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2010 Pop-Indigeneity Time Capsule Description & Contents List

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 13, 2010

(As of December 17, 2009). For opening Australia Day 2088, The Australian Tricentennial

The damaged 2010 Pop-Indigeneity Plaque & Marker on display at a Fauxist Event

— The Fauxist Pop-Archaeology Capsules —

Containing representations of the ‘Other’- like newspaper reports, kitsch faux-Indigenous art, toy ‘Indian Headdresses’, recordings of diplomatic exchanges, and jokes- the Pop-Archaeology Capsules create an image of the portrayal and understanding of the Exotic/Other in colonial/cultural contexts aimed at revelation in a parodic future-present of ‘more enlightened representational regimes’. By constructing, soliciting and curating the Pop-Archaeology capsules, we have facilitated the construction of critical cultural visions. (The Pop-Archaeology capsules also form part of the Fauxist ‘2088 Tricentennial Visions’ Project). So far 5 Pop-Archaeology capsules have been made- with themes spanning “Pop-Transsexuality” & “Pop-Indigeneity”.

The most noteworthy thus far has been the “2010 Pop-Indigeneity Capsule” which was controversially removed in Janurary 2010, only one month after its installation. Consisting of articles and newspapers on the intervention, welfare, and black sexuality, tourist/kitsch indigenous trinkets, statuettes, memorabilia, and tableware etcetera collected in urban Pop-Archaeological expeditions and submitted by various collaborators, the ‘2010 Pop-Indigeneity Capsule’ was installed at the 1988 Bicentennial Monument at Brighton-Le-Sands in Cook Park, on the foreshore of Botany Bay, Sydney. The monument (pictured below) commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in Botany Bay in 1788, the “first Europeans settlers” in Australia. The names of all those new arrivals are engraved thereupon, flanked by a couple of old cannons and binocular stands which allow the viewing of the horizon as though another appropriately apocalyptic armada will soon materialize…

After ‘numerous complaints’ were made to the local council by ‘numerous residents’, the ‘2010 Pop-Indigeneity’ plaque was removed, and the capsule and its contents met with an undisclosed fate. After threatening legal action against the Brighton council, We managed to secure the return of the plaque and its mount. The public dialogues generated by the action would seem successful. Again, documentary materials are available from NFTFI.

— 2010 Pop-Indigeneity Time Capsule Contents List —

Trinkets and Accesories

– “Aboriginal Print UTOPIA DREAMING tie” (khaki, polyester)   (

– “Mighty Beanz Chief Bean & Hiawatha Bean Smurf Indian” Set (2009)

– Happy time Hawaiian luau products “Coco Bra”                                         – ‘Native American Hunting Knife’

– ‘Native American Headband’ w/ Feather (Forum Novelties)               – “Indian Target Game” (Bow & Arrow set Figurines)

– “Aboriginal Man” statuette x 2                                                                        – Postcard- “Aboriginal Children” (Verve Designs)

– Pack of 6 “Australian aboriginal art animals” shot glasses             – 23 cm Singing kangaroo plush toy with didgeridoo.

– Australian animals “aboriginal art” orange tea towel.                          Levi’s “Western Roundup” Advertisement

Articles (Various formats- newspaper clippings, printouts, publications)

– “Demand for open investigation into an Aboriginal trans death in custody”. April 10, 2010

– 2 pages of Google Search Results “Aboriginal Jokes”

– Australian Government: “Northern Territory Emergency Response – One Year On” (June 2008)

– “Aboriginal Safari Tours” from

– “Teen’s death puts spotlight on Aboriginal deaths in custody” Mar 11,2010

– “Nanette Rogers’ feminism, Northern Territory ‘Intervention’” Open Salon

– “The Little Children are Sacred report: Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse

– Australian Government: “The Evaluation of income management in the Northern Territory”

– “Invasion Day Report 2010 – 222 Years of Aboriginal Survival”

– Newspaper article: “Aboriginal children fail basic school tests” TOM ARUP December 20, 2008 The Age

– “Aboriginal Sacred Sites” Tour Brochure, NT

–        Google Image Search Results for term “Redfern”

–        Various news articles by Miranda Devine, Paul Sheehan et al.


– “Aboriginal Fancy Dress Costume
 for Child”

– “Wild West Indian Costume for Kids”

– ‘Sexy Indian Costume’: “POW”WOW”PRINCESS” ITEM # 64613



– “Australia Day 2010 = 222 years of ongoing colonization” (3:24, 2010)

– “Eye” (54 min) Dir Andy Canny (Sistagirls documentary)

– Selected scenes from films “Australia”, “Brand Nue Dae”.

– Selected news video coverage of ‘Urban Aboriginality’ selected from Google search.


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