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The 2088 Australian Tricentennial Visions Project — Callout for Submissions —

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on April 27, 2010

The 2088 Australian Tricentennial

Visions Project

— Callout for Submissions —

The Fauxist International, as part of the greater “2088 Tricentennial High Water Mark & Visions Project”, due for exhibition in June 2010, is calling for public submissions of Visions of the Tricentennial.

If you remember the 1988 bicentennial, with its horrifyning upswell of nationalist fervour, the re-enactments of the 1788 landing etc…you will perhaps be well situated to imagine the possible atrocities organised in the name of celebrating three centuries of forced occupation and colonisation of all things.

While We have targeted a diverse range of socio-cultural and identity groups, relationships with hegemony and power, in endeavouring to sample a wide swathe of visions, the project has deliberately privileged the voices and ideas that would necessarily be left out, ignored and indeed silenced by the production of such a collection by almost all cultural institutions.

The collection of trips into the Tricentennary will be available for viewing on News From The Fauxist International, and will eventually form a digitial time-capsule to be ‘interred’ online. Physical/hard-copy visions will form a travelling exhibition and eventual time capsule slated for opening on Australia day, January 26, 2088.

What you can contribute:

Offering anything from a few sentences to an essay, an image to a film, or any other forms of plans or documentation, show us your Visions of the Tricentennial. As a prompt, consider the following: In another 78 years, what do you think the face of some or all of the following could be…?

–          Indigenous issues- land rights, representation, the intervention, appropriations…

–          Refugees and migration- the pacific solution?

–          Neoliberalism, capital and economics?

–          Queer life?

–          Environmental Entropy?

–          Whither Feminism?

–          What will be the characters and icons of nationalism in 2088?

–          Where will historical revisionism have journeyed?

–          What will be the major medical/genetic/biopolitical changes?

–          How will it 2088 be celebrated? What imagery and rhetoric? What new forms of ceremony, media coverage? Protest?

–          What kinds of secular apocalypse may ‘We’ be facing or fearing?

We are also seeking the submissions of Children, who may well be around to participate or witness the Tricentennial for themselves, unlike many Fauxists. Children could perhaps address the following in Drawings, songs, writing:

– What do you think Australia will be like in 2088?

– What will be celebrated, what missed?

– What will schoolkids learn about Australia in 2088?

– How long will Australia last?

– Will people live longer?

– Who will rule the world?

Send you electronic submissions to fauxist.regret@gmail dot com, and contact this address also to arrange collection/submission of all non-electronic items.



Key elements of 2088 Tricentennial Project:

– Mapping the 2088 Tricentennial Shoreline- Sea Level & Colonial.

An exercise in collaboration- creating visions of dystopias, property and urbanism, conflating different apocalyptic and environmental scenarios. Pop-arhaeology and visions of the High Water Marks of Colonialism and Australian Society.

– Marking the 2088 Tricentennial Shoreline.

After commissioning an edition of “2088 Shoreline” plaques mimicking the “1788 Shoreline” markers , they were dispersed to various groups, installed around the country and documented. Creating a affecting encounter in public space.

– Collecting and publishing visions of the 2088 Tricentennial.

Creating a callout document- collecting and publishing minority visions of the 2088 Australian Tricentennial- a form of monumentality etc. time capsules created for opening on Australia Day 2088. Critical engagement with nationalism, revisionist history etc.

Influences and Precedents:

–   Sealing ceremonies

–         situationist theories of the derive, psychogeography

–          Frederic Jameson’s writings on utopia (“Desire Called Utopia”) and architecture (“Postmodernism, Or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism”),

–         Bachelard

–         Pocho Research Society,

–         visionary architectures

–         Cartography and affect.


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