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Exhibition of Fauxist Materials & Appearance

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 19, 2010

Presenting a grouping of the Fauxist International’s projects concerning monumentality, museumification, and memorialization- in this case, those specifically engaging the queer, ISGD, trans, intersex communities. These project excerpts form part of a larger investigation and planning drive toward monument and ritual design and theorizing.


Queer archival practice, monumentality and memorialization often eschews the use of a queer methodology or lens, and aims for a historical solidity or definitional authority that is so often is critiqued by the makers themselves. In terms of monumentality (whether referring to statuary or performative modes) the didactic logic of most monuments- their rigidity and sense of historical closure- too closely resembles traits associated with the oppressive forces supposedly being critiqued, and become, in a word, fascist.

The monuments, rituals and archives surrounding Trans Day Of Remembrance have similarly been criticized for their problematic presumption of a unity of identity,  uncritical hagiography, and a general white-washing of race, class, and life-histories. The Fauxists believe We stand at an important threshold in determining the nature of mourning, accountability and resistance.


– Transgénero, como método y posibilidad: Museo Travesti del Peru

An investigation into a particular critical example of the Trans memorial/museum, this document describes the theory and practice of Museo Travesti del Peru (The Transvestite/Transgender Museum of Peru), and features an interview with Giussepe Campuzano, the museum’s founder. This publication looks in particular at the ways in which the nomadic, living, performative and anti-hegemonic Museo Travesti uses trans as an organizing and deconstructive metaphor in ‘doing the museum’, a tactic We believe is generally missed in trans memorializations, which often adhere to hegemonic, apologetic structures of mourning and presentation.

– Memorial Museums

We are in the midst of a generation of “memorial boom,”. More memorial museums have been built in the last 10 years than in the last 100. New speeds and types of atrocity, genocide, and thus memorialisation, tourism and writing proliferate.

In investigating this field, the Fauxists hope to look at dominant method and means of memorial museumification- the sites, objects, displays, and linguistic structures- that function to ‘remember’ and situate atrocities and genocide. This project aims to develop Our own critical-experimental forms of Memorial Museum, that necessarily avoid the pitfalls of the hegemonic memorial structures. We include this material in an effort to encourage reflection in each case upon ‘Queer/Trans Genocide’, TDOR, queer monumentality, and the structures of such events and spaces.

– Fauxist Anti-Monument Project

(Excerpts from working Document  “Meaning to Muteness: Abject Monumentality & the Fauxist Anti-Monument Register”)

A project initiated in 2008 interrogating the fall of hegemonic monuments in historical and political terms, and with production of anti-monuments, specifically those concerning ‘abject histories’ and minority categories of loss and identity. The Fauxist Anti-monument strives to be de/deconstructive, nomadic, temporary, performative, interventionist, painful, inconclusive, and in this context aligned against the GLBT-industrial-complex’s colonization of memory, history and utopia.

– Fauxist Investigations in Feminization Hypnosis

An under-explored area, Feminization Hypnosis is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, mainly online. Sold through mail-order/websites, the Femme hypnotic materials primarily take the form of audio tapes, Mp3’s, CD/DVD’s, but range to phone consultations, hypnotherapist outcalls, and ‘hexed’ hypnotic clothing and accessories.

The Fauxists investigate the cultural, political and anthropological dimensions of Femme Hypno, looking at common motifs, devices and indeed the psycho-social presumptions of trans-femininity.  Reading Femme Hypno materials by unpacking their constructions of psycho-somatic invocations, inductions and pathologization, ‘feminine artifactuality’ and self-organizing trans lives.

The “Fauxist Investigations in Feminization Hypnosis” CD, collects exemplary source materials, experiments in, and Fauxist productions of Feminization Hypnosis. Available from News From The Fauxist International

The “Contains No Original Material: Subliminal Films of the Fauxist International” DVD, includes a number of works using Feminization Hypnosis, though in a cinematic-subliminal context.


Fauxist luminary Regrette Etcetera also hosts the performance event.

Post-event documentation below. Photos by Huck Spin.

Regrette Etcetera.

Regrette Etcetera.



2 Responses to “Exhibition of Fauxist Materials & Appearance”

  1. Giuseppe Campuzano said

    Hi, could you share images about the exhibiting ‘Museo Travesti del Peru’?

  2. hi

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