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Fauxists Create First Ever Simultaneously Magic Eye and Subliminal Film: On Show In First Collected Exhibition of Fauxist Subliminal Films

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 6, 2009

Fauxists Create First Ever Simultaneously Magic Eye and Subliminal Film: On Show In The First Collected Exhibition of Fauxist Subliminal Films: Positive Sparkel Enunciation

Layered beneath the Magic Eye Animation is  subliminal content.

These films have been made as part of the greater Fauxist PSYWAR Division investigations into the deployment of subliminal media as  “Fauxist One Second Theatre competition” and associated with the much anticipated Fauxist publication “The Magic Eye Conspiracy” . See “POP MUSIC VS. ISLAM“, and “Fauxist Subliminal Sleep Tapes” for deeper investigations.

The Fauxist Psywar division has been detourning the methodologies of the military-industrial complex and advertising industry. These works of subliminal film investigate various uses of subliminal messaging, etc, and have been exhibited and inserted in public space, the internet, in both ‘overt’ and ‘clandestine’ forms.

“Contains No Original Material”

Films Exhibited in Positive Sparkel Enunciation Exhibition (see flyer below):

Subliminal Fanon– Homage to Frantz Fanon’s “Black Skin, White Masks” (2009)

A critique of Fanon’s blame of colonised women for complicity with the coloniser, and his generalised misogyny, this film also treats the linkages of Postcolonialism and subliminal (nurture/performance) implanting. ‘Contains no original material’

Xenophilic test (2009). ‘Contains no original material’

Magic Eye Subliminal Film #2. (2008)- One of the first ever (simultaneously) Magic Eye and Subliminal films, a genre invented by the Fauxists. These hybrid works are an experiment in further the use of subliminal media. Piggybacking the deliberate viewing needed for Magic Eye, they study the effect of heightened concentration on subliminal reception. Subliminal content herein directed at ‘Rape Culture’ as viewed through a biopolitics-necropolitics (Foucault/Petit) lens.

Magic Eye Subliminal Film #3. (2009)- Another film containing subliminal content rendered ‘beneath’ animated stereograms. This film has been made especially for the Sparkel Enunciation exhibition, and has stayed as close to the curator/audience’s related aesthetics as possible to further ‘embed’ it.

Feminization Hypnosis Composition” (2009)- A multilayered composition formed entirely of Feminization Hypnosis materials (widely available on the net), in this case mixing Feminization Hypnosis, Subliminal content, and experimenting in multiple text layers. Part of project in condensing gender schooling into hypersaturated bursts.. ‘Contains no original material’

Feminization Hypnosis Composition #2 (2009)- Bacteriological/viral identity and synthetic life’s effects on future gender configurations/deployments. All material taken from Net. Vivian Namaste and Myra Hird. ‘Contains no original material’

(Note: Some of these works are available for viewing on Youtube)

positive sparkel enunciati..-2

The Fauxist’s One Second Theatre Competition

The Subliminal + Magic Eye GIF work below is only for viewing here, & will not be included in the exhibition. Made by a Fauxist member, it is an example of a submission to the Fauxist One Second Theatre Competition. According to the author, the subliminal content is themed around the recent events of the . the magic eye component of this film works with the results of our study of the use of animal symbolism in subliminal advertising “The Subliminal Symbolic Faunal Taxonomies and Bestiaries of Late Capitalism: An Introduction and Project Overview

Note: Introductory text/titles  have been removed for looped viewing.


Click HERE or HERE for viewing instructions.



3 Responses to “Fauxists Create First Ever Simultaneously Magic Eye and Subliminal Film: On Show In First Collected Exhibition of Fauxist Subliminal Films”

  1. its a fuckin furious shark.

  2. 6/21/06 5:12pm, Bmtmich posted:

    all I see is a vagina

  3. revphil said

    its Chris Elliot?

    half vagina half shark

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