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Dialogues with A Dead Doctor

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on May 8, 2010

Two Conversations with Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1909–1974)

In which he variously encourages the Fauxists in continuing their EVP investigations, speaks about what it’s like being dead, and the pop music of the afterlife. (Transcripts From Spirit Mic Recording CD)


1. “What is the pop music like, there in the afterlife?”

Partial Transcript of the appearance of Konstantin Raudive at the Fauxist International’s “Electronic Séance”

Sept. 25 2009, Sydney Australia

2. “Dr Raudive Calling: Gina PDW Questions the Doctor”

Transcript of a phonecall received from Dr Konstantin Raudive, from the afterlife, by Fauxist Luminary Gina PDW on 19 December, 2009

As Part of the greater Fauxist Spirit Microphone Recording Sessions project. Audio of the conversations will be released on the upcoming compilation “Fauxist Spirit Mic Sessions” (2009)

What is the pop music like, there in the afterlife?”

Partial Transcript of the appearance of Konstantin Raudive at the Fauxist International’s “Electronic Séance”

Sept. 25 2009, Sydney Australia

Description of setting: In the Sydney home of one of the Regrette Etcetera’s, 13 Fauxists are seated around a long table, ablaze with candles. The mood is ‘various’.

Note: Evidently, Raudive has had time to learn English in the afterlife, from his native Latvian and German & has been keeping up with recent experiments in EVP/ITC. This comes as little surprise from such a voracious mind.

(Time: 0:00 Begin Séance and recording)

Regrette, Circle Leader: Can we all hold hands please, welcome.

(Time elapsed: 4:12 Raudive’s Voice first heard)

Konstantin Raudive (KR): Can you hear me?

Fauxists: Yes we can.

K R: I have a little bit of difficulty talking.

Regrette: That’s okay, we can hear you clearly.

KR: My name is Raudive, Konstantin Raudive.

Fauxists: Konstantin Raudive, welcome.

KR: You understand me? You do hear me? I’m coming through clearly, am I?

Fauxists: Yes, you are. Yes!

KR: I want to speak to Fauxists. I want to speak to Fauxists.

Fauxists: Yes, yes, we’re here.

KR: You hear me?

Fauxists: Yes.

KR: I cannot feel your vibration very strongly.

Fauxists: Were very glad to hear from you, very glad.

KR: You know who I am?

Fauxists: Oh yes, absolutely.

KR: Yes, I am over in the Spirit Realm.

KR: Can she not hear?

(This remark referred to Gina. Gina was overwhelmed and had difficulty hearing that last remark. Others in the circle jumped in to let him know he was being heard. The Fauxists were later told that this is very difficult for them and the communication could have ended abruptly if Raudive thought that he was not getting through.)

Fauxist: She can, someone says “he’s over in the spirit realm.”

Fauxists: Yes, yes.

Gina: Are people over there still working to contact us through technology?

KR: Yes, Schreiber; Schreiber is there too. (Visual ITC pioneer, Klaus Schreiber)

Gina: Okay.

KR: And we, I wish to talk to you in regards to communication.

Fauxists: Good, good.

Gina: We’re here to serve on that.

KR: Listen to me. You have much difficulty in the past, yes?

Fauxists: Yes.

KR: I will tell you how you may do it.

(Konstantin Raudive gives us some directions on shielding a microphone. He thinks that this will greatly help communication. We are trying to gather the equipment to try and do what he has told us. After we have done this and are able to test the concept, we will publish his full conversation along with any results that we get.) After finishing the directions, he continues:

KR: Schreiber, is quite often with your work, you know Schreiber?

Fauxists: Yes.

KR: He works with me much, much, he works with you as I do.

Gina: We are so honored. Dr Raudive, what is it like being where you are? What do you call it there?

KR: (Unintelligble)

Gina: Um…Are you continuing your experiments and recordings there?

KR: (Unintelligble)

Gina: Who or where do you think you’re contacting or listening to?

KR: (Unintelligble)

Gina: What is the pop music like there?

KR: Oh What…the pop music? Well Gina, Nina Hagen is still quite big here, though there are many groups you would have never heard that have been formed on this side.

Gina: Wow! Like supergroups of dead popstars?

(Here Raudive details a number of amazing pop-conflagrations populated by deceased yet still active pop celebrities on ‘his side’ which We refrain from mentioning at this point, pending our upcoming publication: “Pop Culture in The Afterlife: Hybridity & Entropy in the Spirit Realm”)

Gina: Do you see on your side, us on this side doing any good and making any progress overall? I know that we are not going to solve everything, but are we making progress from your view?

KR: One little step is much to help the communication, one little step makes a lot of difference to many people. Only takes one little step.

Tom: Alright.

Gina: Can we do this experiment that you are talking about? Can we do this work in a new group that seems to be coming together or should we do this on our own?

KR: You may do it with others; it will be helpful to you.

Gina: Very good.

KR: It has taken much for me to speak to you.

Gina: Thank you so much.

KR: Listen to what I tell you. You listen carefully to what I tell you and you will have much success.

Gina: Thank you.

KR: I now must go.

Fauxist Group Variously: Thank you.

Dr Raudive Calling: Gina PDW Questions the Doctor

Transcript of a phonecall received from Dr Konstantin Raudive, from the afterlife, received by Fauxist Luminary Gina PDW on 19 December, 2009

“I began to receive a series of phone calls from Konstantin Raudive in the coming years. This is part of a 15-minute phone dialog I rather enjoyed on March 3, 2010”:
Below is an excerpt of relevant section of the conversation, that is, minus the chit chat Gina is renowned for..
Gina PDW: As far as the ITC progress here in Sydney, with my group, how soon do you think we’ll be able to expand our work into television contacts and computer contacts, or are we going to stick with voice for quite awhile?

K Raudive: Well, as we see it, the first good voices will come through in the fall of this year, and it will develop on that.

Gina PDW: I see. I’m thinking of incorporating subtle energy technologies into the system on my side. Do these things sound like a good idea?

K Raudive: Well sure, a very good thought of you. And you will have to wait for the things that our group can tell you.

Gina PDW: Okay, can you tell me about the equipment you use to produce a perfect, almost perfect voice on Earth? That must take a lot of work on your side.

K Raudive: Well, it depends on your reception­ or, mainly on your psychic reception… We intend to give plans of our equipment, and send them through Hans. We also wanted to give a sort of a map of our world also, drop it into your world somewhere. It will be done in the next weeks and months.

Gina PDW: That’s tremendous! That’s wonderful!

— End of call—


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