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2010 Pop-Indigeneity Time Capsule Description & Contents List

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 13, 2010

(As of December 17, 2009). For opening Australia Day 2088, The Australian Tricentennial

The damaged 2010 Pop-Indigeneity Plaque & Marker on display at a Fauxist Event

— The Fauxist Pop-Archaeology Capsules —

Containing representations of the ‘Other’- like newspaper reports, kitsch faux-Indigenous art, toy ‘Indian Headdresses’, recordings of diplomatic exchanges, and jokes- the Pop-Archaeology Capsules create an image of the portrayal and understanding of the Exotic/Other in colonial/cultural contexts aimed at revelation in a parodic future-present of ‘more enlightened representational regimes’. By constructing, soliciting and curating the Pop-Archaeology capsules, we have facilitated the construction of critical cultural visions. (The Pop-Archaeology capsules also form part of the Fauxist ‘2088 Tricentennial Visions’ Project). So far 5 Pop-Archaeology capsules have been made- with themes spanning “Pop-Transsexuality” & “Pop-Indigeneity”.

The most noteworthy thus far has been the “2010 Pop-Indigeneity Capsule” which was controversially removed in Janurary 2010, only one month after its installation. Consisting of articles and newspapers on the intervention, welfare, and black sexuality, tourist/kitsch indigenous trinkets, statuettes, memorabilia, and tableware etcetera collected in urban Pop-Archaeological expeditions and submitted by various collaborators, the ‘2010 Pop-Indigeneity Capsule’ was installed at the 1988 Bicentennial Monument at Brighton-Le-Sands in Cook Park, on the foreshore of Botany Bay, Sydney. The monument (pictured below) commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in Botany Bay in 1788, the “first Europeans settlers” in Australia. The names of all those new arrivals are engraved thereupon, flanked by a couple of old cannons and binocular stands which allow the viewing of the horizon as though another appropriately apocalyptic armada will soon materialize…

After ‘numerous complaints’ were made to the local council by ‘numerous residents’, the ‘2010 Pop-Indigeneity’ plaque was removed, and the capsule and its contents met with an undisclosed fate. After threatening legal action against the Brighton council, We managed to secure the return of the plaque and its mount. The public dialogues generated by the action would seem successful. Again, documentary materials are available from NFTFI.

— 2010 Pop-Indigeneity Time Capsule Contents List —

Trinkets and Accesories

– “Aboriginal Print UTOPIA DREAMING tie” (khaki, polyester)   (

– “Mighty Beanz Chief Bean & Hiawatha Bean Smurf Indian” Set (2009)

– Happy time Hawaiian luau products “Coco Bra”                                         – ‘Native American Hunting Knife’

– ‘Native American Headband’ w/ Feather (Forum Novelties)               – “Indian Target Game” (Bow & Arrow set Figurines)

– “Aboriginal Man” statuette x 2                                                                        – Postcard- “Aboriginal Children” (Verve Designs)

– Pack of 6 “Australian aboriginal art animals” shot glasses             – 23 cm Singing kangaroo plush toy with didgeridoo.

– Australian animals “aboriginal art” orange tea towel.                          Levi’s “Western Roundup” Advertisement

Articles (Various formats- newspaper clippings, printouts, publications)

– “Demand for open investigation into an Aboriginal trans death in custody”. April 10, 2010

– 2 pages of Google Search Results “Aboriginal Jokes”

– Australian Government: “Northern Territory Emergency Response – One Year On” (June 2008)

– “Aboriginal Safari Tours” from

– “Teen’s death puts spotlight on Aboriginal deaths in custody” Mar 11,2010

– “Nanette Rogers’ feminism, Northern Territory ‘Intervention’” Open Salon

– “The Little Children are Sacred report: Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse

– Australian Government: “The Evaluation of income management in the Northern Territory”

– “Invasion Day Report 2010 – 222 Years of Aboriginal Survival”

– Newspaper article: “Aboriginal children fail basic school tests” TOM ARUP December 20, 2008 The Age

– “Aboriginal Sacred Sites” Tour Brochure, NT

–        Google Image Search Results for term “Redfern”

–        Various news articles by Miranda Devine, Paul Sheehan et al.


– “Aboriginal Fancy Dress Costume
 for Child”

– “Wild West Indian Costume for Kids”

– ‘Sexy Indian Costume’: “POW”WOW”PRINCESS” ITEM # 64613



– “Australia Day 2010 = 222 years of ongoing colonization” (3:24, 2010)

– “Eye” (54 min) Dir Andy Canny (Sistagirls documentary)

– Selected scenes from films “Australia”, “Brand Nue Dae”.

– Selected news video coverage of ‘Urban Aboriginality’ selected from Google search.


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“Timeless prank: USYD time capsule from ’50s reveals porn from ’80s”, June 26, 2009

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 16, 2009

One in the series of documents from the Fauxist Post-Apocalypse Time Capsule Division, this article recently appeared in a number of syndicated news media sources.
Disclaimer: Whilst it neatly showcases a number of the key concerns, and indeed tactics of the Division, the Fauxists, by publishing this piece, and in allegedly appearing to be ‘notably aligned’ with its political implications, ‘if not uncannily suited to a suspect profile’ (to use the words of John Stern, reporter for The Herald), make no claim at involvement, merely one of approval.

“Timeless prank: USYD time capsule from ’50s reveals porn from ’80s”
By Bran Alexander
Times staff reporter
June 26, 2009

Here’s something you wouldn’t expect to find inside a time capsule from the 1950s: transsexual pornography from the 1980s.
But faculty members at the University of Sydney Department of Communications found just that when they opened a half-century-old time capsule last Thursday and saw a centerfold and copies of “SheFreaks” and “Coc-Chic”.
Atop the 50-year-old memorabilia were other items from the late ’70s and early ’80s: an April Fools’ edition of The Daily, USYD’s student newspaper, clip-on ties, women’s underwear, and a collection of nearly petrified dildos, among other things. Amidst the pornography was content seemingly made specifically for the capsule including, according to one faculty member, “erotic scenes incorporating and apparently endeavouring to debunk key sociobiological texts included in the syllabus at the time”.
“I just think this is a great political prank,” department chair Gerald Baldasty said Thursday night after an event at which alumni from the classes that sponsored the time capsule got to look at what was inside. “We’re not really upset at all; a little perturbed, but we’re just having a good chuckle over it.”
It didn’t appear that any of the original items placed in the capsule 50 years ago- reel-to-reel films and copies of local publications- were missing, Baldasty said.
The time capsule was locked away, implanted in the wall of the Communications Building, with an inscription that said it should be opened on the 100th anniversary of the first journalism classes at the university, which is this year.
The department is planning an event for Saturday to reveal to the general public what was inside its capsule, which sits outside The Daily’s offices. The more recent additions to the capsule will be part of that display, Baldasty said.
“We’re not hiding it,” he said. “We’ll have that out so people can see that, too.”
There aren’t any suspects in the case- though the general assumption is that someone from The Daily opened it one or more times between 1976-86, said communication alumni and development manager Victoria Sprang. The faculty has not yet ruled out the possibility of retrospective genetic testing to determine a perpetrator.
Opening it would have been no easy task, Sprang said. The capsule was sealed by 36 bolts that require a special tool to remove- it is also in a well-travelled hallway, so it would have been difficult to break in without drawing attention.
“I am so impressed that whoever did that kept quiet for so many years,” Sprang said.
Both Sprang and Baldasty wonder if the prankster or pranksters will reveal themselves, but refuse to speculate as to a possible reaction. All of the content will be on display from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday in Room 104 of the Communications Building.
© 2009 The Times Company

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Posted by Regrette Etcetera on July 1, 2009

imagesWe Fauxists have been interested in the construction and contestation of history for a vastly long time, and thusly have a whole division devoted toward contesting and destroying the portrayals of our time and the presumptions of a future by our rulers, in creating, saving, editing, visions of ourselves.

Firstly, a Withering History of Time-capsules: The first modern time capsule was ‘The Crypt of Civilization’ built at the 1936 World Fair at Oglethorpe University, and scheduled to be opened in 8113. Common time capsules can be classified into two types: intentional and unintentional. Intentional time capsules are placed on purpose and are usually intended to be opened at a particular future date, whether it’s 10, 100, 1,000 or more years after interment. Unintentional time capsules are usually archaeological in nature. Discoveries of cultural significance are often found in standard archaeological digs as well as those from volcanic eruptions such as Pompeii and Vesuvius.
Many time capsules speak to a future present, creating a form of portrait of our/their achievements- including products and technologies and samples of cultural variety- in a similar fashion to ancient practices- for example Egyptian Pyramids and tombs that often served to provide passages and supplies for an afterlife and to appease gods, and recordings of the achievements of the dead.


Abject Monumentality: The Fauxists are beneath the monument: the pedagogy of monumentality (monuments in this sense encompassing statuary, cities, parades, literature, education) that maintains cultural continuity and teaches a (majority) past, leads us to re-open existing monuments, insert ours beside, beneath etcetera. to highlight and commemorate the sacrificial and/or invisible economies and cultural experiences- oppressed peoples, unreasonable lives, waste, mistakes. All of our monuments are buried, we use the inverse architecture of mines even when we teach and sign. Thus our Post-Apocalypse Time-capsules project investigates abjection and impermanence- future kitsch, and utopia: trans happiness: decay.

Initial Projects:

The Archaeological mishaps project
: We have had commissioned a series of plaques with which to falsely mark apparent time-capsules. Dated and with instructions for unearthing, these have been placed/attached to rocks, monuments and buildings around a number of cities (thus far Melbourne, Brisbane, Istanbul and San Francisco). Each is signed and numbered by the Fauxists. False unearthings and thoughts occur. We have also used plaques and organized opening ceremonies for other peoples’ capsules (that are generally dated to be opened far from now…), disrupting their narratives by using our own interpretations. Excess.

The Untintentional capsules project– We are treating anything as a time-capsule to see what meaning this lends it. Attaching status and documentation to anything in this way re-routes it. Drawing out a relation to decay and apocalypse, We view culture as a form of future transmission or monumentality based in repression and production. Transsexual Archaeology.

The Borrowed Time-Capsule project-
In one of our most rigorous projects to date, we have been digging up, changing (adding objects to, or reinterpreting), or stealing other peoples’ capsules- from places as diverse as primary schools (see image), war memorials (for example, we have added a picture of our group, a dildo and some joke-vomit to a notable Australian War Memorial Time-capsule), and hospitals.
“We imagine that we are the group who disinterred the Sydney Bicentennial Capsule (as reported in the Sun Herald, The Australian- can be seen at ) We imagine ourselves as those who have replaced it with one filled with a vision of how our society really is.”
In this vein, we have also put in competing capsules above or near existing ones, buried apparent human skeletal and cultural artefact remains around existing capsules, inserted capsules in skyscraper foundations, building sites and in the hulls of boats. This technique can also be successfully used to disrupt construction.

The Post-Apocalypse Time-Capsule Project– In a continuing project, We have collected a capsule for every current vision of the apocalypse, and some select past visions, to disrupt and decorate future archeological/anthropological imaginings of the present-past. Investigating museumification, we have created (with greater or lesser degrees of irony) capsules of doomed civilizations, documents of one culture on another, of failed apocalypses etc. We look to a radically distant future, and pursue subterranean horizons. We are maintaining and sealing electronic forms of time capsules (some of which eat at and corrupt other existing electronic databases, archives and museums- ie. computer Viruses- which achieve the same re-writing/interruption project) like our Museum of the Apocalypse.

Reinvestigations of monumentality- The Time Capsule project is useful in theorizing both social and personal monuments, and the dialogue between them. Suggested uses of our capsule methodology include the casting off old identities- capsules of the self, compiled in the third person- and the solidification or proliferation of new ones, that relate to or disrupt social monuments etc.

Theorizing the Deep-capsules

How do you ensure something will last 100, 500, or 12,000 years? Imagine yourself faced with this task of engineering and geopolitical panache. Soon you will realize that this is not merely a matter of building a super-strong or durable container. Can you imagine how many generations, societies, economies, revolutions, natural disasters, interstellar emigration, cosmic realignments etcetera will occur by year AD 14,008? When you start thinking about building something that lasts that long, the real problem is not decay and corrosion, or even the power source. The real problem is people. If something becomes unimportant to people, it gets squatted or scrapped for parts; if it becomes important, it turns into a symbol and must eventually be destroyed, ie. in service of a revolution or repressive flux. The only way to survive in the long run is to build a capsule made of materials large and worthless, like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, or to become lost. The Dead Sea Scrolls managed to survive by remaining lost for a couple of millennia. Now that they’ve been located and preserved in a museum, they’re probably doomed. We give them two centuries, tops.
As is clear, the Fauxist Deep-Capsules need to be theorized extensively, involving and invoking many fields of speculative expertise and philosophical intrigue. See the following section for an example of one such idea.

A note on our Space capsules:

– Currently, two time capsules are “buried” in space. The Pioneer Plaque and the Voyager Golden Record have been attached to spacecraft for the benefit of spacefarers or ETI in the distant future. (see our Digital Space Capsule publication)A third time capsule, the KEO satellite, will be launched late this year or in 2011, carrying individual messages from Earth’s inhabitants addressed to earthlings around the year AD 52,000, when KEO will return to Earth on its huge elliptical orbit.
– We Fauxists have been privileged enough to have a statement included, one of our crowning achievements and MOST WONDERFUL stabs at longevity, and posthumous understanding.

How you can help…

-Send items for encapsulation, or select a building, lifestyle, aesthetic etc. that could be labeled as a capsule.
-Compile a mapped list of capsules in your area, their makers, content, intent etc. and forward it to the Fauxists.
-Promote Apocalypse familiarity and kitsch, develop your own unique apocalypse and immortalize it.
-Consider Mummification upon death (& join our online registrar).
-Purchase land for shrine and commemorative functions.
-Drilling equipment sought urgently.
-Disrupt dominant history in your area.

Write to or leave a comment here with your contact details for our PDF guides: “Suggestions for Choosing and documenting Your Fauxistist Unintentional Capsule”, “Directions for opening Your Fauxistist Unintentional Capsule”, “Possible Ceremonial Invocations for common Disinterrings”, “Ruining archaeology digs”, “Heuristic Hoaxing” etcetera.
Fauxist capsule Gift packs, preparatory supplies and advice are also available for order from our website.

A registration form and questionnaire with which to register your time capsules on an international database are available at the Fauxist International time capsule society website: “”

Statement read at the interring of the first Fauxist Post-Apocalypse Time-Capsule:

Context: (To the solemn booming of a giant bell, the Capsule disappeared slowly into the earth. Work‘men’ screwed down and sealed the cap, symbolically dispatching, for delivery in 5,000 years, the heaviest “letter” ever “mailed.” During the next 2 years, or until the World’s End, the Capsule may be on view through a specially constructed periscope, or our online webcam, and inside the Museum of the Apocalypse will be a replica, together with duplicates of all the objects, books, fabrics, alloys, toys, newsreels and other items it contains).
Statement:  (In strong, bounding tone)  “May this Time Capsule sleep well when it is awakened 5,000 years from now, and may its contents be found a suitable gift to our far-off descendants…
(In taut, surging tone)     “Probably the persons who open the Capsule will have a physical appearance very like our own, except that they should have learned the principle of breeding a better race, and perhaps they’ll be a little taller or older. These men and women should all be as healthy as the healthiest, sturdy as the sturdiest, as beautiful as our most beautiful, and as intelligent as the best of us today. They should be, and probably will be, a race of supermen and superwomen, as judged by our standards; but only common men and women as judged by their standards. The need of perpetuating a better race may perhaps be bred in the younger people of that day, even as our forefathers taught us religion. Public sports and pageants of tremendous scope and significance will very likely be popular. Every community will have its theatre and all will take part from time to time. Local orchestras and great choruses will be common. This will be a healthy world governed by wholesome people; the abnormal will have no place in it. Good health will be the rule, and the vigour of the people will make an active life the only happy life. Let us have three rousing Hurrahs for Dissolution!”

Partial Inventory of the 1st Fauxist ‘Crypt of Civilization’

…one coffin, two sets of portable gallows, seven hoods, two executioner’s masks, one artificial arm, ten high heels, four net stockings, twenty gross of used poppers, eighty three empty bottles of liquid same, fourteen rubbers, seven diaphragms, one damaged dildo, ten pairs of ladies’ underpants, forty-seven jockstraps, seven cock sacks, twenty-one falsies, five cock-and-ball harnesses, six ankle shackles, seven bras, two corsets, eighteen whips, one pair of Gloves of Silence, two force-feeders, one mace, forty clothespins, one cattle prod, one surgical ass-spreader, several odd lengths of rope, several unmatched links of chain, one Ping Pong paddle, five empty containers of “Joy Jell” (one each of  raspberry, orange, grape, licorice and Persian Rose), two depleted tubes of Sta-Hard, seven dual inhalers, three Crisco-ed pool cues, one pair of thumb cuffs, one pulsating vagina, four vibrators with worn-out batteries, one copy of The complete enema guide, one meat tenderiser, five blindfolds, one pair of slave hobbles, 1,453 roach ends, 17,543 cigarette butts, two hundred Vaseline empties, ten knives,  forty-two cock rings in various sizes,  seven tit-rings, one empty pill case, twenty-seven kilos of dried semen and femjizz scraped from simply everywhere, seventeen pounds of shit, one hand-lettered sign, one lavender letter: “I love you so much I can hardly shit”… & etcetera.

The Fauxist International 1967-2012
Contact this address for further information on Capsule theory/praxis, other Fauxist Forays, or inclusion in the Fauxist Email Bulletin and Soiree Board (FEMBASB) list.

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