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Fauxist rep. Regrette Etcetera Features in New Magazine.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 12, 2010

Interstitial* Bestiaries**

‘Free Fetish Personals For Discerning Devotees’

The New International publication

Submissions for Issue 4, Vol. 1, August-October 2010 close August 30th.

(See submmission advice below)

“…(T)he exponentially growing  readership/adherents, guarantee you compelling responses & possibilities…”


“A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”
Iss. 4 features artist Regrette Etcetera, sharing working documents from their project:

“Penitent Pixels: Genocide, Virtual Monumentality & Memorial Museums in Second Life & the Game-sphere”

Namely, content relating to the Sexual spaces & “The Museum of Sex Furniture” in Second Life,

& fetishism in the recreation & mapping of disaster zones in gaming design. Etcetera has also contributed this edition’s feature article.

“… when it comes to animations and furniture. Who can forget the notorious ejaculating fountain, surely the pinnacle of schoolboy doodling, crafted in prims of stone, to be seen in the museum? The museum is also home to a slave roasting spit, and a variety of innocuous sofas with hidden depths… Over the course of the last five years, sex sims, slave sims, and Gor sims have come and gone, the only remnant of their passing being the extensive notecards of rules and regulations, and the odd piece of furniture. Very odd, in some cases.”

“…Tarkovsky’s film manages to imbue derelict industrial landscapes with a terrible sense of threat. Largely unable to realize the alien properties of artifacts in Roadside Picnic, Tarkovsky projected the danger into the architecture itself. Passive landscapes that could swallow a man. Tunnels which tear them to shreds. These effects were never demonstrated, but also never doubted, thanks to the tentative way the actors explored their surroundings…”

Past Issues****

Fauxist rep. Gina PDW was featured contributor to Issue 3

Download Issue 3 HERE (free, full-colour pdf)

or, by contacting

Submission Advice*****

For contact/personals, we encourage you to include explanations and stories in your ad, and to submit in defunct poetic forms/literary registers. Include any images you want published, though space is a concern. We will endeavour to reproduce (and at least describe) items/media other than textual/photographic work we receive. A swap/chain-letter program will soon be established. All text formatting will be unified to ease production, unless deemed necessary. Each month Interstitial Bestiaries hosts a guest artist/image contributor whose work is featured throughout the publication. Email yr ads/submissions to before the end of each month for inclusion in the issue released in the middle of the following month.

* interstitial: (in-tər-ˈsti-shəl): Pertaining to being between things, especially between things that are normally closely spaced. 1 a : a space that intervenes between things; especially : one between closely spaced or nominally indistinguishable things <interstices of a wall>, <the interstitial fluid found between body cells> b : existing in or filling a gap or break in something generally continuous <the interstices of society> <passages of genuine literary merit in the interstices of the ludicrous…plots — Joyce Carol Oates> 2 : a short space of time or content between events or features.

** bestiary (bĕs`chēĕr’ē): A type of medieval book that was widely popular, particularly from the 12th to 14th cent. The bestiary presumed to describe the animals of the world and to show what human traits and moral lessons they severally exemplify. The bestiaries are the source of a bewildering array of fabulous beasts and of many misconceptions of real ones, and demonstrate differences in pre-modern taxonomies and beliefs. Postmodern bestiaries could be based on critical readings of the universal language projects & the realtions of systematic taxonomy to linguistics under a deconstructionist auspice.

*** A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”

****  Iss. 3 Theme: Wet & Messy.  Featured artist: Gina PDW.

***** To reply to an ad or review in Interstitial Bestiaries, merely send your reply to with the subject line “Reply to…” & the number of the ad/entry. We also seek short essays, & other text pieces that address each issue’s theme.


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