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Publications from The First Working Retrospective of The Fauxist International

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on June 29, 2010

Catalogue & Guide: The First Working Retrospective of The Fauxist International

A full exhibition catalogue, with illustrations & an essay on the Fauxist International by Vivian Ziherl, is available in PDF here:

Exhibition Guide & Catalogue: The First Working Retrospective of the Fauxist International

or the cuter physical form (with salmon paper stock) by contacting

Fauxist Reader

The bound, 92-page, 53,000 word Fauxist Reader, compiled for the occasion of the exhibition, and containing excerpts, manifestoes, and correspondence as yet unpublished here on NFTFI, is a key study text for anyone interested in The Fauxist International.


1. Introduction

2. Subliminal Video & Feminization Hypnosis

– Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…

– Initial Fauxist Experiments in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’ 2008-10.

3. Fauxist Space Sex

– Send your DNA into space!

– Digital Space-Be-in time-capsule.

– Invite/flyer: “Fauxist International ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party.

– “Moon Cheese & Science Trannies”  Johnathon Hadres. A Review of the Fauxist International Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party, Sydney, 9th-10th October, 2009.

The Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party, December 22nd, 2012.

– Fauxist Space Sex: In space, no one can hear your safeword.

4. Lecture: Speaking Skulls & Secular Apocalypses in the Mainstream Bizarre

– Disinterring the Duckworth Digit: Taking hostage the remains of Cambridge anatomist W.L.H Duckworth.

– Suffer Little Children: Fauxist Writings on the Interconnections of Paedophilic Discourse, Neoliberalism, Art

Censorship & the NT Intervention in Australia 2007-10.

Fauxist Secessionist State Project #4:“The Nomadic Plastic Nation Spins”. An Interview with Fauxist Noni Mastor.

Fauxist Secessionist State Project #3: Fauxists Open Application for “Mainstream Bizarre Secessionist Nation” in the WORLD FOLKLORE THEME PARK, Guangzhou, China. — A callout to cultural workers —

– Initiations of New Americans in Abu Ghraib: Race, Gender & Digitisation in Torture Imag(in)ery.

– 2010, A Cyborg Manifesto: Border Genocide, “Fucking Machines”, Including: “A Unique Proposal to World Governments Regarding the Use of Transsexual Interrogation Bots.

– “It’s hard to even think about” Musicians (Finally) Say No to Music Torture, While we wait for them to actually get the joke. An Exploration of Music in PSYWAR and Report of associated Fauxist Investigations, including the first account of the Fauxists at interrogation school.

– Fauxist Comprehension Test #12: Economic Crisis Organisers Meeting

Fauxist Perfume Protest Sculptures #3: “Madonna & Gucci in Africa: Celebrity Activism, Charity Branding, The White Man’s Burden, Blackface & Celebrity Adoption as Ethnographic Spectacle”.

– ‘Please Explain’: Being an Account of the Fauxists seeking the advice of a financial expert on the GEC

5. Relic: Time Capsules & Anti-Monumentality


– From Meaning to Muteness: Abject Monumentality & the Fauxist Anti-Monument Register.

– Sealing the magic mountain: The monumental task of warning future generations. A Fauxist design concept and application for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, Nevada.

– The 2088 Australian Tricentennial: High Water Mark & Visions Project

Cryptozoology, Spirit Microphone & Sleep Tapes

– “Out of Time, Place, Scale: Cryptozoology & Neo-colonialism” &  “‘Hooray for Cryptozoology’: The Fauxist Cryptozoology Tapes, 2010.

– Fauxist Spirit Recording Project: Theory & Background.

– The Fauxist Spirit Recording Sessions Habitat on 1475.0 kHz wave, Nie śpią tylko duchy. Transcripts & Descriptions of Fauxist initial experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

– The Fauxist International’s Subliminal Sleep Tapes.

6. Fauxist Bibliography

PDF available for download soon. For now contact: to be sent a copy.

Thanks to Vivian Ziherl


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