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“Schizo((Aliens//Trannies//Noise))Science”: Fauxist Lectures upcoming in 2012

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 19, 2011

Regrette Etcetera. at Harvest Festival, Parramatta, Sydney.

For the Schreber Centenary, and in leadup to the 2012 Fauxist Performance-Lecture series:


Showcasing Recent Work from The Fauxist International

The Fauxist International presents a new series of Our infamous performance-lectures (“Like Taylor Mac using Microsoft Powerpoint and a meat-filled piñata to explain Neocolonialism” UN Magazine) with outré Fauxist representative Regrette Etcetera.

Exhibiting Our trans-pedagogical, “genre-mashing queer scholarship of hallucinatory breadth” (Zund Magazine), and hot-mess antics,  Schizo((Aliens//Trannies//Noise))Science condenses one area of Fauxist theory & projects of 2011//12 into 3 content-heavy events.


Transfeminine Tele(path)ology & Mythinformatic Schizo-Science

Beginning with Psychology’s myriad misuses of Daniel Schreber- the German judge turned into “a woman with an ass irresistible to God” by cosmic telephoto-Rays- We elucidate the linkages in transfemme tele(path)ologies from hysteria to dysphoria to fetishism. Skipping from Schizoanalysis, Neurotheology and Parascience to millenarian postmodernism & media culture’s obsession with ‘the transsexual’, We inhabit contemporary cultural trans-techno-hysterias in accounts of Alien Feminizing Rays, transfemme ghosts, Spiritualism, EVP, & the strange new field of “Feminization Hypnosis”, & thus trace the intertwined trajectories of the occult psychoanalysis from1898-2011, and outline all the projects We’ve generated along the way…

Identity under Alien Science/Re-tracing the alien scalpel: Body Panic, Schizoid-Tech, & becoming the other Other (again)

From the history & apocalyptic/millenarian miscegenation politics of ‘Human-Alien hybrid’ identities & exo-communities to a typology of the alien-body-as-intent over time, We trace Fauxist engagements with sexo-hysteric discourses of the (Other’s) Body and fantasies of Becoming-Ethnic in fringe cultures. In interrogating ‘Alien Super-Science’, Panic Bodies and postmod mythinformatic techno-paranoias in the field of Alien implants, We interview implant doctors, and find out “Why Aliens make Stupid Scientists”. And finally, unpacking discourses of Alienated wombs, xeno-feminism and hysterical genealogies in Alien pregnancies (“Italian Woman’s 19th Alien Pregnancy!”) & alien-impregnation porn, We explore fantasies of transgression and subsumption of techno-reproductive fears & bodies.

Signal Decay in the Postmodern Bestiary: Fauxist Cryptozoologic Expeditions

Meet the Blobsquatch, the Martian Bigfoot, the Chernobyl Chupacabra & the LARP’ers re-enacting psycho-tropic architectures & mutant canids of S.T.A.L.K.E.R when Fauxist Cryptozoology meets the Military-Industrial-Entertainment-Network! From histories of restricted/toxic landscapes as spaces of imaginative monster production, Our CZ work draws in the hallucinatory expansion of signal-noise quandaries in CZ, econationalism, gender & class in Bigfoot lore, the “exosociobiology” of Martian Anomalists, and the Fauxist cryptid recordings project, whilst traversing the strangest biopolitical realms of SETI, Nuclear meltdowns, and gaming cultures in compiling Our critical postmodern bestiary.

(Photo by Morgan Carpenter)


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