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Upcoming Publications on NFTFI.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on April 3, 2010

Upcoming Publications on NFTFI.

In preparation for the first Working Retrospective of the Fauxist International this June, We have been working overtime to purge the back catalogue of unpublished Fauxist materials, and have finally collected together the best of the bunch. In the upcoming fortnight, expect a succession of important posts as listed below, the illustrated texts of:

“Fauxist Blotter Acid Paintings”

“Call for Submissions: 2012 Post-Apoccalypse After-Party Leadup Conference”

“ATTN: All Fauxist Luminaries, Functionaries…
Extreme Makeover Needed!
Why and how Fauxists must transcend their fake transhumanist-academic chic aura to Remain Relevant; AND What We can learn from Nerds, Metrosexuals & Andrei Codrescu’s “The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess” in order to woo the reticent commoners…
An Internal Fauxist Manifesto by an Endangered Fauxist Species- the UberMale”

“The Diorama of Obsolete Utopias: An Interview with Frederic Jameson”

“Subliminal Monumentality, Muzak Monday”

“Subliminal Genetics and Astrobiology: Molecular graffiti, physical puns, complaints & bills found coded in Human DNA! DNA found to terraform planets & signal readiness for ET Colonisation!”

“All Pieces One Second or Less…” One Second Theatre Competition winners showreel.”

“Gasps From the Lab: March’s Science Updates”

A Collection of Personality QUESTIONAIREs produced by the Fauxist International, 2005-6.”

“Economic Collapse Psychic Sued: The Fauxists clamour for Mr John Hagen”

“Art’s Wetting: Urinal Cake Sculptures by the Fauxist International, 2003-2008”

“Sealing the magic mountain: The monumental task of warning future generations: A Fauxist design concept and application for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, Nevada, and outwards to encompass future waste sites like Tenant Creek.”

“First there were MODERNISTS, Then there were POST-MODERNISTS, Now there are PLAGIARISTS
A Disavowal of Disavowal: 2nd Fauxist statement on plagiarism as method.”

“Fauxist Perfume Protest Sculptures #3: Madonna & Gucci in Africa: Celebrity Activism, Charity Branding, The White Man’s Burden, & Celebrity Adoption as Ethnographic Spectacle.”

Fauxist Secessionist State Project #4: “The Nomadic Plastic Nation Spins”
An Interview with crackpot Fauxist genius Noni Mastor, on their plans to congeal the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ using shoes and reverse-engineered plastic-eating micro-organisms, and create a secessionist “Feminist state”, to house the 4th world and climate change refugees…”

“Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis & “Becoming-Woman”…”

“The Fauxist Spirit Recording Sessions.
A transcription and account of 4 experimental Spirit/EVP recording sessions conducted in 2010, including: “The Cryptozoology Tapes: Linguistic Analysis of voices audible on “Sierra Sounds”, the Bigfoot Tapes (1970-5), Further Fauxist Experiments . (2010), “Paranormal Paleontology” (conversations between the spirits of Kennewick Man and Mungo Lady), and “Exolanguages & the Endless Signal: SETI, Alien Literature, and voices of space”

“It’s hard to even think about” Musicians (Finally) Say No to Music Torture, While we wait for them to actually get the joke. A reopening of Music in PSYWAR and Fauxist Investigations, including the first account of the Fauxists at interrogation school.”

“99% of the Problem: Fossils, The Fauxistosaur, and the Final demises of Evolutionary theory”

“2010, A Cyborg Manifesto: Border Genocide, “Fucking Machines”,
including: “A Unique Proposal to World Governments Regarding the Use of Transsexual Interrogation Bots”.

“The 2088 Australian Tricentennial High Water Mark & Visions Project”


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