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Fauxist rep. Regrette Etcetera Features in New Magazine.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 12, 2010

Interstitial* Bestiaries**

‘Free Fetish Personals For Discerning Devotees’

The New International publication

Submissions for Issue 4, Vol. 1, August-October 2010 close August 30th.

(See submmission advice below)

“…(T)he exponentially growing  readership/adherents, guarantee you compelling responses & possibilities…”


“A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”
Iss. 4 features artist Regrette Etcetera, sharing working documents from their project:

“Penitent Pixels: Genocide, Virtual Monumentality & Memorial Museums in Second Life & the Game-sphere”

Namely, content relating to the Sexual spaces & “The Museum of Sex Furniture” in Second Life,

& fetishism in the recreation & mapping of disaster zones in gaming design. Etcetera has also contributed this edition’s feature article.

“… when it comes to animations and furniture. Who can forget the notorious ejaculating fountain, surely the pinnacle of schoolboy doodling, crafted in prims of stone, to be seen in the museum? The museum is also home to a slave roasting spit, and a variety of innocuous sofas with hidden depths… Over the course of the last five years, sex sims, slave sims, and Gor sims have come and gone, the only remnant of their passing being the extensive notecards of rules and regulations, and the odd piece of furniture. Very odd, in some cases.”

“…Tarkovsky’s film manages to imbue derelict industrial landscapes with a terrible sense of threat. Largely unable to realize the alien properties of artifacts in Roadside Picnic, Tarkovsky projected the danger into the architecture itself. Passive landscapes that could swallow a man. Tunnels which tear them to shreds. These effects were never demonstrated, but also never doubted, thanks to the tentative way the actors explored their surroundings…”

Past Issues****

Fauxist rep. Gina PDW was featured contributor to Issue 3

Download Issue 3 HERE (free, full-colour pdf)

or, by contacting

Submission Advice*****

For contact/personals, we encourage you to include explanations and stories in your ad, and to submit in defunct poetic forms/literary registers. Include any images you want published, though space is a concern. We will endeavour to reproduce (and at least describe) items/media other than textual/photographic work we receive. A swap/chain-letter program will soon be established. All text formatting will be unified to ease production, unless deemed necessary. Each month Interstitial Bestiaries hosts a guest artist/image contributor whose work is featured throughout the publication. Email yr ads/submissions to before the end of each month for inclusion in the issue released in the middle of the following month.

* interstitial: (in-tər-ˈsti-shəl): Pertaining to being between things, especially between things that are normally closely spaced. 1 a : a space that intervenes between things; especially : one between closely spaced or nominally indistinguishable things <interstices of a wall>, <the interstitial fluid found between body cells> b : existing in or filling a gap or break in something generally continuous <the interstices of society> <passages of genuine literary merit in the interstices of the ludicrous…plots — Joyce Carol Oates> 2 : a short space of time or content between events or features.

** bestiary (bĕs`chēĕr’ē): A type of medieval book that was widely popular, particularly from the 12th to 14th cent. The bestiary presumed to describe the animals of the world and to show what human traits and moral lessons they severally exemplify. The bestiaries are the source of a bewildering array of fabulous beasts and of many misconceptions of real ones, and demonstrate differences in pre-modern taxonomies and beliefs. Postmodern bestiaries could be based on critical readings of the universal language projects & the realtions of systematic taxonomy to linguistics under a deconstructionist auspice.

*** A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”

****  Iss. 3 Theme: Wet & Messy.  Featured artist: Gina PDW.

***** To reply to an ad or review in Interstitial Bestiaries, merely send your reply to with the subject line “Reply to…” & the number of the ad/entry. We also seek short essays, & other text pieces that address each issue’s theme.

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Fauxists Officially Open New Indigenous Jobs Drive!: Report On Inaugural Event

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 25, 2010

“Clean Up Australia Day” Event with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott & ‘The Girl From The Bill Henson Photo’

July 1, 2010, Ampilatwatja Community, Aherrenge, Northern Territory, Australia.

In an exciting new event jointly organized by Tony Abbott and The Girl From The Bill Henson Photo, over 60 people- activists, community members and journalists- gathered at the site to help Tony Abbott help indigenous Australians clean up the hitherto indelible stains blackening the countenance of their efforts to become proper citizens.

Featuring below: Email & organizational ephemera from the event. Photos of the event released soon on NFTFI. Stay Tuned.

Mass Email by The Girl From The Bill Henson Photo

Fresh Ideas on Trashing Inequality: Tony Abbott

Coalmines, Welfare Qurantining, Garbology

Site Listing on Clean Up Australia Day Website

Site Listing on Clean Up Australia Day Website


The Girl from the Bill Henson Photo in Centrelink queue. Regrette Etcetera & Elena Jeffreys. Tony Abbott prepares to find The Girl From The Bill Henson Photo's Inner 'White Upwardly Mobile Citizen' (Performance Still: The Neo-Liberal Roadshow, Red Rattler Theatre, May 1, 2010)

The Girl From The Bill Henson Photo tries to stuff their inner 'White Upwardly Mobile Citizen' back in. (Performance Still: The Neo-Liberal Roadshow, Red Rattler Theatre, May 1, 2010)

Regrette Etcetera & Elena Jeffreys. Tony Abbott prepares to find The Girl From The Bill Henson Photo’s Inner ‘White Upwardly Mobile Citizen’ (Performance Still: The Neo-Liberal Roadshow, Red Rattler Theatre, May 1, 2010)


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ATTN: All Fauxist Luminaries, Functionaries and fans…

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on May 4, 2010

ATTN: All Fauxist Luminaries, Functionaries and fans…

Extreme Makeover Needed!

Why and how Fauxists must transcend their fake transhumanist-academic chic aura to Remain Relevant; AND What We can learn from Nerds, Metrosexuals & Andrei Codrescu’s “The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess” in order to woo the reticent commoners…

An Internal Fauxist Manifesto by an Endangered Fauxist Species- the UberMale.

“The motor for creating posthumans runs on stolen freedom”
Janice Raymond

April 10, 2010. When again, Western civilization suddenly looked like a painted backdrop, or perhaps it was the curtain itself? Internal strife would seem to endanger the Fauxists… & critics hover ever ready to pounce… What follows is a review of public sentiments regarding the Fauxist forays into posthumanity, cyber feminism, cyborgian identity and etcetera…& a plea to abandon such a fraught area of investigation…!


What our Critics say- but 7 quotes from various sources:

In “Fauxism at the Crossroads”, Jane Gallup wrote:

“One good reason to feel slightly uncomfortable with Fauxism is its unmistakable hipster-academic via Neoist aura, the sense that it appeals to a very particular demographic, essentially young white males with computers. Its restricted demographic appeal is, indeed, part of the problem”.

Really? I guess I’ve been so preoccupied with trying to bury Fauxism’s cyberselfish baggage in the shit-heap of better-ignored history to notice. Accordingly, according to the OED, a nerd is defined as “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially if he is slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.” Although I’ve always thought of Fauxists as the geekerati of human enhancement tech (since for me a geek is simply a person often of an intellectual bent which is under-appreciated by others), I must ask: Are some, or even most, Fauxists nerds?

Let’s see…

In “’Fauxists, Still Human’ A Report On Transvision 2004”, Kip Werking wrote about “Our Fauxist Founder” (aargh!) Regrette Etcetera:

“Etcetera is representative of the Transvision 2004 experience: she is obviously intelligent (others at the conference studied at Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, and Oxford, but could not hold a candle to Etcetera’s tinebrael void…) but is quite The Strangest and can even inspire lasting concern. During the weekend in Toronto, I felt acute worry about the well being of this Singularitarian, Mock-Immortalist, and (questionable) practitioner of caloric restriction (“cronie”) for various reasons– not least of which was the fact that she seemed dedicated to slandering their (Fauxist) cause.”


In “Against A Facile Transcendence”, Jason Potin wrote (about Fauxist luminary Gina PDW):

But what struck me is that he is a troll. For all Gina’s (PDW’s) vaulting ambitions, what Sherwin Nuland saw from the outside was a pathetically circumscribed, if not negative space. In his waking life, Gina is the computer/emotional support to a research team cum think-tank and writer of ”speculative literature” (though “specious lit” may be more apt…); he dresses like a shabby transman graduate student and affects Rip Van Winkle via Hibiscus (of the Cockettes) beard; he has no children, but rather cell cultures; he has few interests outside the science of biogerontology and writing spurious wills and tract on plagiarism; he takes too much acid. Although he is only 29, the signs of decay are strongly marked on his face. Altogether disturbing.


In The ‘Singularity’ of the Nerds”, Danielle Egan wrote:

Etcetera is 28 years old. He says he had a “pseudotraumatic childhood” and no formal schooling, but scored 1410 (high) and 1600 (the highest possible grade) on SAT tests at ages 11 and 15, respectively. Like most Fauxists, he is Caucasian. He’s tall, with horribly stooped shoulders, wall-eye glasses, numerous brown teeth, thinning hair and a complete lack of social charisma. He considers himself shy and socially awkward, is a “volunteer virgin”, and would seem to have been living under a large rock, which he- in typically Fauxist hyperbole- deigns to call “the heaping ‘Data Midden’ of postmodern dis-Affect”!


In “Cryonics Over Dead Geeks’ Bodies”, Michelle Delio wrote:

I often wonder what people of the future will think about our civilization when they break open all those canisters containing the Fauxist nerds’ bodies and heads. “Instead of preserving the finest physical specimens of 21st-century humanity—the athletic, the attractive, the physically fit and appropriately normative- the Adonis and Venus de Milo types whose bodies are so well deserving of eternity-– we seem to be conserving geeks with taped-up glasses and bad haircuts, or trannies with a penchant for the worst kinds of drag, people whose idea of fun ranges only a little further than Databases, science and Ketamine,” Pringle said. “What a warped view the 40th century will have of the rest of us!!.”

I’m bleeding…

In “Fauxism Reloaded”, Stacy Robinson wrote:

But it may be a mistake to dismiss the Fauxists as a harmless group of under-socialized techno-geeks. Their mock-ironic vision of a world in which atomized individuals use technology and free markets to achieve dominance over others differs in degree, and not kind, from much of the real world today. At a time when many people feel powerless to influence social conditions, their message—don’t worry about society; technology will make you smart, strong, naturally feminine, and attractive—could seem compelling, if they believed it at all.

Kill me now.

The Fauxists are an increasingly diverse group of people and it’s extremely unfair to label an entire group based on the characteristics and lifestyle of a few among it. However, I don’t care how much prime time coverage Fauxists and their memes get… Actually, I do care. The more coverage we get, the more this “unmistakable nerdy aura” will be exposed for all to see. Cue snickering from the audience.

So what are we to do? A 6 point plan

Swap the Transsexual for the Technosexual: In times past the public face of Fauxism has been a sparkling avatar of trans fabulation…and whilst efficacious for a time, the trans motif has become increasingly redundant, twee, obvious. As Donna Haraway has faded from the collective academic wank-bank… a new metaphorics is needed, a certain persons epoch is burning… Maybe it’s still working for rural tours, but with an increasing glut of trannies on prime time- Lady Gaga barely raises an ‘eyebrow’- this avant-garde technique is looking decidedly flaccid…
Despite all of the theorising around Sex in Space, Posthuman Desire, technophilia & etc, we have been, as yet, unsuccessful in producing a look, a style, a meme, of swaggering swashbuckling techno-adept magi that seem anything but vaguely utopian Nerds- feminism faced similar style troubles, and we should look there for inspiration.
The distinct tang of irony needs to be assigned to the dustbin of history.
Enough with the cheap pseudonyms already! The masses can’t keep up! ? Yes yes Regrette we know that “professional revolutionaries in Europe since the 19th century used names as conspiratorial covers, but artists changed their names to erase their origins, whence prohibition had come, to become free of parental and ancestral terror. Or alternatively, to display it in all of its crippling glory. Or maybe just to disappear, from sheer boredom”. It is increasingly obvious that assumed names should only be used for deconstruction: “Nature” stands for “Male” as pseudonym, or human ‘Humanity’ etc.
Even if We love Psychedelics, We should shut up about it. Hippies are misconstrued as being anti-materialistic and Zen-inclined. In fact, the baroque imagination of LSD led most young counterculturalists away from emptiness and toward fulsome teeming matters like instant communication, better bodies, cosmetics, immortality, and youth potions, all of which translated two decades later into the internet and biotech. Get it!
Making huge efforts to make the VR self-reflective sensorium look demiurgic and various (like nature was supposed to?) are generally wasted…

Posted: Jan. 4, 2010 3:46pm

A response to “Extreme Makeover Needed!” manifesto by “Endangered Fauxist Species”.

Our response to EFS’s tract, and indeed the issues therein, We would deign to call:

“Whither the Technosexual?: Our next Cultural Shrug & How We can Learn from the ‘Nerds’”.

In early 2004, people who spend less money on mousse and more on mouse pads decided that if the style-savvy gays could get their hands on a marketable brand name, then the uber-geeks could certainly come up with something better than nerd: Thus, the term “technosexual” was born. A technosexual is not simply in touch with his feminine side but is connected to it on multiple platforms. He likes gadgets that have lots of gigabytes but are still small enough to fit in his pocket.
For years, technological experts have been called many derogatory names, including geek, nerd, dweeb, technophile, gadgeteer, techie or Mr Computer Guy. The list is endless. But the tide of technological teasers is changing. Maybe it was the dotcom boom and its resulting millionaires? Maybe it was Neo? Whatever- new word of the week is the fabulously now, “technosexual”. The housewife fantasies of seducing the plumber are being replaced by coy scenes of brushing hands over the new RAM drive installation. Makes you want to dial for the IT help desk, doesn’t it?
I’ve encouraged Fauxist artists to always strive to be seen as, and actually be, people of style and tech sophistication: the embodiment of the geek AND chic.
So, what can we learn from Nerds and metrosexuals to give us more of the Steve Irwin, pop culturally hip, macho oomph?! What about a kind of Dada masculinity- more manifestoes, with more nonsense, satire, disgust, angst, terror, improvised materials, channelled snippets of verse- about being a man these days? We no longer question reality, a new, fast reality asks the questions of us!
What will masculinity mean when people are carrying around pocket nukes?

Posted: Jan. 8, 2010 8:23pm

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UPDATE: Moon Bomb Impact & Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party IMMINENT!

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 30, 2009

Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy PARTY UPDATE

With a little over a week until NASA’s LCROSS mission fires into the lunar surface,

the Fauxists are busy organising for Our Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party. Gathering telescopy supplies, setting up our satellite connections, preparing presentations, costumes, ritualistics & scientific victuals!


Images L & R: Recent examples of anti-Moon Bomb protest. Our upcoming publication “The ‘How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love The Moon Bomb’ Shuffle” includes an in-depth survey of reactions to the moon bomb from various groups, individual narratives from Fauxist Members, & an investigation into transhumanism(s), the ‘necessity of leaving earth’, space hotels and tourism, & the historical impacts of Space.


More linked locations are constantly being confirmed…the Party HQ has been confirmed, at ‘Gods-Wig’- 88 Angel st. Newtown, Sydney. From here you will be at the centre of this global event as Our representatives beam their work in. With a view to the sky, big-screen live feed of the impact, a moonscape photo-space, the Fauxist Science Bureau (incorporating the ‘Infinite Anus: Oracular Orifice’ Advice on Infinity Noise-Fortune Booth, a public testing interface for the productions of the Fauxist Chem-Bar, Educational Videos, Robot/alien makeovers, displays on Sex in Space), numerous performances and presentations spanning The Moon Bomb, Contestational Sciences, Mythopoetic Rituals, Hyperrational Apologetics, & Pointless Protest, the Sydney HQ is THE place to be on Impact Night!

Our US HQ in San Francisco, the original epigenesis point of the Moon Bomb Party, grows ever more wondrous under the auspicious aegis of Dr. Annie Danger, and promises to exceed all expectations. The frenetic scientific genius of Dr Annie- famed for her critical work on Autogynephilia (and anti-psychology), The Cube, The Feminine Apologetic, Lunar Greywater Systems and as Terry van Veen, riotous motivational speaker- will surely produce a startling array of erudite delights for the global audience. More information soon.

Recent site confirmations:

One Melbourne site has been confirmed- Tape Projects HQ- Gooey On The Inside Party,

kilduff moon blast tape space poster for web

-Climate Camp Helensburgh (just south of metropolitan Sydney)- Concerned campers concoct churlish chants connecting Climate Change, contemporary capitalismismism.

-Radical Faeryland Sanctuary, northern NSW

-Double Edge Theatre Commune in rural Mass., USA

-Festival Mata Air, central Java, Indonesia.

Will you also join this illustrious list?We want your party to join us!

Link up with us on the night, or send us- even after the event- documentation of yr event, of the rituals etc- for inclusion in the Moon Bomb After-Effects Exhibition (see below).

& we are working on securing another outdoor site.

Click here For a list of participating official observatory sites.

FlyerNASA’s official LCROSS Moon Bomb Flyer


– TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE MOON BOMB!!! – Post about the party on your Facebook, Myspace, Blogs & etc. Make it BIG!
– We are still seeking additional performers/presenters and volunteers for all locations! Sydney HQ is really coming along, with amateur astronomy societies donating telescopy supplies & guest speakers, strange creatures are colluding on yet stranger presentations… a hill-top in San Fran will be overrun… a theatre commune in Massachusetts decorates its barn with aluminum foil & constructs wild diagrammatics…The Moon Bomb After-Effects Exhibition
An online & touring gallery exhibition that will display the collected documentation- the videos, images & etc- from all of Our sites, forming a multivalent collection of interpretations of, reactions to and engagements with NASA’s grand project(s), & ‘Our’ relationship to the Moon itself. Contributions sought.

For more detailed updates, submission hints, FAQ & anything else, do not hesitate to contact:

Prizes and products:

An official News From The Fauxist International Tiara goes to whomever can post  a. get the most hilarious b. the last/most redundant (i.e. closest to impact) c. The most florid/verbose or d. the most ridiculous entry on the Stop The Moon Bomb Online Petition

SEE: for official commemorative T-shirts & accessories. Note: Official NASA memorabilia will not compare to that produced by the Fauxist International (available at party sites).


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The Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party: December 22nd, 2012.

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 27, 2009

.        The Fauxist International’s      .

.           2012 Global After-Party          .

.             December 22nd, 2012.            .

A globally unique event in multiple satellite-linked locations in/near:

Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, London, New York, Berlin,

Istanbul, Tokyo, Moscow. Plus more TBA.

What’s the significance of December 21st 2012?

In case you haven’t heard of the Mayan Calender, in case you’ve missed public awareness being whipped up to a frenzy, missed a proliferation of books, movies, and websites covering the 2012 Mayan End Of Days phenomenon, crawl out from under your pebble and see our publication “Just what is all the hype about 2012?” at the web-address below! Or just Google it! In short, on December 21st, 2012 (one of the three) Mayan calendars will reach the ‘end’ of its huge calendric cycle- 1872000 days in length- reaching the figure of and something- though no one knows what, though they’re willing to bet it’s a burst of energy from the ‘galactic centre’, the ushering in of mass enlightenment, various forms of Apocalypse, the dawning of a new age etcetera will happen!…Anyway, proponents of a wondrous morass of new age, esoteric ‘fusions’, syncretic appropriations, miasmic space filling, are all building a case for The Next Millenarian Apocalypse! No one knows what significance ‘the Mayans’ attributed to cyclic change. So there’s a little room for debate as to why the Mayan calendar equals apocalypse. The Fauxist’s Global After-Party aims to bring together all sides of the debate: Doomsayers, Calendar Reform Movements, Neo-Shamanic (psychedelic) Millennialists, Conspiracy-based 2012 speculators, (Pseudo)Scientific 2012 theorists, casual and spirituality-based 2012 believers, skeptics, ravers, performers, spiritualists, hyper-ironic intellectual slummers, and You! What hopes and dreams do you attach to Apocalypse?


December 22nd 2012: 24 hours Post-Apocalypse: Where will you be?

24 hours after the End, is when the Fauxist Global After-Party begins! Whatever you believe it’ll be in Sublimation, rapture, dissolution of patriarchy, revolution, or just a great party, you have nothing to lose. In what’ll be the biggest party since the Millennium Bug scare, celebrate and learn about the forceful failure of the emergence of a radically new era, of Armageddon, revel in the bathos at the after-party of all tomorrow’s parties; party for the same old shit, the Ultra-capitalist neo-colonial patriarchy intact and thriving… In each of Our satellite-linked locations around the world, follow the dawn as it sweeps the planet, revealing an unknown future and the performers and partygoers of a new millennium…

What We have Planned for each location:

– HUGE sound systems, cutting-edge lighting and effects,                      – Chill-out spaces, sex spaces, art show, life-size dioramas etc.

– Miss-Post Apocalypse Pageant past winners.                                            – Exhibits and performances from the Museum of the Apocalypse.

– Live linkups with survivalists in other parts of world/timezones                     – Live feed from the International Space Station.

– Summoning of lost continents for situation of base etc.                                       – Educational presentations by members of the Fauxist Post-Apocalypse – – Mass reenactments of famous failed apocalii.                                                                Consultancy Agency.

– Displays, counselling, products- from apocalyptically minded groups.                     – Monuments to Ultra Capitalism.

– A recitation of failed calendric apoclii list of dates.                                        – Ritual ecstatics and performances.

– Whatever you want to see, we want to see.

beyond_2012 Recent 2012 Publications  2012-doomsday-election-presidentielle

Why start Now?: Leadup Events

The creation of such an ambitious project will take all of Our efforts in the coming short years. We have scheduled a number of leadup events to celebrate, publicise, theorise, and organise 2012 & the party itself.

– Yearly pre-emptive anniversary parties- December 22nd 2009, 2010, 2011- Mini-celebrations, monument/craft building, practice, education etc.

– The ceremonial interring of The Fauxist 2012 Mayan ‘End of Days’ Post-Apocalyptic Time Capsule. Scheduled for mid 2010. The time-capsule for the next Mayan calendric period. Part of the ongoing Post-Apocalyptic Time Capsule Project.

– The creation of Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party Time Capsule– Both a surrendering of useless survivalist supplies, ideas etc. And the creation of a huge party supply cache.

– The creation of enduring monuments.

– Lead-up Conference events: Exploring apocalyptic thought throughout history, the 2012 phenomenon and the contemporary proliferation of secular Neo-Apocalii, contestational science/belief, radical archaeology, post-apoc sexuality/feminism/gender/queer theory, time capsules, space & astrobiology, dystopias.

– Numerous meetings to Secure the best cultural workers and theorists to.

NEXT LEADUP EVENT: The first yearly pre-emptive anniversary party, Dec. 22nd 2009.  Sydney, Australia. Theme: Failed Millenarian Movements of History. (Free). Stay tuned to NFTFI blog for details.

How you can participate:

Besides attending the party of the millennia, You can creatively contribute to the Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party! We are currently accepting applications for performers, presenters, DJ’s, designers- makers in any medium/media, especially those with apocalyptic content. Be it Spaceships, vehicles, protective spells, portals, anything that’ll bridge the gap, smooth the ride, decorate the decay, prove a monument to future archaeologies…Be it Speculative technologies, fringe sciences, Orgone Accumulators, Crop circles, sighting works, conspiracy conflagrations, Accumulative ritual & divination, dioramas, a willing Pompeii…Be it Your Noise group, Your Mad-Max fashion line, the wondrous list of yr survival cache– merely send us a CV/resume with yr proposal! You have just over 3 years, so you better Work! We are also seeking submissions for our Leadup conferences.

Stay tuned to NFTFI for Fauxist International 2012 Global After-Party updates and information.

See also: the Fauxist International ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party, Oct. 9, linked locations globally.

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Fauxist Comprehension Test #12: Economic Crisis Organisers Meeting

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on September 13, 2009

An exercise in the intersticies of capital, identity, the body and a house.

(Taken from “Co(s)mic Locusts & Global Economic Apocalypse: Excerpts from series of Fauxist International working papers on the machinations of the Global Economic F(l)ux”, produced for ‘Seeing Through The Empires New Clothes’ conference.)



Five wanton trannies, sex-workers from all corners of the Californian globe, on an organising holiday in Oregon, squatted an old chalet for a week. They intended to use it as their base of operations while planning their latest exploits, visiting local communes and exploring the area, but they did not realise that the house was possessed by a malevolent and lecherous spirit, which was in control of the local wildlife and constabulary! As they began planning actions and publications around the links between heteronormativity and capital; postcolonialism, trans and AIDS; the capitulative pitfalls of SWOP; and debating whether they’d bother attending the various uninteresting conferences, rather than going to court with their friends after the crackdown on sex-workers in Economic Crisis SanFran, or finding health care and legal rep after the recent shutdown of many peer-run, trans-literate organizations, or trying to avoid internet cops… whether they’d bother- only to remember the generalised trans-whorephobia of the anti-capitalist movement- that is, as they got down to their intended business, things started to go a little crazy.

Within twenty-four hours of their arrival at the house, all five of our trannies had been attacked by different creatures. And while used to such onslaughts of pestilent creatures and various gungy fluids on a daily basis, the girls were in for something altogether different! The clues below, and the table at the bottom, will help you to identify which tranny was attacked by what kind of animal, as well as figure out what each tranny looked like, what she was wearing, where she was attacked, how far the animals got, and begin to dissemble the obtuse metaphoric links to the anti-capitalist movement and the GEC. We have kept our identity descriptors deliberately simple in order to make the exercise accessible to straight people.

If you think you have all the correct answers, or need further clues, email them to for a special prize: a detailed account of each attack as it unfolded, what happened in the aftermath. A VIP pass to the Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party shall be awarded to anyone who answers the following, largely rhetorical, questions: Are the girls already dead? In what ways do they internalise or uphold their own oppression? How are they forced to be representative of trans issues? What economic forces are at play? Why pest animals? Why pests in the womb? Are transsexuals distinctly postmodern?

Editors note: Note the author’s focus on the sexualised fetishization of trans feminine ppl, evident in the attention given to the specific degrees of penetration enacted by pest creatures and/as constabulary/capital as it relates to self-identification in each grrl, and the use of slippery genital referents seemingly to address the fatuity attributed gender and appearance by so many anti-capitalist thinkers/activists. Dated descriptors such as ‘buxom brunette’ only serve to confuse the matter further. A quote from C. G Jung may serve to elucidate the relations of the possess’d architecture & trans psychology: “We have to describe & to explain a building the upper story of which was erected in the 19th century; the ground-floor dates from the 16th century, & a careful examination of the masonry discloses the fact that it was reconstructed from a prison-tower of the 11th century. In the cellar we find Roman foundation walls, & under the cellar a filled-in cave, in the floor of which stone tools are found & remnants of glacial fauna. Yet further below, we find fantastical objects of an age beyond measure, belonging to another future. That would be a sort of picture of our mental structure”.  (Jung, “Mind & the Earth”). In referring to our reverse discrimination publishing principles, I believe i’ve said enough about the inclusion of such strange pap. Lol.


Here are the clues:

1. The tranny who bathed in a filthy, slimy forest pool would never have done so if she had known it was infested with huge,     hungry leeches.

2. Some of the creatures that attacked the slim blonde made it all the way into her vagina– but no further, no further.

3. The tranny who was so horribly attacked by slugs was not wearing any kind of panties at the time.

4. Poor Andrea was having a nap in someone’s bed when she was attacked.

5. The tranny who was sitting on the toilet when she was attacked by creatures with legs, was not a blonde.

6. The buxom blonde, who was not Michelle or Zoe, was exploring the attic when she was attacked.

7. The maggots, who attacked a tranny with six letters in her beautiful name, infested her panties, but did not make it any further. She was not wearing a bra, but the maggots didn’t reach her fresh T-titties.

8. The petite brunette was the only tranny who was fully dressed (albeit minus shoes) when she was attacked.

9. The tranny whose attackers made it all the way into her sacred womb was not outside at the time. Nor was she in the bathtub,   for she was not dirty.

10. The slugs attacked a tranny whose name ends with the letter ‘a’.

11. The poor tranny who was attacked in the bath tub had kept only her glasses on so that she could read some of Frederic  Jameson’s “Postmodernism” while decreasing enjoying her soak due to his calls for trans identities in ‘new forms of body, identity to inhabit this new architecture’, and thus switching to Mark Z. Danielewski’s horrifying(ly) postmodern “House of  Leaves”.

12. The rats, which attacked without warning, were not interested in getting inside their victim’s anus. Shall we attribute them  sentience?

13. Connie was wearing pink panties when she was attacked by creatures that were not cockroaches or pangolins.

14. Sara was surprised to find the attic so damp and smelly, triggering olfactory memories of a golden afternoon in the distant past, when she still believed in revolution.

15. Zoe, a brunette, screamed in mock horror when her attackers forced their way through her cervix into her womb.

16. The creatures that attacked the tranny in the forest pool did not manage to get inside her.

17. Connie, the redhead, was not attacked by maggots or rats or pangolins or Frederic Jameson.

18. Neither of the brunettes was attacked in the bath tub, and the redhead was not attacked on the toilet.

19. The tranny in the bathtub was not Zoe.

20. The cockroaches did not attack the slim blonde or the plump brunette.



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“6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 24, 2009

A new book from NFTFI.

The first work of its kind, Gina Ponydroolwhore’s6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore breaks new ground in the field of radical literature. In an ongoing project, Gina has been constructing and executing wills for much of the last decade, and finally we have a document that collects much of their best work- over 200 wills and numerous, hitherto unpublished documents and photographs of Ponydroolwhore’s ceaseless radical interventionist actions and genre-hopping canon- in a neat, readable format. Exploding such an unexplored literary medium, “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths” is encyclopaedic in scope and dissects hegemonic conventions of death, identity, sexuality, memory and commemoration. The Wills are a call to arms, a challenge, implicating all realms of the social. The way you think of dying will never be the same.

Critics reviews of “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”:

Gina’s death-knell for humanity sounds through her own dissolution, her body’s need, the sheer demand and scope of her deathwishes speaks for the genocidal inhumanities of the last centuries, the lost tongues, the rituals…read as a metaphor for the social body, the body-metropolis, the body politic, a diffuse sexuality and consumption adhere to the objects and practices of contemporary banality like acerbic glitter…the wills serve as a fitting paean to the beginning of new lives, new societies.

Gerard Dupre, International Journal of Lettrist Literature

Not since Virgil Harris’ 1911 “Ancient, curious & X Wills” has such an audacious project surfaced. Ponydroolwhore’s work bespeaks their Dadaist sympathies, using the emphatic-ironic linguistic structure of 60’s US conceptual art their instructions invoke a heady retinue of visions and references…the protest pageants of the Russian Revolution, the undead balls of Bulgakov, the hysteric screams of Diamanda Galas, Fluxus Mass, a feminist sensibility…florid hyperbole will not suffice!

Amandi Kilgore,  The Contemporary Art Review.

At once Stultifyingly Multivalent and Immensely Readable! I am- and I’m sure I speak for many of those who have cherished the scraps, the trails left by Gina’s often evasive practice- thrilled to finally see the compilation of their work in such a comprehensive volume! This work seems set to have a deep and lasting impact on the work of many artistic and political workers, if not genres.”

Annie Dongerson, PLA

Bio: Gina Ponydroolwhore:

Gina Ponydroolwhore, of no fixed address, maintains various transient abodes with their 8 maimed cats. Currently researching mistaken anthropological portrayals of death rituals and practices of transubstantiation for an upcoming project under the working title “Redying and Apocalypse”. Upcoming from Gina- “Whilst I lay gently leaking: The Coma Wills of an Endangered Tranny“, “Proposed funerary monuments/arch: situationist play, cities of death”, “Schtupping with the Emperor: Italo Calvino’s urbane Metropoles meet transfeminist Dystopia“, “New Deaths for New Life: Radical Genetics, Database Lifeforms and Information Entropy“. Gina’s other pursuits include costume-making, hormone mismanagement, and Noise (she features on two leading femme-noise compilations “Women Take Back the Noise” (, and “Spleencoffin Presents: Ladyz in Noyz” (, is curator/contributor to upcoming Trans-Noise compilation “Death Noise and other deadly insults…”).

— A note from The Fauxists —

Hello again Gentle Followers,

We are ceaselessly proud to present the work of one of the more poetic of Our members, (though they’d never put it this way, perhaps the more ‘conceptual art obsessed’, ‘linguistically baroque’?), Gina’s works exhibit numerous qualities the Fauxists imagine themselves as promoting (for a deeper treatment of this subject see Our publications: Fauxist Will Project Callout, Fauxist Children’s Wills Project etc.), and in fact has also featured in recent Fauxist projects, notably: “Fauxist Time Capsules: A Massage to the Future“, and “Timeless Prank“.

A consistent shirker of attention and renown, Gina’s work may now gain the critical reception, and indeed enact its revolutionary potential.

The upcoming collection  “My No Future’s Future” composed by self-professed ‘hardnoses’ among the Fauxists, and including works by Gina, seeks to broaden the attack of “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths”.



◊—selected excerpts from—

“6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”


a). Biographical/personal/celebrity details have been removed in lieu of approval/release by the author.

b). The pieces have been numbered for referential ease only, and imply no hierarchy or order of operation, completion, or reading. This sample is a small portion taken from over 200 wills included in the book.

c). Hopefully this selection will provide you with ideas etc for the construction and maintenance of your own will project for the Fauxist Will Collection Project. Remember, the submission deadline is September 15th, 2009.


Will# 40

a tremendous chemical reaction will produce a gigantic foam, hardened, the empty spaces within which will house my city. Constantly updated by devotees, each cell will be decorated as requested & visitors will be amazed at the variety and scope of embellishment.

Will# 68

one coffin, two sets of portable gallows, seven hoods, two executioner’s masks, one artificial arm, ten high heels, four net stockings, twenty gross of used poppers, eighty three empty bottles of liquid same, fourteen rubbers, seven diaphragms, one damaged dildo, ten pairs of ladies’ underpants, forty-seven jockstraps, seven cock sacks, twenty-one falsies, five cock-and-ball harnesses, six ankle shackles, seven bras, two corsets, eighteen whips, one pair of Gloves of Silence, two force-feeders, one mace, forty clothespins, one cattle prod, one surgical ass-spreader, several odd lengths of rope, several unmatched links of chain, one Ping Pong paddle, five empty containers of Joy Jell (one each of  raspberry, orange, grape, licorice and Persian Rose), two depleted tubes of Sta-Hard, seven dual inhalers, three Crisco-ed pool cues, one pair of thumb cuffs, one pulsating vagina, four vibrators with worn-out batteries, one copy of The complete enema guide, one meat tenderiser, five blindfolds, one pair of slave hobbles, 1,453 roach ends, 17,543 cigarette butts, two hundred Vaseline empties, ten knives,  forty-two cock rings in various sizes,  seven tit-rings,, one empty pill case, twenty-seven kilos of dried semen scraped from simply everywhere, seventeen pounds of shit, one hand-lettered sign: “Free Regrette!“, one lavender letter: “I love you so much I can hardly shit”, twenty pale faces popping out from the interior for air and light and wanting to go back for more, etcetera.

Will# 14

delicious entrapments & devices & pricelessly fragile & themes so delectable & scintillating all the prettiest & the one’s ne’er to leave their homes & for the deaf-identified & boats arrive bedecked with symbols of common regrets & diaphanous blimps raining silver fortunes salient & sodden tickertape of the libraries’ content snatched up by hysteric scholars & the stadiums filled with hasty graves of disinterred colonial genocides. Necessarily set to the hiss of a great cultural shrug.

Will# 112 “As suits a tranny”

These coffins, reflecting at once upon my character and its friction with the material reality of my milieu, are carved from a cliff of geological import, formed otherwise as my room has clear latex poured into it, otherwise its ephemera glued together. Consistently perfumed and renewed. Set in a mechanically worked funhouse scene with others of sociobiological import, to be employed in theatrical works and in protest. 25¢.

Will# 165

As an Orgone accumulator cut with rooms for us homeless & a central location & bringing property value down down.

Will# 73

Tattooed giants- leashed, their skin, images of thousands of genocides & contagious, a genealogy of familial fits and elisions, wet archives- will push me into the river, two or three creatures in each nostril.

Will #21

Used to fingerprint criminals & as a standard measure of time & only the finest & a ceremony on rails w/ gunfire or enough sex

Will# 11 (Ode to the Fauxists)

Jettisoned into space to return on a huge elliptical orbit in 600,000 years with accumulations & included by stealth in someone else’s time-capsule & sunk to the deepest part of the ocean to be grazed upon by hitherto unknown luminescent creatures, hitherto unknown to eachother & held, until your arms come to be holding yourself & forgotten sweetly & like a pill.

Will# 22

staining the snow.

Will# 56

Sunk, a new mine shaft is to have branches and alcoves cut within it, to be heavily decorated with scenes of my life painted on the walls, and have gas-lit shrines within. You must crawl to the shrines grazing yr spine, in a sacrificial procession, any number of children or coiffured companion animals carrying in on their heads, the instruments. After a careful distribution of guilt and responsibility, involving symbolic sexual supplication, members must flee after each has finished their part. To stop my ghost from following you, you’ll all somehow fit into my clothes & act me out bitchily for the night & then continuing, return to the fray. You have once before lived an evening identical to this and think you were happy, that time.

Will #40

Tied to the frothing back & stampeded through the streets & ending in confusion amidst the zoo animal’s confused squeals & the newspapers to admit to it all.

Will# 85

Open your sachets & inhale & thereafter

Will #19

A huge neon sign saying ‘I’m not sorry’, the ‘not’ lit approx. 1/10th of the time.

Constantly on ‘Days of National Significance’.

Will #54

Humped to the caves & hundreds of fake graves, one in every intersection & big old fire smell of leaves & cum & suspended above the orgy & a judges gavel & cut memorial hymens from me & for forms of technology not yet imagined & 15 failed universal taxonomies brought to bear & a disgusting influx of cyst or worm & worn as an excuse & permission to continue, continue.


against aerodynamics, dommes are flailing, smiling, amidst glossy fuschia dungeon décor rendered functionally in a reduced 1:8 scale, whilst the pseudonyms finally decrypted, hilarious & instructive, & “must remove a finger or at least a toe to show respect”, in handfuls are used in lieu of cobblestones and slogans. Pollute the air above me with bullets & kites & flies to lacerate and perforate the ill intents and bodies of spirits, the surveillance. Englittered bones carried around for years or thrown into the Jordan, replacing tears.

Will# 122

Buried in that white mink bikini that she just adored, for seven days my mirrors must be painted over, with scenes from a life, a narrative, and a city of dissolution. The sounds are songs of the smell of an animal kept in a room for weeks, like that white mink bikini and sung at once, surrendered are the songs that can no longer be faced.


Contact for information on Gina Ponydroolwhore, pre-ordering the publication “6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths”, launch events and the Fauxist Will Collection Project.

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Fauxists ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 15, 2009

IMPACT: 10:41:53 p.m. Friday October 9, 2009 in Australia.


AT Satellite-linked locations:

PARTY HQ: 88 Angel st, Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

Other sites: -Faeryland Sanctuary, Northern NSW

-‘Climate Camp’, Helensburgh NSW

2 Sites, Melbourne, Victoria

Gooey On The Inside-  at Tape Projects HQ, North Melbourne. Other TBC.

USA HQ: Bernal Hill, San Francisco, California

Other US sites: Double Edge Theatre commune, Ashfield, Massachusetts


Indonesia: Festival Mata Air, Salatiga, Central Java



What is the Moon Bomb?

Simply put, the ‘Moon Bomb’ (as it has come to be popularly called) is a large missile that NASA is firing at the moon. On july 18th, NASA launched a spectacular mission to bomb the moon. Their Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying a missile that will blast a hole in the lunar surface. The missile will be steered by a shepherding spacecraft that will guide it towards its target – a crater close to the Moon’s south pole. Scientists expect the blast to be so powerful that a huge, 30 mile high plume of debris will be ejected.  Space scientists want to see if any water ice or vapour is revealed in the cloud of debris. If so it could provide vital supplies for a manned moonbase.

The rocket will produce a spectacular explosion that should be visible in amateur astronomers’ telescopes.

Don’t believe Us? Look at the links at the end of this post, including NASA’s LCROSS homepage, and you will.

What is the Fauxist ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party? Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moon Bomb

The Fauxist ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party (or FMBATP) is a ecstatic educational celebration of the wondrous achievements of NASA, cosmic colonialisms, the divine mathematics of rocketry, and the bright future of anarcho-libertarian space. The FMBATP will encompass 3 international media-linked sites, each of which will be hosted by Fauxist luminaries and local cult figures. Media uplinks will allow you to converse and carouse about the progress of the missiles work, and share in global efforts at creating and fostering contestational space, at fighting military-industrial megalomania. (See other Fauxist publications on this site ie “There has to be a bit more on the moon for me” on this site for deeper investigations into these topics.)

As We train Our telescope lenses on the south pole of our moon, awaiting a vision unique throughout all history, learn about contestational representations of the moon & stars throughout history, neocolonial astrologics, moon conspiracies, and create paeans to the plateaus of patriarchal panache.

The night of October 8 will be forever remembered. The Fauxist ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party will be something to tell your grandchildren about, as you graze up against them in the database-fluid.

The impact will occur 10:41:53pm



Help us make it all it can possibly be! Suitable for all ages and lunar knowledge levels!

What to bring: Warm Clothes and drinks, sundry telescopic supplies (10-12 inch telescopes recommended), robot/alien/futuristic accoutrement, psychedelics, recording equipment.

Another completely free Fauxist Soiree.

For further information, location updates and FAQ, do not hesitate to contact:


In other Moon Bomb News: “Conspiracy & belief under Postmodernity, or ‘If you believe they put a bomb on the moon, bomb on the moon’”

1. An aside: The Moon Bomb comes hot on the heels of the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What a difference 60 years makes!

2. Cult experimental San Francisco queer group ‘Heticide’, and Fauxist Founding Member Regrette have written a song about the Moon Bomb implying that the bombing of the moon under a scientific auspice is in fact another blatant attack (like the deployment of the first lunar landing) on the queer utopian colonies residing on the dark side of the moon.   Miss-Atomic-Bomb-Magnet[1]

ALSO:  Stay tuned for information on the “Fauxist 2012 mega after-party December 22nd, 2012″. Celebrating the non-attendance of another new-age millenarian conspiracy.


NASA’s main LCROSS page, with countdown clock to impact, video explanations and etcetera:–may-cause-conflict-with-lunar-extraterrestrial-civilizations

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Fauxists Announce New ‘Black Hole’ Competition!

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on August 3, 2009


The Hadron Collider

How do you make a Black Hole?

We have attempted a number of experiments but have met with only limited success. Without the means to create or maintain our own nuclear/particle physics laboratory, we have of course sought alternative means to gain access to such labs and equipment. As such, We have imagined that the most relevant and accessible target is currently the Hadron Collider. The Hadron Collider is the 27-kilometre circular tunnel built beneath the French-Swiss border, in which parallel beams of protons are accelerated to nearly the speed of light. Superconducting magnets then ‘steer’ the counter-rotating beams so that strings of protons smash together in four huge laboratories, fleetingly replicating the conditions that prevailed at the ‘Big Bang’ that allegedly created the universe 13.7 billion years ago. Many theorists have already warned of the possibility of creating a black hole using the Collider, and  there exists a level of wariness not seen in scientific circles since round-earth theory, nuclear fission or recombinative genetics.

Hacking the Hadron Collider

At this point it may only be necessary to treat you to an excerpt of a newspaper report to draw the obvious implications of our alleged ‘relation’ to it’s content:
“Hackers fool Hadron Collider computers
September 13, 2008, 9:52 pm

Hackers claim they have broken into the computer system of the Large Hadron Collider, the mega-machine designed to expose secrets of the cosmos, British newspapers reported. A group calling itself the ‘Stisxauf’ left a rogue webpage mocking the technicians responsible for computer security at the giant atom smasher as ‘dilettantes’, the Times and Daily Telegraph reported. The hackers vowed they had every intention of disrupting the experiment at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) on the Swiss-French border, though only succeeded in highlighting the flaws in the computer system’s security. The hackers seemed to have gained access to a website open to other scientists on Wednesday as the LHC passed its first test with flying colours, the reports said. They appear to have tried to gain access to the computer system of the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment, one of the four detectors that will be analysing the progress of the experiment. James Gillies, a spokesman for CERN, told the Times: ‘We don’t know who they were but there seems to be no harm done. It appears to be people who want to use this as some way of producing certain experimental results as yet unknown to us.’

We will not discuss this further at this point.

Why do you make a Black Hole?

Why make a revolution? Why wear neon spandex and too much makeup? Why erase all government?

The Black Hole, the Fauxists, and You

The Fauxists are currently offering a number of prizes and incentives for actions toward the creation of a Black Hole from Earth, or close enough to erase it. Prizes and incentives are theorized and supervised by the Museum of the Apocalypse and the Fauxists in Space program (for information regarding this, or other departments, contact the address below), and will thus survive the creation of any black hole with a effective radius of up to 2 light years from Earth.
Failed, fake, or ritual attempts are also encouraged and rewarded, in the name of Simmering Resistence. See you on the other side.

Send your proposals, plans, documents, FAQ etcetera, for more information, questions or comments, and to sign up to the Fauxist Monthly Handful, do not hesitate to write to this address:


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Digital Space-Be-in time-capsule

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 26, 2009

Along with your DNA, the Fauxist’s Space Be-in will be collecting 1 TeraByte of digital data to be included on the shuttle, taken into orbit and
launched into our solar system, and far, far way. Your digital information: stories, books, Blogs, ideas worth spreading, viruses, images, videos,
animations, songs, web pages,  your Second life, your thoughts on mankind, your bookmarks , your  MySpace, Facebook or other  personal site space,
are what we are seeking to send. These bits of data, known as Memes, are non-genetic replicators that define and delimit our cultural profile and express what and who ‘we’ are, how we’ve grown as of Now. Billions of years of constant and tumultuous cultural evolution and political yearning are encapsulated in these Myspace profiles, images, songs etc; all the beauty of our being here, all of which we achieved during our time here are within us; when our time ends here, we just might be able to buy ourselves some more of it on another planet, or entertain Alien’s with our splendour . Unlike DNA, memes spread and evolve much faster, continuously re-defining who and what we are, and even eventually change our DNA (a phenomenon so horrendously studied by Sociobiologists).
Imagine the possibilities: alien intelligence using Your photos, music etc to decode and reply to earth! Imagine the picture of life you can send! Ever feel left out or analysed by authority? Here’s your chance to contribute without annoying anthropological interpretation!

Historical Antecedents of Data Capsules: Voyager’s Journey to Planet Dullsville

The Voyager (I and II) projects (launched in 1977, Voyager 1 is currently the most distant man-made object in space- 8.1 billions miles from the sun) included, as part of their payload, the “Golden Record”- a golden phonograph disc (as seen below). Containing 115 images and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind, and thunder; animal sounds, including the songs of birds, it also contains musical selections from different cultures and eras, spoken greetings in fifty-five languages, including whale greetings, and printed messages from President Jimmy Carter and U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim. (See  to experience the complete contents of the US “Vision of Civilisation”).

Whereas the Voyagers carry the chosen documents of a technocratic elite, the Space-Be-In ambitious project will eclipse such an undertaking in two principle ways. Firstly, the Space-Be-In capsule will contain a billion times more information than the Voyager (not to mention containing DNA that will give hope for the beginning of life on other,
distant planets to

Voyager Plaque contextualize, use and enjoy these documents!), information of new types, resolutions and offering a much more detailed and various image of living, unbound from the old restrictions. And secondly, the nature of the input is completely different. Rather than a few dried-out patriarchal scientists controlling the vision of our world, Our project encourages and allows a democratization of the process and content that will at once give a more honest, humourous and hot cross-section of contemporary-historical cultural production and refuse, with no moral or political rules or exclusions as to what can or cannot be included . In fact, and as you know, the Fauxists in their dissolute malaise, are wont to wildly encourage the inclusion of all manner of delightful offense. Some examples of individual Fauxist’s inclusions: pornography written for alien invaders, invitations to destroy earth, speculative fashion, deliberately misleading cultural surveys, false histories of Earth (including a total erasure of patriarchal mythopoetics).

voyager-record-label Voyager golden record

How are we going to do this?

To ship the Memes (and/or genes) into outer space, Space-Be-In has established contacts with leading providers of space shuttle services, most immediately with those who are currently supplying the ISS. They will ship the SBI console into orbit, from where it will be carried out of the solar system and sent on a permanent celestial journey on a small solar rocket. Whilst on its supersolar sashay, the console will be recharged periodically by solar paneling, and protected from cosmic rays by a chic mylar housing. Included will be a transponder mechanism to signal earth when it is opened by an instance or shiver of ETI. Once opened and removed from it coddling gossamer, the console will be ready to display its cornucopian bacchanalia, its unnerving erudition!
How to send your digital life
– It is important to create a diverse profile to send out to space: please pass this information on so everyone can contribute to future civilizations and contact. Share and collaborate on your Memes with your friends and show them the things you think are worth preserving.
– Once you have decided on and collected/created your data, simply upload it, give it a name and a link to your web site or blog or whatever and we will do the rest.
– The cost for each file, that is uploaded, is a fee based on the type and amount of Megabytes that are uploaded. Every MB costs $2. Start your file today! You’d be amazed how fast a Terabyte gets filled!

Bottom line is- it’s simple, safe, and after all, you are a human. Be a team player.
For all enquiries, application and uploading instructions, and FAQ, contact the address below:

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