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All Pieces One Second or Less…

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on April 3, 2010

All Pieces One Second or Less…

One Second Theatre Competition winners showreel.

Part of the Fauxist International’s investigations into subliminal media and PSYWAR, the Fauxist One Second Theatre Competition was launched in July, 2009, and has recently closed for submissions. Calling for media of 1 second duration, with subliminal content, we received a wildly varying collection of works.
Our monitors have been wading through the seconds, sequences of moments, and have shortlisted 10 entries.
The shortlisted entries will soon be posted on our Youtube channel. Where you can also find examples of our own subliminal film work. Winners of the non-digital categories are included below.

3 winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

Shortlisted Digital Entries Show-reel.

(All pieces 1 second or less)

1. James Lona “Dead Indians” (2010)
2. XCX Collective “Homage to Catatonia” (2010)
3. Laura Fenwick “Military Industrial Punch Line #3” (2009)
4. Andrei Platonov “Chevengur” (2009)
5. Ychebe Shange “Oprah Orphans” (2009)
6. Regrette Etcetera (Fauxist) “1 Hott Second: 1000f.p.s” (2010)
7. Anthill “Blink” (2010)
8. Jo Guiterez “Facebook Flitter” (2010)
9. Gina PDW (Fauxist) “Speaking Skulls” (2009)
10. Fractus Collective “Untitled GIF” (2009)

Shortlisted Non-Digital Entries:

(All pieces 1 second or less)

1. Anonymous “Sculpture to be dropped from 12 metres, falling for 1 second.”
2. Hazel X- Untitled (Drawings for subliminal 1-second monument).
3. A 1 second text to for 2 silent readers.
4. Jane Smith “A sequence of 1 second audio bursts. ”
5. Lawrence Wein “List of items to be memorized and contemplated in 1 second.”

Certain works have already been distributed to various internet locations,

Thanks to all contributors, the monitors/reviewers, and audiences at our screenings.


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