyper-ironic intellectual slummers, and You! What hopes and dreams do you attach to Apocalypse?


December 22nd 2012: 24 hours Post-Apocalypse: Where will you be?

24 hours after the End, is when the Fauxist Global After-Party begins! Whatever you believe it’ll be in Sublimation, rapture, dissolution of patriarchy, revolution, or just a great party, you have nothing to lose. In what’ll be the biggest party since the Millennium Bug scare, celebrate and learn about the forceful failure of the emergence of a radically new era, of Armageddon, revel in the bathos at the after-party of all tomorrow’s parties; party for the same old shit, the Ultra-capitalist neo-colonial patriarchy intact and thriving… In each of Our satellite-linked locations around the world, follow the dawn as it sweeps the planet, revealing an unknown future and the performers and partygoers of a new millennium…

What We have Planned for each location:

– HUGE sound systems, cutting-edge lighting and effects,                      – Chill-out spaces, sex spaces, art show, life-size dioramas etc.

– Miss-Post Apocalypse Pageant past winners.                                            – Exhibits and performances from the Museum of the Apocalypse.

– Live linkups with survivalists in other parts of world/timezones                     – Live feed from the International Space Station.

– Summoning of lost continents for situation of base etc.                                       – Educational presentations by members of the Fauxist Post-Apocalypse – – Mass reenactments of famous failed apocalii.                                                                Consultancy Agency.

– Displays, counselling, products- from apocalyptically minded groups.                     – Monuments to Ultra Capitalism.

– A recitation of failed calendric apoclii list of dates.                                        – Ritual ecstatics and performances.

– Whatever you want to see, we want to see.

beyond_2012 Recent 2012 Publications  2012-doomsday-election-presidentielle

Why start Now?: Leadup Events

The creation of such an ambitious project will take all of Our efforts in the coming short years. We have scheduled a number of leadup events to celebrate, publicise, theorise, and organise 2012 & the party itself.

– Yearly pre-emptive anniversary parties- December 22nd 2009, 2010, 2011- Mini-celebrations, monument/craft building, practice, education etc.

– The ceremonial interring of The Fauxist 2012 Mayan ‘End of Days’ Post-Apocalyptic Time Capsule. Scheduled for mid 2010. The time-capsule for the next Mayan calendric period. Part of the ongoing Post-Apocalyptic Time Capsule Project.

– The creation of Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party Time Capsule– Both a surrendering of useless survivalist supplies, ideas etc. And the creation of a huge party supply cache.

– The creation of enduring monuments.

– Lead-up Conference events: Exploring apocalyptic thought throughout history, the 2012 phenomenon and the contemporary proliferation of secular Neo-Apocalii, contestational science/belief, radical archaeology, post-apoc sexuality/feminism/gender/queer theory, time capsules, space & astrobiology, dystopias.

– Numerous meetings to Secure the best cultural workers and theorists to.

NEXT LEADUP EVENT: The first yearly pre-emptive anniversary party, Dec. 22nd 2009.  Sydney, Australia. Theme: Failed Millenarian Movements of History. (Free). Stay tuned to NFTFI blog for details.

How you can participate:

Besides attending the party of the millennia, You can creatively contribute to the Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party! We are currently accepting applications for performers, presenters, DJ’s, designers- makers in any medium/media, especially those with apocalyptic content. Be it Spaceships, vehicles, protective spells, portals, anything that’ll bridge the gap, smooth the ride, decorate the decay, prove a monument to future archaeologies…Be it Speculative technologies, fringe sciences, Orgone Accumulators, Crop circles, sighting works, conspiracy conflagrations, Accumulative ritual & divination, dioramas, a willing Pompeii…Be it Your Noise group, Your Mad-Max fashion line, the wondrous list of yr survival cache– merely send us a CV/resume with yr proposal! You have just over 3 years, so you better Work! We are also seeking submissions for our Leadup conferences.

Stay tuned to NFTFI for Fauxist International 2012 Global After-Party updates and information.

See also: the Fauxist International ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party, Oct. 9, linked locations globally.


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