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Presentation by Fauxist International at Science Showcase Event

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 3, 2010


As part of the 2nd Annual

Danger Corp.& Fauxist International

Science Showcase Event


Friday Sept. 3, 1111 Treat st, The Mission, San Francisco. 9pm.


Regrette Etcetera & Fauxist Didactic Character “In Defense of Conspiracy Theory…” appearing on behalf of the Fauxist International, present:

“Quack To the Future: The Large Hadron Collider, Black Holes & Conspiratorial Critique”.

“A lecture/performance investigating when Mega-Science & Conspiracy cross-fertilize, forms of “Ontological Anarchism” & institutional critique”.

(See ‘Background’ section below for information on the Large Hadron Collider & associated theories of ‘sabotage from the future’).


The presentation includes discussion of:

– The Search for the ‘God Particle’…  Of Deities & Dark Matter.

– “Apparently a Pigeon &  a Baguette from The Future…”: Speculative Physics & Sci-Fi

– Theoretical Matter & Molecularization in Pop-Culture

– Democratization & Capitalist Agglomeration.

– The functions & Effects of Scientific Hoaxes & Conspiracies throughout History

– Monumentality & ‘Space Archaeology’

– The Architecture of ‘Mega-Infrastructure Projects’ & Subterranean Urbanism.



Large Hadron Collider (or see official website)

Having criticized & indeed promoted the sabotage of the LHC in mid-2009 (See the “Fauxist Black Hole Competition“), the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals by internationally reputable physicists in late 2009 (click article below to download) implying that the LHC could be under sabotage from ‘the future’ :

The paper by Nielson and Ninomiya (and some earlier work) discussing their proposal—  that under the possible influence from the future, we should randomly choose a card from a million-card deck (a random number generator) and, on the basis of which card we get (i.e. if iy’s an uncanny enough result, the future is trying to tell us that finding the God Particle is a Very Bad Idea) decide whether or not to proceed with the Large Hadron Collider. Responses have ranged from eye-rolling and heavy sighs to cries of outrage, clutching at pearls, and grim warnings that the postmodernists have finally infiltrated the scientific/journalistic establishment, this could be the straw that breaks the back of the Enlightenment camel, and worse.



Select History of the Annual Danger Corp.& Fauxist International

Science Showcase Event.

The Inaugural (2009) event included:

– Appearances by Dr. Von Cray Cray & Regrette Etcetera

– Display & demonstration of the “Cube” with its now-infamous PIKO (Pants In Knowledge Out) system,

– Musical performance & presentations on NASA’s LCROSS “Moon Bomb” mission.

– Appearance by SF radical troupe Heticide.

Regrette Etcetera presenting on NASA’s LCROSS mission.


Stay Tuned for more documentation & updates as they arrive.


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