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Selected Appearance and Events of The Fauxist International and its Adherants.

Note: Many, if not most, of the appearances and events of the Fauxist International have never been documented or recorded formally, & thus the list below forms only an overview of those that are either relatively: a. recent, b. legal, and c. including Fauxists associated with the editorial board of NFTFI whom are archival fetishists. Links are provided where possible.


Fauxist-Dangercorp. "Black Hole" Annual Science Event, San Francisco, 2010

Quack To the Future: The Large Hadron Collider, Black Holes & Conspiratorial Critique”. Part of the 2nd Annual Danger Corp. & Fauxist International Science Showcase Event. Sept. 3, 2010, San Francisco (photo above)

“The Fauxist’s Subliminal City Project” (Subliminal Films and media installation) September 2010, ATA, San Francisco.

“The First Working Retrospective of The Fauxist International, 2001-10” MetroArts Brisbane, June 2010 (Artist in Residence)

Cryptzoo & EVP/ITS Listening Station and Merchandise Stand: SPUNK Magazine “Possessed”, & IDApalooza, 2010

Fauxist Spirit Mic Listening Station & Literature Table.

Gasps from the Lab Forays into identity and sex in radical genetic engineering, posthumanism(s), biopolitics, extra-terrestrialism and fringe sciences. Guest speaker Elena Jeffries (President, Scarlet Alliance. Australian Sex Workers Association)

Speaking Skulls & Secular Apocalypses in the Mainstream BizarreVideo lecture (cross-currents in endless colonialism, neoliberal governmentality, apocalyptic multiculturalism, paedophilia and war torture).

Fauxist Diplomatic Exchange with Pope Alice: “His Eminent Excellency, Cardinal LuXifer Fox, President of the Pope Alice Xorporation, Papal Nuncio, Ambassador and representative of Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice, Spiritual Leader of the Lost Continent of Mu aka Lemuria and Motherland of Humanity and of ZenMu welcomes one of the Fauxist International’s Regrette Etcetera” June 2010

“Fauxist One-Second Theatre Competition Screening” TUTU community centre, Apr. 19, 2010

"In Defence of Conspiracy Theory..." appearance in Sydney Mardi Gras, Feb. 2010, pictured with Raelian representative.

Mindless Fleshapoids are Easy: A Transviral Technophilic Oz” (Fauxist sci-fi erotica presentation/showcase)  Perv Queeerotica Festival, Red Rattler Theatre, Dec. 10  2009 (

Mindless Fleshapoids Presentation

Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party”   Video-Linked Global Art-Party Event.

SydneyMelbourne (with ‘Let’s Paint TV), San Francisco (With Annie Danger), Massachussets (with the Double-Edge Radical Theatre Commune), Indonesia (Festival Mata-Air Jakarta) October 9, 2009

“Meet ‘In defense of Conspiracy Theory’”  Nextwave festival Lecture Series Talk #4- Tape Projects HQ, Melbourne September 2009

“Meet ‘In defense of Conspiracy Theory’” “100 Reasons for a Flat Earth” guest speaker. Tape Projects HQ, Melbourne. September 2009

“Subliminal Media in the Military-Industrial Complex” presentations & recordings with performance/cult group “Heticide” San Francisco, LA, USA, August 2009  tour.

“The Fauxist Postmodern Bestiaries Project and Mythology in the Middle Ages” (With Elan deVital) @ MythFits (Curated by Michelle Tea) National Queer Arts Festival, San Francisco, USA June 2009

Fauxist-Dangercorp. Science Event, San Francisco August 2009

“How the hell does it Work?: Weekly Science and Inventors Showcase”  IDA-Palooza Festival, Tennessee, USA, July 2009

“’The Boy in the Bubble from Oz’ (A presentation on Anitpodean Utopias from The Encyclopedia of Imaginary Places)” @ Premiere of the “Surrender Dorothy” trailer. With Heticide and Annie Danger. San Francisco, USA May 2009

Positive Sparkel Enunciation (“Contains No Original Material: Subliminal & Magic Eye Films Of The Fauxist International”) DiscoBeans Melbourne, November 2009 (

Unleashing the Beast, (“12,000 genital Configurations: Fauxists Capture the Xixax”) Little Fish Gallery, Sydney, May 2009 (

“The Sexo-Semiotics & Biopolitics of Extraterrestrialism”  (as Miss Manifest Destiny Alien Contact), Resurgence, Sydney.   March 2009

“Fauxist Xenophilic Studios Bureau & Testing Booth” – (With Matt Glowman)  Perv Queerotica Festival, Red Rattler Theatre, Sydney. 2009  (

“Kabuki Bukkake in Love”  @ Fukk Lov e, Barricade Books, Melbourne Feb. 2009

“Miss Post Apocalypse Swimsuit Competition”. Tropical Fruits Cabaret, Lismore NYE 2008

“Lessons of the Lost Continents: The Fauxist Apocalypse Consultancy Agency” Annual Glitterball, Lismore, Oct 2008

“Sex in Space: In Space No One Can Hear Your Safeword”  IDA-Palooza, Tennessee, USA,  July 2008

“Beyond Trans Nature: Digital Biology & The Idea of Gender”  Queeruption Vancouver, September 2007

How to Do Fauxism” Camp Betty Conference, Melbourne, 2007

“An Enquiry into Missing Data on Ghost Waves”  Lanfranchis Memorial Discotek, Sydney, August 2004.

Multiple Occasions/Sites

Apocalypse Consultancy Agency Booth.    Since Mid-2008

Sydney Mardi Gras 2008+

Abject Monumentality Monument and Statuary re-openings and re-namings. Since Mid 2008

Time Capsule Dis-Interrings. (See “Fauxist Time Capsules” publication)

Upcoming Fauxist Events

“The Fauxist Disaster Fair”, January 26, 2011, Sydney Park, Sydney

“Sex & Neocolonialism” As part of  Midsumma Festival, Melbourne. Mar. 17 2011

2012 Global After-Party Lead-up Conference” Mid 2011, Sydney.



Just what is all the hype about 2012?” By Holly Fluxx

Regrette: A short Document(ary)” (By Fred Rodriguez) 2009


UN MagazineFauxist Review


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