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UPDATE: Moon Bomb Impact & Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party IMMINENT!

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 30, 2009

Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy PARTY UPDATE

With a little over a week until NASA’s LCROSS mission fires into the lunar surface,

the Fauxists are busy organising for Our Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party. Gathering telescopy supplies, setting up our satellite connections, preparing presentations, costumes, ritualistics & scientific victuals!


Images L & R: Recent examples of anti-Moon Bomb protest. Our upcoming publication “The ‘How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love The Moon Bomb’ Shuffle” includes an in-depth survey of reactions to the moon bomb from various groups, individual narratives from Fauxist Members, & an investigation into transhumanism(s), the ‘necessity of leaving earth’, space hotels and tourism, & the historical impacts of Space.


More linked locations are constantly being confirmed…the Party HQ has been confirmed, at ‘Gods-Wig’- 88 Angel st. Newtown, Sydney. From here you will be at the centre of this global event as Our representatives beam their work in. With a view to the sky, big-screen live feed of the impact, a moonscape photo-space, the Fauxist Science Bureau (incorporating the ‘Infinite Anus: Oracular Orifice’ Advice on Infinity Noise-Fortune Booth, a public testing interface for the productions of the Fauxist Chem-Bar, Educational Videos, Robot/alien makeovers, displays on Sex in Space), numerous performances and presentations spanning The Moon Bomb, Contestational Sciences, Mythopoetic Rituals, Hyperrational Apologetics, & Pointless Protest, the Sydney HQ is THE place to be on Impact Night!

Our US HQ in San Francisco, the original epigenesis point of the Moon Bomb Party, grows ever more wondrous under the auspicious aegis of Dr. Annie Danger, and promises to exceed all expectations. The frenetic scientific genius of Dr Annie- famed for her critical work on Autogynephilia (and anti-psychology), The Cube, The Feminine Apologetic, Lunar Greywater Systems and as Terry van Veen, riotous motivational speaker- will surely produce a startling array of erudite delights for the global audience. More information soon.

Recent site confirmations:

One Melbourne site has been confirmed- Tape Projects HQ- Gooey On The Inside Party,

kilduff moon blast tape space poster for web

-Climate Camp Helensburgh (just south of metropolitan Sydney)- Concerned campers concoct churlish chants connecting Climate Change, contemporary capitalismismism.

-Radical Faeryland Sanctuary, northern NSW

-Double Edge Theatre Commune in rural Mass., USA

-Festival Mata Air, central Java, Indonesia.

Will you also join this illustrious list?We want your party to join us!

Link up with us on the night, or send us- even after the event- documentation of yr event, of the rituals etc- for inclusion in the Moon Bomb After-Effects Exhibition (see below).

& we are working on securing another outdoor site.

Click here For a list of participating official observatory sites.

FlyerNASA’s official LCROSS Moon Bomb Flyer


– TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE MOON BOMB!!! – Post about the party on your Facebook, Myspace, Blogs & etc. Make it BIG!
– We are still seeking additional performers/presenters and volunteers for all locations! Sydney HQ is really coming along, with amateur astronomy societies donating telescopy supplies & guest speakers, strange creatures are colluding on yet stranger presentations… a hill-top in San Fran will be overrun… a theatre commune in Massachusetts decorates its barn with aluminum foil & constructs wild diagrammatics…The Moon Bomb After-Effects Exhibition
An online & touring gallery exhibition that will display the collected documentation- the videos, images & etc- from all of Our sites, forming a multivalent collection of interpretations of, reactions to and engagements with NASA’s grand project(s), & ‘Our’ relationship to the Moon itself. Contributions sought.

For more detailed updates, submission hints, FAQ & anything else, do not hesitate to contact:

Prizes and products:

An official News From The Fauxist International Tiara goes to whomever can post  a. get the most hilarious b. the last/most redundant (i.e. closest to impact) c. The most florid/verbose or d. the most ridiculous entry on the Stop The Moon Bomb Online Petition

SEE: for official commemorative T-shirts & accessories. Note: Official NASA memorabilia will not compare to that produced by the Fauxist International (available at party sites).



2 Responses to “UPDATE: Moon Bomb Impact & Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party IMMINENT!”

  1. […] UPDATE: Moon Bomb Impact & Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party IMMINENT! […]

  2. […] UPDATE: Moon Bomb Impact & Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party IMMINENT! […]

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