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The First Working Retrospective of The Fauxist International

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on June 1, 2010

The Fauxists do Art!?


w/ guest Luke Roberts/Pope Alice 
(  &


“Gasps from the Lab” Forays with Regrette Etcetera into identity and sex in radical genetic engineering, posthumanism(s), biopolitics, extra-terrestrialism and fringe sciences. 
Guest speaker Elena Jeffries (President, Scarlet Alliance. Australian Sex Workers Association) addressing the topic of: 
“Medical trials for drugs from the global north with sex workers in the global south – when seroconversion, illness and death is an expected outcome.” 


“Speaking Skulls & Secular Apocalypses in the Mainstream Bizarre” 
Video lecture by Regrettte Etcetera exploring cross-currents in endless colonialism, neoliberal governmentality, apocalyptic multiculturalism, paedophilia and war torture.  

The Retrospective includes:

– Fauxist relics (including time capsules)

– A Fully Furnished Fauxist Reading Room with over 80 publications.

– Fauxist Subliminal Films

– Recordings from the Fauxist Spirit Mic Sessions and Hooray for Cryptozoology Tapes

– The Fauxist Reader (2010) for perusal & purchase

– A live-in residency by a Regrette Etcetera

– Performances & actions & appearances in Brisbane

See also:

More info

Contact for an illustrated exhibition catalogue and guide  including essay by Vivian Ziherl.

Stay Tuned to NFTFI for updates, documentation & event listings.


One Response to “The First Working Retrospective of The Fauxist International”

  1. the voice of crass reality said

    The flyer at the top of this post has the month wrong.

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