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Fauxist Submissions Feature in Fetish Magazine

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 23, 2010

Interstitial* Bestiaries**

Free Fetish Personals for Discerning Devotees

Vol. 1 Iss.4, Nov.-Jan. 2010-11 ACE

“A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”

For free, full-colour pdf download:

Interstitial Bestiaries 4

From Interstitial Bestiaries:
“This month’s featured artist, Utopia Etcetera, takes us on a brief tour of
their large collection of Second Life imagery, project excerpts and working
documents. Utopia has solicited their SL friends’ submissions also.

In a double-sized issue with the theme:

“A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”,

We’ve an amazing, exclusive interview with Zoltan, Designer of Robot AI Sex dolls & regarding his robot girlfriend Alice, an account of the Museum of Sex Furniture in Second Life, artist submissions including ‘The Virtual Transgender Suit’, the ‘Menstruation Machine’, A themepark of Near Death Experiences, a tranny surprise film, & a comprehension test submitted by the Fauxist International.

If that wasn’t enough already, We’ve crammed in late entries: a psycho-sexual reminisence on Mattel’s famous 90’s goo-toy ‘Gak’, & a story about a game-designer’s fossilized porno dog ‘Artaud’, from Regrette Etcetera’s upcoming collection “So this one time I turn up for a trick…” ANDWe are also privileged to have received a number of choice items for review this month, donated by the Portland Paranormal Society”.

Note: Fauxist Representative Regrette Etcetera also featured in Interstitial Bestiaries #3, available for download in the menu bar at left.


* interstitial: (in-tər-ˈsti-shəl): Pertaining to being between things, especially between things that are normally closely spaced. 1 a : a space that intervenes between things; especially : one between closely spaced or nominally indistinguishable things <interstices of a wall>, <the interstitial fluid found between body cells> b : existing in or filling a gap or break in something generally continuous <the interstices of society> <passages of genuine literary merit in the interstices of the ludicrous…plots — Joyce Carol Oates> 2 : a short space of time or content between events or features.

** bestiary (bĕs`chēĕr’ē): A
type of medieval book that was widely popular, particularly from the 12th to 14th cent. The bestiary presumed to describe the animals of the world and to show what human traits and moral lessons they severally exemplify. The bestiaries are the source of a bewildering array of fabulous beasts and of many misconceptions of real ones, and demonstrate differences in pre-modern and modern taxonomies and beliefs.


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