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Fauxist Artist & Artifact Appears in Exciting New Fetish Publication

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 1, 2010

Cover, Interstitial Bestiaries Iss. 3, Vol. 1, 2010


Download the full-colour, 6-page pdf copy of “Interstitial Bestiaries” Iss. 3, Vol. 1 here:

Interstitial Bestiaries Iss. 3, Vol. 1 (pdf)

We are proud here at NFTFI to announce Fauxist Luminary Gina PDW’s feature as guest artist for the May-July 2010 issue of “Interstitial Bestiaries”, the exciting, anonymously published fetish personals zine currently surfacing in all the right places! A refreshing take on radical sexualities, “Interstitial Bestiaries” mix of erudite pomo porn and wanton solicitations has been wowing the Fauxists since its inception in 2009.

From the foreword of Interstitial Bestiaries, Issue 3:

“In the tradition of San Fran’s ‘Baitline’, Interstitial Bestiaries slops on in to fill the void created by the queer street press, military-industrial-GLBT complex, and fetish media. Volunteer run, Interstitial Bestiaries provides a free monthly space for personals, trade, & non-profit advertising”.

A small sample of Gina’s pop-archaeological collection methodology- in this case focusing on images of ostensible ‘Wet & Messy’ fetish in children’s gameshows from the 1980’s features throughout the publication.

From the foreword of Interstitial Bestiaries, Issue 3:

This issues featured artist, Gina PDW, is a Sydney-based Pop-Ethnographer known for her “Historic Revisiations”. Herein, Gina takes us on a brief tour of their large collection of TV and Kids gameshow slime/gunge/Wet and Messy (WAM) images from the 1980’s. Gina’s other works include numerous forays into Spirit Photography and anarchist space colonies”.

One of Gina's many images (Nickolodeon)

Information, excerpts and critical reviews of Gina’s 2009 book “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore” can be found here.

Review of Fauxist Artifact donated to Interstitial Bestiaries:

Hoax Mermaid

19th century, possibly British. Centre of historic controversy.

Received for Review by Interstitial Bestiaries.      Reviewer: C. Lyell.                                              # 3-3

We here at Interstitial Bestiaries are often privileged to receive such curiosities as the current item, which has been so generously offered for trade/swap to further the circulation of such historic treasures. We are always seeking to expand our collection, and have recently found our focus resting on Albert Koch’s 1845 Fake Giant Fossil Serpent, bog/peat/ice mummies, and celebrity/religious body parts and curios. Whilst the particular contributor of this tiny tinebral tidbit specified only that it could be “Well suited for use in Diorama or museum, or for particularly obscure cryptozoological trysts and fantasies”, We feel that further explication of her unique and indeed timeless qualities is in order, to unpack her generalized relevance to Our readership’s interests. Thus, I have penned the following, paying special attention to my ‘areas of interest’, hair and class:

The total length of her ladyship is 25 inches, and she is composed in the usual regulation mermaid style, viz., half fish and half quasi-human. The face has a laughing expression of good-nature and roguish simplicity. Her ears are very pig-like, and certainly not elegant, and her nose is decidedly snub. The coiffeur is submarine, and undoubtedly, not Parisian: it would, in fact, be none the worse for a touch of the brush and comb…indeed, if I were a merdyke I would not fall in love with any mermaid who was not a great deal more particular in matters of hair-dressing than our friend under the glass case. From the looks of this feminine specimen, there must have been a famine price of provisions in general down in these splendid submarine regions, for our poor mermaid is very thin, and seems half-starved and terribly shabby, and altogether has a workhouse look about her.

Interstitial Bestiaries #2

Interstitial Bestiaries #1


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