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Mindless Fleshapoids Are Easy: A Trans-Viral Technophilic Oz.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on December 9, 2009

Friday 11th December  9.30pm
Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney.

Mindless Fleshapoids Are Easy: A Trans-Viral Technophilic Oz.


Mindless Fleshapoids is a politicised, fast-moving showcase of classic queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy erotica, underground SF/F porn, animation, & current internet SF porn production.

A night of hott SF/F that explores representations of the queerest sex in the queerest of universes. In the outerlands of radical imaginaries & speculative sex-fictions where body-morphs, post-contact perversions, techno-fetish & denaturalised Post/transhuman identities entangle & proliferate, & of course, share a slimy post-coital cigarette.

Presented by Regrette Etcetera, member of the renowned exopolitic-xenophilic group The Fauxist International

PERV is an international film and video festival dedicated to QUEEROTICA. From the sensual to the lewd, the silly to the serious, the subtle to the shamelessly upfront, the Perv program explores the full spectrum of queer erotic imagery. The four-day program of screenings, panels, parties and play promises to stimulate,
titillate and engage.

Festival Launch – Thursday 10th December 7pm


Regrette Etcetera. (Post-event documentation)


3 Responses to “Mindless Fleshapoids Are Easy: A Trans-Viral Technophilic Oz.”

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