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NFTFI Update: Fauxist Appearances at Sydney Mardi Gras

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on March 2, 2010

The Fauxist International Mobile Float headed by Regrette Etcetera as Fauxist Didactic Character “In Defense of Conspiracy Theory…” (the holographic tranny), 
variously appeared in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade and party on Saturday 27th February.

Regrette Etcetera. Appearing as "In Defence of Conspiracy Theory..." with the Raelian float. Note: metallic jumpsuits indicate future.

Spending time with the Raelian float (see image), A Gender Agenda’s “Transsexual Empire Strikes Back” float, and the Scarlet Alliance contingent, “In Defense of Conspiracy Theory…” carried one of Our famous ‘Thought Balloon’ placards and led the distribution of pamphlets and flyers detailing Fauxist conspiracy theory investigations relevant to the theme. Materials addressing AIDS conspiracies (Lymes disease, CIA genesis, Schulz’s ‘Patient Zero’ etc.), transphobic feminist paranoias (read: Janice Raymond et al.), advertisements for the Fauxist 2012 After Party, and tracts on the possible utopian-conspiratorial uses of hormones and genetics. Also, a number of conflicting autobiographies of “In Defense of Conspiracy Theory…”- constructed from generic trans autobiographies, histories of relevant conspiracies, and texts by Hakim Bey- were distributed. As We are yet to track down Etcetera, whom would appear to be still marching two days on, only early images are in, so stay tuned for imminent updates and flyer uploads.


One Response to “NFTFI Update: Fauxist Appearances at Sydney Mardi Gras”

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