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Hiatus Interruptus

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on February 1, 2010

Hiatus Interruptus: NFTFI in Action.

Regrette Etcetera appears via Skype

Editors Note: Well greetings hello faithful subjects! NFTFI editor and head-blogette, Regrette Etcetera apologises for the lapse in rigour. Has been networking with key theorists and activists, and generally having a sabbatical.

Image taken from Melbourne  Global Amateur Telescopy Party’ Moon Bomb Party,. See review of party here.

Without further elaboration, an update on the Fauxists activity since October’s ‘Global Amateur Telescopy Party’ events:

News From The Fauxist International has topped 5000 views per week. And has been inundated by commentary and praise. Thankyou to our wonderfully insightful, ever-astute fans, and all our link-bearing promoters.

Fauxist members have made successful appearances at Perv “Transviral Technophilic Oz”, and a “Fauxist Didactic Character” ‘MonsterPussy’ appearing at Tropical Fruits and Camp Camp Cabaret.

The Fauxists are currently working on a number of exciting new projects:

-The first working retrospective of The Fauxist International—

This June  in central Brisbane

A major show encompassing the works and ideas of the global Fauxist network, with a uniquely ‘Australian Focus’, the Fauxist Working Retrospective will include a roundup of didactic performance characters, costumes and relics, working diagrammatics, subliminal films, a fully-equipped Fauxist Reading Room, the world premiere of the Fauxist documentary “Fauxist Ethnographic Visions”, vitrines from ‘The Museum of the Apocalypse”, a possible diplomatic emissary exchange with Pope Alice, appearances by numerous local X, and the unveiling of a number controversial new works.

The show will also see a 3 week residency for Fauxist luminary and travelling representative Regrette Etcetera.

The show will then visit LA and Berlin. Stay tuned for updates.

Fauxist Ethnographic Visions

After securing a generous donation, the filming of the latest Fauxist Film project- a documentary following the work of the Fauxists over 5 months, and their creation of an Ethnographic Showcase, series of performances, and intimate looks inside the Fauxist meetings, working methodologies, and internal conflicts. This is set for initial screening at the FI MetroArts retrospective in June. The Fauxists tackle historical and contemporary Ethnographic Spectacles in Australia, the interventionist arts practices of Coco Fusco, Guillermo Gomez Pena, James Luna, and Fred Wilson around museumification and multiculturalist politics, and their own unwieldy personalities to make the exhibition deadline.

—“Saving the Savant Savage”” Dir. Matt Parsec

If that wasn’t enough, a US documentary crew, led by radical filmmaker Matthew Parsec will also be making a documentary about the Fauxist Ethnographic Showcase project. Set for Australian release on October 25th, it promises to be an important document of the Sydney cult-performance and theory underground. The Fauxists would like to formally welcome Matthew into their world.

— “The Fauxist Strikes Back”

Sydney Mardi Gras, the biggest/most horrific queer parade in the world, will this year be graced by the presence of a dedicated Fauxist International Float. February 27, 2010

Necessarily pandering to the partygoing paupers paltry brainstates, the usual Fauxist rigour will undergo somewhat of a downscaling. Preparations are underway on the float. Themed ‘The Transsexual Empire Strikes Back”, the glittering edifice will feature protest literature, placards, space costumes, sound/electromagnetic weapons/stimulators and subliminal projectors.

Throwing Dog-turds at John Waters

Sage QueerMondo Messiah John Waters arrives in Sydney March 2nd, to speak and perform at that great sepulchral monument, the Sydney Opera House. At $100,000 a ticket, there are allegedly preparations for a Fauxist intervention/protest, content unknown.

The Subliminal City

A number of our experimental subliminal films- including the now-infamous ‘Subliminal Magic Eye’ films have been uploaded onto our YouTube channel, and we will soon be announcing prize giveaways for the first correct identifications of the Subliminal and Magic Eye content.

All New Speculative Literature!

In Speculative Literature news, a number of new texts have recently been prepared for launch, and can be found below namely:

“Designing Conceptual Schema and Career Planning the Psycho-geographical Slime-Mould Way”- an account of recent US Fauxist experiments.

“A Cyborg Manifesto: Genocide, Trans-Border Activism, Fucking Machines and Transsexual Interrogation Cyborgs”.

An upcoming expansion upon the 2009 text “Pop Music vs. Islam” further exploring the use of music in interrogation and torture scenarios by US military-industrial interests, and the reactions of musicians whose work have been included on the lists. (includes interviews with U2’s Bono and Trent Reznor of NIN).

“Extreme Makeover Needed! Why and how Fauxists must transcend their fake transhumanist-academic chic aura to Remain Relevant; AND What We can learn from Nerds, Metrosexuals and Andrei Codrescu’s “The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess” in order to woo the reticent commoners. An Internal Fauxist Manifesto by an Endangered Fauxist Species.”

And finally, a collaborative work with ‘Fake.Sheila Jeffreys’, discussing the futures of sex work, identity and sci-fi. Stay Tuned

Fauxist Didactic Characters’

— There are a number of performance appearances are scheduled for various of the ‘Fauxist Didactic Characters’, and as we work up to the documentary “Fauxist Ethnographic Visions”, they will increasingly address the subject of the ‘Ethnographic Spectacle’:

Feb. 5 a Secret Benefit Party appearance by “Phallic Tongue” reading:

“The Vampire Trannychaser And The “Lovin Lady-boy” Blow Up Doll”: A cultural studies performance poem.

“Regrette Etcetera’s business card for transwomen” A cultural studies performance poem about body fetish.


“How do women reclaim their subjectivity, power and freedom in the postcolonial phallogocentric social symbolic?” A cultural studies performance poem about phallogocentrism.

Feb. 3 Aqueerium launch- Cook and Phillip Pool, Sydney. “Morraine”: Climate Change and Emissary to low-lying Pacific Nation States, reads sections (whilst swimming) from “The New Gondwanaland- The Global South”, “Fauxist concepts for Buoyant Architecture”, “The Cultural History of the Lost Land of Lemuria”, and “Floating Islands in the work of Francois Rabelais”.

Regrette Etcetera as “Morraine”: Climate Change and Emissary to low-lying Pacific Nation States,post-performance, with Water Nymph.


Note: Regrette Etcetera will also be running a makeup and race politics workshop/booth at the Aqueerium event (March 6.), providing their patented “non-normative trans narrative” to willing youth.

Feb. 9 Tikipedia– a new Fauxist Didactic Character, whose PVC Tiki maid’s outfit, pop-archaeology collection or ‘the Other’, and relentless commentary on cultural appropriation are the subject of “Fauxist Ethnographic Visions”. Reads and performs a sequence mock Ethnographic Tableaus.

Regrette Etcetera TikiPedia reading from the "Pop Archaeology files” at the Red Rattler.

Feb. 15.  Mo B DIC (More Black Deaths In Custody) appearing in Taylor Square for a public tableau performance.

Mar. 19.  “Reverend Etcetera” Last seen at the Sydney “Still Fierce: Trans Day Of Remembrance” event, “Reverend Etcetera” eats icons of St Jeanne du Arc, patron Saint of trannies and death by burning. Secret location TBA.

Mar. 9 “Kabuki Bukkake“, the “’I’ve got a Hiroshima Mishima fetish…’ ‘Sorry, but I’m Chinese’” cultural fetish-pastiche Geisha on mourning and sacrificial economies within inter-cultural fetishism.

Image: Kabuki Bukkake



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