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ATTN: All Fauxist Luminaries, Functionaries and fans…

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on May 4, 2010

ATTN: All Fauxist Luminaries, Functionaries and fans…

Extreme Makeover Needed!

Why and how Fauxists must transcend their fake transhumanist-academic chic aura to Remain Relevant; AND What We can learn from Nerds, Metrosexuals & Andrei Codrescu’s “The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess” in order to woo the reticent commoners…

An Internal Fauxist Manifesto by an Endangered Fauxist Species- the UberMale.

“The motor for creating posthumans runs on stolen freedom”
Janice Raymond

April 10, 2010. When again, Western civilization suddenly looked like a painted backdrop, or perhaps it was the curtain itself? Internal strife would seem to endanger the Fauxists… & critics hover ever ready to pounce… What follows is a review of public sentiments regarding the Fauxist forays into posthumanity, cyber feminism, cyborgian identity and etcetera…& a plea to abandon such a fraught area of investigation…!


What our Critics say- but 7 quotes from various sources:

In “Fauxism at the Crossroads”, Jane Gallup wrote:

“One good reason to feel slightly uncomfortable with Fauxism is its unmistakable hipster-academic via Neoist aura, the sense that it appeals to a very particular demographic, essentially young white males with computers. Its restricted demographic appeal is, indeed, part of the problem”.

Really? I guess I’ve been so preoccupied with trying to bury Fauxism’s cyberselfish baggage in the shit-heap of better-ignored history to notice. Accordingly, according to the OED, a nerd is defined as “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially if he is slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.” Although I’ve always thought of Fauxists as the geekerati of human enhancement tech (since for me a geek is simply a person often of an intellectual bent which is under-appreciated by others), I must ask: Are some, or even most, Fauxists nerds?

Let’s see…

In “’Fauxists, Still Human’ A Report On Transvision 2004”, Kip Werking wrote about “Our Fauxist Founder” (aargh!) Regrette Etcetera:

“Etcetera is representative of the Transvision 2004 experience: she is obviously intelligent (others at the conference studied at Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, and Oxford, but could not hold a candle to Etcetera’s tinebrael void…) but is quite The Strangest and can even inspire lasting concern. During the weekend in Toronto, I felt acute worry about the well being of this Singularitarian, Mock-Immortalist, and (questionable) practitioner of caloric restriction (“cronie”) for various reasons– not least of which was the fact that she seemed dedicated to slandering their (Fauxist) cause.”


In “Against A Facile Transcendence”, Jason Potin wrote (about Fauxist luminary Gina PDW):

But what struck me is that he is a troll. For all Gina’s (PDW’s) vaulting ambitions, what Sherwin Nuland saw from the outside was a pathetically circumscribed, if not negative space. In his waking life, Gina is the computer/emotional support to a research team cum think-tank and writer of ”speculative literature” (though “specious lit” may be more apt…); he dresses like a shabby transman graduate student and affects Rip Van Winkle via Hibiscus (of the Cockettes) beard; he has no children, but rather cell cultures; he has few interests outside the science of biogerontology and writing spurious wills and tract on plagiarism; he takes too much acid. Although he is only 29, the signs of decay are strongly marked on his face. Altogether disturbing.


In The ‘Singularity’ of the Nerds”, Danielle Egan wrote:

Etcetera is 28 years old. He says he had a “pseudotraumatic childhood” and no formal schooling, but scored 1410 (high) and 1600 (the highest possible grade) on SAT tests at ages 11 and 15, respectively. Like most Fauxists, he is Caucasian. He’s tall, with horribly stooped shoulders, wall-eye glasses, numerous brown teeth, thinning hair and a complete lack of social charisma. He considers himself shy and socially awkward, is a “volunteer virgin”, and would seem to have been living under a large rock, which he- in typically Fauxist hyperbole- deigns to call “the heaping ‘Data Midden’ of postmodern dis-Affect”!


In “Cryonics Over Dead Geeks’ Bodies”, Michelle Delio wrote:

I often wonder what people of the future will think about our civilization when they break open all those canisters containing the Fauxist nerds’ bodies and heads. “Instead of preserving the finest physical specimens of 21st-century humanity—the athletic, the attractive, the physically fit and appropriately normative- the Adonis and Venus de Milo types whose bodies are so well deserving of eternity-– we seem to be conserving geeks with taped-up glasses and bad haircuts, or trannies with a penchant for the worst kinds of drag, people whose idea of fun ranges only a little further than Databases, science and Ketamine,” Pringle said. “What a warped view the 40th century will have of the rest of us!!.”

I’m bleeding…

In “Fauxism Reloaded”, Stacy Robinson wrote:

But it may be a mistake to dismiss the Fauxists as a harmless group of under-socialized techno-geeks. Their mock-ironic vision of a world in which atomized individuals use technology and free markets to achieve dominance over others differs in degree, and not kind, from much of the real world today. At a time when many people feel powerless to influence social conditions, their message—don’t worry about society; technology will make you smart, strong, naturally feminine, and attractive—could seem compelling, if they believed it at all.

Kill me now.

The Fauxists are an increasingly diverse group of people and it’s extremely unfair to label an entire group based on the characteristics and lifestyle of a few among it. However, I don’t care how much prime time coverage Fauxists and their memes get… Actually, I do care. The more coverage we get, the more this “unmistakable nerdy aura” will be exposed for all to see. Cue snickering from the audience.

So what are we to do? A 6 point plan

Swap the Transsexual for the Technosexual: In times past the public face of Fauxism has been a sparkling avatar of trans fabulation…and whilst efficacious for a time, the trans motif has become increasingly redundant, twee, obvious. As Donna Haraway has faded from the collective academic wank-bank… a new metaphorics is needed, a certain persons epoch is burning… Maybe it’s still working for rural tours, but with an increasing glut of trannies on prime time- Lady Gaga barely raises an ‘eyebrow’- this avant-garde technique is looking decidedly flaccid…
Despite all of the theorising around Sex in Space, Posthuman Desire, technophilia & etc, we have been, as yet, unsuccessful in producing a look, a style, a meme, of swaggering swashbuckling techno-adept magi that seem anything but vaguely utopian Nerds- feminism faced similar style troubles, and we should look there for inspiration.
The distinct tang of irony needs to be assigned to the dustbin of history.
Enough with the cheap pseudonyms already! The masses can’t keep up! ? Yes yes Regrette we know that “professional revolutionaries in Europe since the 19th century used names as conspiratorial covers, but artists changed their names to erase their origins, whence prohibition had come, to become free of parental and ancestral terror. Or alternatively, to display it in all of its crippling glory. Or maybe just to disappear, from sheer boredom”. It is increasingly obvious that assumed names should only be used for deconstruction: “Nature” stands for “Male” as pseudonym, or human ‘Humanity’ etc.
Even if We love Psychedelics, We should shut up about it. Hippies are misconstrued as being anti-materialistic and Zen-inclined. In fact, the baroque imagination of LSD led most young counterculturalists away from emptiness and toward fulsome teeming matters like instant communication, better bodies, cosmetics, immortality, and youth potions, all of which translated two decades later into the internet and biotech. Get it!
Making huge efforts to make the VR self-reflective sensorium look demiurgic and various (like nature was supposed to?) are generally wasted…

Posted: Jan. 4, 2010 3:46pm

A response to “Extreme Makeover Needed!” manifesto by “Endangered Fauxist Species”.

Our response to EFS’s tract, and indeed the issues therein, We would deign to call:

“Whither the Technosexual?: Our next Cultural Shrug & How We can Learn from the ‘Nerds’”.

In early 2004, people who spend less money on mousse and more on mouse pads decided that if the style-savvy gays could get their hands on a marketable brand name, then the uber-geeks could certainly come up with something better than nerd: Thus, the term “technosexual” was born. A technosexual is not simply in touch with his feminine side but is connected to it on multiple platforms. He likes gadgets that have lots of gigabytes but are still small enough to fit in his pocket.
For years, technological experts have been called many derogatory names, including geek, nerd, dweeb, technophile, gadgeteer, techie or Mr Computer Guy. The list is endless. But the tide of technological teasers is changing. Maybe it was the dotcom boom and its resulting millionaires? Maybe it was Neo? Whatever- new word of the week is the fabulously now, “technosexual”. The housewife fantasies of seducing the plumber are being replaced by coy scenes of brushing hands over the new RAM drive installation. Makes you want to dial for the IT help desk, doesn’t it?
I’ve encouraged Fauxist artists to always strive to be seen as, and actually be, people of style and tech sophistication: the embodiment of the geek AND chic.
So, what can we learn from Nerds and metrosexuals to give us more of the Steve Irwin, pop culturally hip, macho oomph?! What about a kind of Dada masculinity- more manifestoes, with more nonsense, satire, disgust, angst, terror, improvised materials, channelled snippets of verse- about being a man these days? We no longer question reality, a new, fast reality asks the questions of us!
What will masculinity mean when people are carrying around pocket nukes?

Posted: Jan. 8, 2010 8:23pm


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