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Selected preparatory Documents in leadup to publication of: Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on April 16, 2010

Selected preparatory Documents in leadup to publication of:

Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…

A 32-page investigation of Fauxist theory, performance & production.

Selected FAQ from


Can past life regression help with physical feminization, if previous female body memory is restored? This is something I have never tried out, I do regression, though never have for this purpose.

Could hypnosis for feminization actually change the male endocrine system towards female hormone balance?

I am not a doctor

Does Feminization alter the spiritual values of the subject?

Feminization alters personality, though spiritual influences won’t be changed.

Does Feminization include physical health gains?

You will feel more complete the more feminine you become, you know women are the stronger sex and you are healing yourself, bettering yourself, women live longer than men and can cope with more things, men tend to wallow inn self pity, women battle on and remain positive, you are changing to the female outlook, everything seems brighter and happier, therefore you feel even better, positive thinking is the best healer, becoming a woman is a very positive thing, you will feel all the benefits.

How can hypnosis make the male body change into a female physique if the male body has no programmed knowledge of this type of shaping? Do your subjects need to take hormones to affect the changes in body?

No, hypnosis works alone, I know nothing about hormones, and would never tell anyone to use them. All I know is my hypnosis can influence the brains thoughts which bring about physical change, I would not like to swear to it but I think that the mind is capable of producing female hormones when it is programmed to do so. Lets hope some rich doctor does some studies on why the changes happen after hypnosis, then again I also do magic and no one really knows why that works either, but it does.

The hexed panties you recommend for feminization and curvier hips, do these need to be a particular style and colour for affective results?

Black are best for the spells I perform, any colour can be used, none are as effective as black.

The recommended method of washing hexed underwear is to use cold water. Please advise if a hand wash powder is acceptable and if the act of cleansing the garment has any significance in terms of the hexing and magical powers.       Use only a little mild hand wash liquid, too much harsh washing can damage the hexing, very hot water will kill its power.

You allude to putting the male memory to sleep with extreme feminization hypnosis. Does this remove personal security information about a person identity, such as credit card details, national insurance numbers, place of birth etc.?

NO not at all, Bella Donna is feminization hypnosis only, I do have files for this type of thing for those that have the fetish, this is not inn the Bella Donna series at all. Nothing about my controlling you inn anyway is inn the Bella Donna series. Ragazza Serica range is about control plus forced feminization if that’s what you are looking for.

I had noticed that on July 2, 2004 the Silky girls had their first period until July 8, 2004. Then again, the Silky and the Belle Donna girls both started their next period on August 31, 2004, but I never saw a message telling them that it ended, are they all still on their period since then?

All Bella Donna girls, Silky girls and Satin sluts start their periods at the end of each month and it lasts for 5 days. I do hope all the girls remember this and remember to wear there pads and feel moody and miserable. Also remember you must sleep with your pads on as this is the worse time of all. I would ask that you post to let the others know you are ‘on’ at this time.

Feminization Magick Pack available on 2/9/2009

Title: Bella Donna Ultimate Feminization Box

Price:  $628.95

This pack is especially for those of you wanting to transform completely into a woman. The box you receive will be packed full with everything you need to become the beautiful woman you want to be, inside and out. Your box will contain the following items:

Hexed Feminisation Panties -Please provide size with order.

Especially for those that want to be feminized, these hexed panties or pantyhose will be doing their magic all the time you are wearing them, allowing you to be the curvier you. An ideal companion to my feminization MP3’s.

Feminisation Pantyhose.

Hexed Feminisation Bra – Please provide back size with order, and cup size you wish to achieve.

Especially for those that want to be feminized, this hexed bra will be doing its magic all the time you are wearing it, allowing your busts to swell and nipples become more sensitive.

Lady Lita’s Hexed Feminisation Ring – You will notice how your mannerisms become feminine while wearing the ring.

Lady Lita’s Magick Lipstick – My girls will love this specially hexed lipstick. It smells and tastes so wonderful as you wear it you can’t help becoming so feminine and irresistible. You will have sexy femme confidence while wearing this lipstick as it transforms you into a prima donna. Even the more submissive amongst you will love to be centre of attention at times. So ladies, but on your sexist outfit, do your hair and nails, then put face on, remembering the magickal lipstick and its wonderful power.

Lady Lita’s Girly Potion Perfume – Lady Lita’s special perfume potion. It smells so wonderful you won’t be able to stop sniffing the bottle. When you wear it you will suddenly become very lusty and aroused about being feminine, like an addiction you will need more and more of the wonderful feminine feeling. The added bonus is you will attracted lovers who can’t get enough of you. The bottle this comes in will vary according to availability. I usually send it in a beautiful perfume atomiser.

Lady Lita’s Bewitched Beauty – Now you can become the feminine beauty you always wanted to be.

This spell feminizes you to your specification. Send a photo of the woman you want to look like and let the magick take over. You will notice more changes everyday once the spell has been cast.

The spell includes an animation which you are to watch everyday as often as possible. The specially hexed animation will be working while you watch.

Lady Lita’s Stunning Diamante Hexed Slave Collar – These are stunning diamante collars with tag, are specially hexed to make sure you always feminine and sexy. When you wear the collar you will feel submissive for me. The tag has ‘I belong to Lady Lita’ on the front and ‘’ on the back. Pink – For feminized slaves.

Lady Lita’s Magick Scarf – Not only are these beautiful scarves magical because they look wonderful, feel wonderful and can be worn as a scarf, shawl or cowl. They are also magickal because they have been hexed to make the wearer feel wonderful, beautiful and feminine. This luscious scarf will give you the confidence to be the real you. The casting will leave them scented, soft and ready to wear.

Lady Lita’s Hexed Charm – This beautiful magick phone charm will have you feeling feminine permanently as you carry it about on your mobile phone. It is supplied presented in a beautiful bow box with black velvet inside.

Lady Lita’s Charmed Compact – This beautiful compact mirror is a very special item within it’s self, even more so when it is enchanted by my powerful magick. Anyone who looks into the mirror on the inside lid of it will instantly turn into a beautiful feminine sensual woman. The effects of the mirror will wear off after 2 hours and can be topped up again any time by looking into the mirror again. The style and colour of the mirror compact will vary according to availability. All will be beautiful and feminine and come in a lovely satin pouch.

Ms Dolly’s Hypnotic Doll Program – The Dolly Program is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long, this varies depending on the speed of your computer and how many other programs you are running. It is recommended that you close all other programs and have you PC online while watching to take full advantage of the live commands and subliminals Ms Dolly sends to the program once she knows it is running on your PC. Once you have paid for the program I will send you a dolly name. It is important that you have a dolly name you really like because once the program has been started with that name it is programmed in permanently to the Dolly Program as well as your mind. You will hear your dolly name instead of your other name. If you have a name you would like to use already let me know then I can make a note of who you are for when you are watching. If you don’t like the dolly name I choose for you, let me know and I will give you another one. YOU MUST HAVE A DOLLY NAME YOU WANT TO STICK WITH BEFORE USING THE PROGRAM.

The file comes as a flash projector and is available for both PCs and Apple Macs.

Countess Isabella’s Feminization Potion Drink – Countess Isabella will spend many hours inn her lab mixing up this potion for you. The drinker of this potion turns into a beautiful woman.

Beautiful Satin Handbag – Special beautiful sequined handbag to keep all your girly items inn.

Adora Adore’s Dream Pillow – This magick dream pillow is stuffed with herbs that will make you dream feminine thoughts as you sleep. Just pop it under your pillow before going to sleep.

Adora’s Magick Dolly Beads – Edible candy beads form a magickal necklace. If you start to feel your male mind coming back, you can nibble on one of these beads to give you an instant boost.

Adora’s Magick Crystal – A powerful specially chosen crystal that you should keep with you at all times.

Various Feminisation Flash Animations.

Signed Photo’s from Lady Lita, Adora Adore and Countess Isabella.

Total =  728.95. Special price for all these exciting magickal items is only  628.95 saving a massive  100. Price includes postage and packaging.

What you need to send so the spells can be cast for you:

1. Date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (where possible).

2. A photo of you.

3. A photo of a woman who you would most like to resemble.

4. Your chosen female name, unless you would like us to choose one for you.

You must be happy to keep the name once you have it, so please think carefully about this.

5. Any special details about how you want the magick to work for you, the more details you send the better.

6. The size for your hexed panties and bra.


One Response to “Selected preparatory Documents in leadup to publication of: Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…”

  1. james said

    i want to become a woman any way i can

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