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Worlds First Ever “Vomit-In”!
 The Fauxist International Protests John Waters Opera House Show, asking “Has Trash Become Innocent?”

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on March 2, 2010

“If someone vomits watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation”.             John Waters


Originally posted in Hiatus Interruptus, The Fauxist International’s John Waters “Hagiographic Vomit-In Ovation” action is set to erupt tomorrow night, 2 March, at 8pm outside the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, to coincide with his appearance there.  

Having alerted major church, family and moral majority representative groups, We hope to marshal the full force of anti-trash sentiment and Our uniquely Australian parochial mainstream bizarre, to attempt to forcibly answer the questions: “Has Trash Become Innocent?”, “Has shock become conservative?”, and to generally cause a scene.

In Waters’ case, what used to be a bluntly scripted shock treatment has graduated to an exquisitely intellectual form of tongue-in-cheek humor, which, while close to the Fauxist collective Heart, is somewhat of a let-down. The basic elements of filth and debauchery still exist in Waters’ screenplays, just in a more digestible fashion. And these days, if he’s not in his NYC, San Fran or Maryland apartments, he’s making a $45 a ticket Opera House Mardi Gras appearance. As such, the “Hagiographic Vomit-In Ovation” action will formally sever Our former allegiances, and farewell Our long adherence to shock as strategy. The unquestioning hagiography of the Waters cult will be deliberately challenged with the summoning of similarly saint-saluting simians of local religious and family groups (see copy of press release email below). 

Fauxist Luminaries and Didactic Characters ‘Eve Stirwin’ and ‘Tikipedia’, appearing variously as representatives of the religious right, family groups, gay conservatives, and others lacking opposable thumbs will officiate and entertain at the event, which is scheduled to include:

–       The worlds first ever “Vomit-In”.  As the quote above would indicate, Our “Hagiographic Vomit-In Ovation” will form an ironic homage to Waters in his own language. Led by the Luminaries, and aided by Our infamous “Iced Ipecac Ipso Factos”, the “Hagiographic Vomit-In Ovation” will attempt to generate a sluicing stream of sputum and spoodge which will run the full depth of the Opera House main steps, creating a cascade of colourful cack ‘unlike anything this country has ever seen before’. In an effort to give Saint John an appropriate send off, and to cleanse the sugary taste of Spencer Tunick’s photographic salute to the Opera House…which happened today. 

Image: Replace the white people with vomit (come on, it’s quite easy), and you can appreciate the intended scale of the ‘Hagiographic Vomit-In Ovation’ flow.

–       A skill-testing competition, involving a number of tasks aimed at destroying and appropriately befouling Effigies of Saint Waters.

–       The recitation of Fauxist texts on the historic avant-garde, and speeches by Fauxist Members.

Email sent to Interest Groups

The following is an email circulated in the last week to numerous conservative-religious and moral majority groups in the greater Sydney area, in hope so bolstering Our numbers, complicating Our Agenda, and provoking the intended clash between hagiographic regimes. Indeed, to generate the tremendous torrent of technicolour needed to traverse the steps of the building, We’ll need all the bile-bearing bigots we can muster.





To Whom It May Concern:

We wish to bring to your attention the imminent visit of American filmmaker John Waters as part of the Sydney Mardi Gras official program.

Variously described as “The Prince of Puke, Sultan of Sleaze, King of Kink, Pope of Trash, PT Barnum of Scatology, Baron of Bad Taste”, We believe that Waters is a terrorist, purveyor of pornographic trash and transsexual filth, promoter of homosexuality, drug abuse, incest and debased sociality. His films notoriously contain scenes of a ‘transsexual love scene in a church’, ‘rape by a giant puppet lobster’, ‘the ingestion of dog faeces’ (!) and other unmentionably abject scenes. Indeed, Waters makes Bill Henson seem positively godly!

The celebration of such a figure at one of Our most revered cultural institutions, the Sydney Opera House- the international symbol of Australian upward mobility- is a travesty and a open insult to the sensibilities of all good Australians. As if the ‘100 Reverends’ weren’t enough, Waters’ filthy show promises to further pervert the name of the church(es), and befoul the sanctity of all cultural institutions.

The Opera House press release tellingly states: “Gay references and wry observations about people’s foibles and limits are constants”, and goes on to state that in attendance will be the “Dregs of Human Perversity”, the show. “Draws weirdo element”, and is “Monstrous.” 

We are organizing and heading a protest action to coincide with Waters’ appearance at 8pm on Tuesday March 2nd with hopes of disrupting his monstrous monologue.

 We hope your group or constituents will aid us in joining together to show our outrage at the celebration of such tawdry fare.



2 Responses to “Worlds First Ever “Vomit-In”!
 The Fauxist International Protests John Waters Opera House Show, asking “Has Trash Become Innocent?””

  1. i wanna be there. so bad.

  2. Lauren Riots said

    Awesome, are you going to post a follow up of how this action went?

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