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Why We Won’t Publish The FSSAT Scripts

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 21, 2010

Why We Won’t Publish The FSSAT Scripts

Our Subliminal Sleep Audio Tapes & Your “Right to Know”.

Being a response to pesky Public Enquiries Regarding

The Fauxist International’s SUBLIMINAL SLEEP TAPES

Original cover art for FSSAT CD 2010 Release (Front Cover)

Original cover art for FSSAT CD release (Back cover)

It’s reasonable for anyone to speculate about the exact messages they are being programmed with subconsciously. After all, up until now all of your subliminal audio (and not to mention social) programming has been generalized, if not random input upwardly-mobile pap, and now that you’ve decided to take charge of your destiny and your mind, you realize that someone else is actually building the package to take you there. It’s a natural thing for the conscious mind to suspect a hidden agenda of some sort that benefits the programmer because that’s one of the duties of the conscious mind, to protect. It’s even ironic that in this case, the conscious mind is so over-protective that subliminal techniques must be used to reach this closed off area we call the subconscious. The FSSAT are, and will always be, free, so the profit motive you may suspect lurking in there whispering “Buy More FSSAT…Buy More FSSAT…You Inveterate Proletariat Stooge…” is a bogeyman.

The FSSAT Scripts

So, if we published the scripts – you would still have to invest a small amount of trust that these really were the scripts, in which case we run the risk of lowering the effect due to the potential conscious resistance discussed earlier, or starting an infinite cycle of truth-regress (pace Descartes) that the Fauxists, whilst wholeheartedly embracing, do not recommend for the layperson.

The concern for publishing the scripts has nothing to do with other groups using them, because:

a). to be as effective they would still have to master the production process which is undetectable once the product is finished, and

b). who else could establish a rationale for using Our Universally Unique work? Our motive in scripting a program is to achieve the end goal of the title, in all of the 4 FSSAT genres, or to provide entertainment, which means that someone (the recipient) gets what they want as far as ostensibly changing something.

What We Will Reveal

1. All messages are in first person because the subconscious is more closely aligned with other subconscious minds than in the case of what we consider our ‘aware’ conscious minds. This causes a different view between ones own self-conscious mind and others conscious minds and in a different way than is the case with the normal waking conscious mind. If the message says ‘you….’ the subconscious projects it onto everyone else other than themselves, because what the subconscious is programming is literally the ‘I’ part of the awareness conscious mind.

2. We don’t use multiple layers of hundreds of voices. Although this process was used in the 1980’s by several other groups, we stick with the single voice-at-a-time theory in delivering content. We DO use different pitch frequencies for the messages, meaning they are in ‘male’, ‘female’, and child- voice frequency ranges. In some cases additional speed variation has been used so that unique characteristics, such as equalization is ‘generalized’ to the point where your subconscious doesn’t look for a familiarity [i.e., the voices of your dead parents] but only for pitch and message. We use all of them on a rotating basis with the same script so that our tapes will be universal for anyone who speaks, for example, the Queen’s English.

The Fauxist International 2010


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