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Upcoming Publications on NFTFI

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on February 25, 2011

Exciting New & Upcoming Publications from

Fauxist International Contributors and Sources

in Early 2011.

Stay Tuned.

New in the Fauxist Cryptozoology & Military Cryptogeography Series:

(For existing work in this series, see for example: “Bigfoot Found On Mars! The Spatio-Visual Politics of Cryptozoology,Military Cryptogeography, & Space Archaeology“, “‘Out of Time, Place, Scale’: Cryptozoology & Neocolonialism“, “Yearning for (re)animate Nature: Faunal Colonialism in Cryptozoology and the Case of the Thylacine”, “Exo-conservation narratives & The Environmental Apocalypse“, “Cinematic Dinosaurs & the Apocalyptic Extinction Genre“)

Animatronic Amputees in Mock-Afghanistanian Mud: Military Simulation-Urbanism, Cultural-Performance & the Future of Global Warfare.”


The rise of Mock/Sim-Villages: Global Training Facilities; “Architectural ornament as target criteria”: The Arab City in Orientalist Imaginary; The Future is Slum Wars; Employing Diasporas in Diplomacy;’Amputees in Action’: Makeup & Amputees (Video Collection);Global War-Games and the city: Meta-MOUT’s;

“The PlayStation to beat all PlayStations”: Telepresence Architecture; “All but war is simulation”: MIME-NET; Blurring the Base: A Typology of Military Performance in ‘civilian’ space.

Chupacabra in Chernobyl! The Hunt for a Global Cryptid through Border Politics, Psychosis-Architecture & Military Cryptogeography”.

Contents: The History and Biopolitics of Chupacabra; Goat-Sucker Goes Global: Diabolical Diaspora; Chupacabra & the Mutants of Chernobyl; Disaster Prediction in Chernobyl’s Cryptids: Mothman, The Kaptar & Black Bird; Stalkers & Cryptogeography in ‘The Zone of Alienation’; Psychosisgeography, Dream Architecture & Radiation Monsters in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series; Picturing Chupacabra: Vampiric Mutant Canids in S.T.A.L.K.E.R; Re-enacting Disaster Architectures: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Cosplay/LARP in the Irradiated Zone.

“BigFoot on Google-Mars: Space Archaeology, Telepresent Performance, & Cryptozoological constructions of “Martian Indigeneity , (Part 2 of “Bigfoot Found on Mars!: The Spatio-Visual Politics of Cryptozoology, Military Cryptogeography, & Space Archaeology”)

The second installment of the popular “Bigfoot Found on Mars!”, investigating telepresence and colonial affect in the Lunar & Martian rovers, cartographic re-enactments, Martian Indigeneity in the work of anomalists and NASA, and the recently expanded field of Space Archaeology.

Selected Cryptogeographic Projects”

As part of Fauxist investigations into military cryptogeography, this document presents elements of our research and contextualizing materials for existing work in the field of cryptogeo, military urbanism, simulation-architectures work and ‘an anthropology of telepresence’.

Contents:  Cryptogeographic Histories; Military Cryptogeography and Globalisms; Gaming in Gitmo; Blank Spots on the Map: Projects of a Cryptogeographer; Decoding Military Landscapes

New in the Alien Sex, Xenophilia & Exopolitics Series:

(For existing work in this series, see for example: “Fauxist Sex with Aliens Survey 2009“, “Fauxists ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party” (and Review),”Fauxist 2011 Space Playground Design: Goulburn West Primary School” “”Mindless Fleshapoids Are Easy: A Trans-Viral Technophilic Oz

“Alien-Human Hybrids: Body Panic, Schizoid-Tech,  & becoming the other Other (again).”

Part 1: Hybridity in the American Alienation: Alien-Human Hybrids: History, Identity, Support groups & literature; Becoming Other (again) in America: Race, miscegenation & Erasure in Hybrid discourse; ‘Starseeds’- Exemplary Statistics & Electro Sensitive Citizens

Part 2: Genealogies of Estrangement: “Hair of An Alien”: The ‘Alien DNA’ paradigm; Off-Earth Hybrid Populations and Acceptance; ET pre-human evolution & Sociobiology/Evolutionary psychology; Alien Experimentation: a teleology of evolutionary Intent.

“God is Dead & I’m His Telephotographic Wife”: Daniel Schreber & Alien Feminizing Rays. Being The True Story of One Fauxist becoming a woman with an ass irresistible to God & their Various Efforts to build a Alien Feminizing Ray Receiver-Condenser”


Part 1: The Case of Daniel Schreber becoming a woman with an ass irresistible to God; the front courts of heaven are drained of souls; man/woman, body/soul, conscious/unconscious, private/collective, God/human; psychoanalysis eschewed; Histories of Alien Feminizing Rays ; from the solar anus to civilizational amplitude;  Alien Feminizing Experiments of matriarchal martians and sex-meddling Arthurians; Defense Attempts A design history of thought-proof helmets;

Part 2: Cosmic DIY Trans-Femininity: My Feminizing Ray Condenser How to make a DIY feminizing god/alien ray antenna/amplifier using commonly available parts, design antecedents, trials and preliminary results; High-grade voluptuousness eventually passes into sleep,

“’Retracing the Alien Scalpel’: Alien Implants, Schizo-Surveillance & the Super-Scientific Alien-Machine”

Contents: Implants; “Compared to them, Pavlov was an angel”: Histories of Implantation 1967-2010; The Implant Doctors (including Fauxist interview with Dr. Roger K. Leir); “Pleased to see the lack of inflammation”: Alien Implant removal stories & interviews, as told to the Fauxist International; Panic Bodies; Schizoid Surveillance- Postmodern mythinformation & the Super-Scientific Alien-Machine; “Illnesses You have to fight to get”: Implants & Electrosensitivities as ‘Alleged Illnesses’ under privatized healthcare; Hacking Alien Tech: DIY Uses of Domestic Appliances & Auto-Surgery; What is Alien Medicine? Quarantine, disease, & entropy

Hysterical Genealogies: Human-Alien Pregnancies

Contents:  “Woman’s 18th alien-hybrid pregnancy”: Giovanna Podda; A Genealogy of ; Alien Pregnancies for sale in Second Life; Alien pregnancies & Alienated Wombs in popular culture; ‘Should I Baptize my Hybrid Baby?”: Exclusive Fauxist interview with Dr. Jameson (the “abortion reverend”); Alien Insemination Pornography- A Genre Analysis

“Drugged Animals Signal Aliens!: An Expose on Alien/ASEMIC writing in the actions of Fauna regarding the Exo-Eco-Apocalypse”

Contents: The Truth behind crop-circles: Pinned Marsupials, algorithims and geometers; The Alien-God in the Postmodern Bestiary: Augury, Allegory and Secular Apocalypse in Alien-Nature; Asemic writing, hieroglyphs and Exo-linguistics in whale beaching patterns; Queer Soldiers & Mass Bird deaths; The Luminescent Runes of the North Pacific Giant Squid Architeuthis martensi; Quorum Sensing; The Dolphins of Heaven (Animals as Aliens): Psychic ETI Sasquatch, Children’s fears of animals, reptoids; Addendum: Transcripts of telepathic Messages from alien Whales to Humanity

New in the Fauxist Drug-Architecture series

(For existing work in this series, see for example: “Temporal Slip in Crystal Architectures: Meth Museums, Meth Labs in Space, & The Meth-Architecture-Organism“, “4 Fauxists Visit the True City of Fauxism on PCP“)

“Ketamine’s Thanatological Themepark: Near Death Experiences, K-Hole Architecture, & K-Transgender”

Ketamine & Near Death Experiences; Ibogaine in North Africa: Ritual Near-Death Drugs;  The Ketamine Architectural Goddess; Overdose At The End Of The Tunnel: Near Death Experiences & A Thanatological Themepark proposal; Ketamine & Transgender; How to Look Good in a K-Hole: Fauxist Couture; A Kat-Valium Eternity: Chronotopic Architecture, Paulo Virilio, & Depression; Chasing Gravity on Wonk.


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