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“Gasps From The Lab” (11/6/2010)

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on June 29, 2010

For images of the first Fauxist Retrospective lecture “Gasps From The Lab”, with Fauxist Didactic Character “Morraine” (Diplomatic Emissary to the Low-Lying Pacific Island Nation-States & Climate-Change Refugees) and Elena Jeffries, see the


“Gasps from the Lab”: Forays with Regrette Etcetera into identity and sex in radical genetic engineering, posthumanism(s), biopolitics, extra-terrestrialism and fringe sciences.

Guest speaker Elena Jeffries (President, Scarlet Alliance. Australian Sex Workers Association) addressing the topic of: “Medical trials for drugs from the global north with sex workers in the global south – when seroconversion, illness and death is an expected outcome.”


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