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Archive for the ‘Fauxist Real Gender’ Category

New Interview with Regrette Etcetera, Fauxist Editor

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 11, 2013

Regrette Etcetera at home.


(Photo by Lui Rincon)

— For more images from the photoshoot, click the image below —

Regrette Etcetera Lui Rincon


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Fauxist Editor Regrette Etcetera interviewed for Artlink Magazine

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on October 1, 2013

Regrette Etcetera Artlink

​Artlink Magazine 

Vol. 33 No. 3, 2013​

“​Werq The Runway Darling!: What Drones Taught Me about being a Better Tranny“​ 

An interview with Regrette Etcetera, by Rachael Sweting.

$14 buys you a copy

or click image below to read online…

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New Fauxist Editor Interview (May 2012)

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on October 8, 2012

Regrette Etcetera interviewed, and featuring as centrefold in Slit Magazine (Simulacra edition)

See full Interview (inc. artwork credits) and (full-sized) Pictures

Regrette discusses: The Fauxists, trans activism & monumentality/hagiography, feminization hypnosis, performance, colonization, & Club META ETCETERA…


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“Schizo((Aliens//Trannies//Noise))Science”: Fauxist Lectures upcoming in 2012

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 19, 2011

Regrette Etcetera. at Harvest Festival, Parramatta, Sydney.

For the Schreber Centenary, and in leadup to the 2012 Fauxist Performance-Lecture series:


Showcasing Recent Work from The Fauxist International

The Fauxist International presents a new series of Our infamous performance-lectures (“Like Taylor Mac using Microsoft Powerpoint and a meat-filled piñata to explain Neocolonialism” UN Magazine) with outré Fauxist representative Regrette Etcetera.

Exhibiting Our trans-pedagogical, “genre-mashing queer scholarship of hallucinatory breadth” (Zund Magazine), and hot-mess antics,  Schizo((Aliens//Trannies//Noise))Science condenses one area of Fauxist theory & projects of 2011//12 into 3 content-heavy events.


Transfeminine Tele(path)ology & Mythinformatic Schizo-Science

Beginning with Psychology’s myriad misuses of Daniel Schreber- the German judge turned into “a woman with an ass irresistible to God” by cosmic telephoto-Rays- We elucidate the linkages in transfemme tele(path)ologies from hysteria to dysphoria to fetishism. Skipping from Schizoanalysis, Neurotheology and Parascience to millenarian postmodernism & media culture’s obsession with ‘the transsexual’, We inhabit contemporary cultural trans-techno-hysterias in accounts of Alien Feminizing Rays, transfemme ghosts, Spiritualism, EVP, & the strange new field of “Feminization Hypnosis”, & thus trace the intertwined trajectories of the occult psychoanalysis from1898-2011, and outline all the projects We’ve generated along the way…

Identity under Alien Science/Re-tracing the alien scalpel: Body Panic, Schizoid-Tech, & becoming the other Other (again)

From the history & apocalyptic/millenarian miscegenation politics of ‘Human-Alien hybrid’ identities & exo-communities to a typology of the alien-body-as-intent over time, We trace Fauxist engagements with sexo-hysteric discourses of the (Other’s) Body and fantasies of Becoming-Ethnic in fringe cultures. In interrogating ‘Alien Super-Science’, Panic Bodies and postmod mythinformatic techno-paranoias in the field of Alien implants, We interview implant doctors, and find out “Why Aliens make Stupid Scientists”. And finally, unpacking discourses of Alienated wombs, xeno-feminism and hysterical genealogies in Alien pregnancies (“Italian Woman’s 19th Alien Pregnancy!”) & alien-impregnation porn, We explore fantasies of transgression and subsumption of techno-reproductive fears & bodies.

Signal Decay in the Postmodern Bestiary: Fauxist Cryptozoologic Expeditions

Meet the Blobsquatch, the Martian Bigfoot, the Chernobyl Chupacabra & the LARP’ers re-enacting psycho-tropic architectures & mutant canids of S.T.A.L.K.E.R when Fauxist Cryptozoology meets the Military-Industrial-Entertainment-Network! From histories of restricted/toxic landscapes as spaces of imaginative monster production, Our CZ work draws in the hallucinatory expansion of signal-noise quandaries in CZ, econationalism, gender & class in Bigfoot lore, the “exosociobiology” of Martian Anomalists, and the Fauxist cryptid recordings project, whilst traversing the strangest biopolitical realms of SETI, Nuclear meltdowns, and gaming cultures in compiling Our critical postmodern bestiary.

(Photo by Morgan Carpenter)

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How Fauxists Disorganize Monumentality

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on May 22, 2011

Regrette Etcetera & Regrette Etcetera

at the ISGD (Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse) rally,

May 11, Parliament House, Canberra, Australia.

(Photos by Huckleberry Spin)

For a full list of the demands & memorandums presented by the rally,

click HERE.

For press coverage, HEREHERE

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Fauxist Associated Projects: Regrette Etcetera’s “So this one time…”

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on December 10, 2010

“So this one time I turn up for a trick…”

Selected ‘Surprisingly Astute’ & ‘Hilariously Erudite’ Outcall Stories

of Regrette Etcetera, 2008-10

News From The Fauxist International is are pleased to announce that Our Editor and Luminary, Regrette Etcetera (link) has published their much-anticipated collection of sex-work stories “So this one time I turn up for a trick…”: Selected ‘Surprisingly Astute’ & ‘Hilariously Erudite’ Outcall Stories of Regrette Etcetera, 2008-10

(Click HERE for free download)

If Etcetera’s Fauxist work is anything to go by, (and indeed the publication includes an account of the Fauxist Spirit Recording Project!) We are in for a labyrinthine treat… We are told that issue 2 is slated for release in mid-2011. Is this how Fauxist’s “pay their way through medical school”? Ha.

Launch Party

‘International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers’

Sex Worker Art Exhibition

December 17,

Little Fish Gallery,

Newtown, Sydney.


About “So this one time…”

As excerpted in Interstitial Bestiaries magazine iss. 4, “So this one time…”  collects the international whore stories of Regrette Etcetera. We follow this heady narrator into being paid to sit in on French Lit. lectures, parrying post-porno-pooches, appearing in an all-trans-ho amateur Gertrude Stein production, and taking various forms of revenge on a retinue of the strangest tricks- among them Etcetera’s high-school english teacher, a self-proclaimed alien-hybrid, a tazer-wielding trannychaser, and the unforgettable ‘Caeleb Wilson’- all the while being offered a hilarious, patrician commentary on all that occurs.

Critical Reviews

“Captures the inherent weirdness of the outcall moving with it into self-reflexive plays on the similarly weird psycho-mythic representations of trans women… Unique.” UN Magazine

“For once a respite from the sex-worker titillation genre!… Etcetera’s mock-moralisms and ridiculous, convoluted humour are a delight to unravel”                                                                                                 Karen Elliot, Smile

“Refreshingly repudiates the transfeminine autobiography-cum-autopathology moral-confessional motif… an unapologetic work of makeup, coincidence  & hallucinatory autodidacticism…”         Alexis Jung, 1-Claw Zine


We will be publishing a Fauxist review of “So this one time…” in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to NFTFI.


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Fauxist Submissions Feature in Fetish Magazine

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 23, 2010

Interstitial* Bestiaries**

Free Fetish Personals for Discerning Devotees

Vol. 1 Iss.4, Nov.-Jan. 2010-11 ACE

“A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”

For free, full-colour pdf download:

Interstitial Bestiaries 4

From Interstitial Bestiaries:
“This month’s featured artist, Utopia Etcetera, takes us on a brief tour of
their large collection of Second Life imagery, project excerpts and working
documents. Utopia has solicited their SL friends’ submissions also.

In a double-sized issue with the theme:

“A Desire Called Dystopia: Abject Sex & Archive Trauma”,

We’ve an amazing, exclusive interview with Zoltan, Designer of Robot AI Sex dolls & regarding his robot girlfriend Alice, an account of the Museum of Sex Furniture in Second Life, artist submissions including ‘The Virtual Transgender Suit’, the ‘Menstruation Machine’, A themepark of Near Death Experiences, a tranny surprise film, & a comprehension test submitted by the Fauxist International.

If that wasn’t enough already, We’ve crammed in late entries: a psycho-sexual reminisence on Mattel’s famous 90’s goo-toy ‘Gak’, & a story about a game-designer’s fossilized porno dog ‘Artaud’, from Regrette Etcetera’s upcoming collection “So this one time I turn up for a trick…” ANDWe are also privileged to have received a number of choice items for review this month, donated by the Portland Paranormal Society”.

Note: Fauxist Representative Regrette Etcetera also featured in Interstitial Bestiaries #3, available for download in the menu bar at left.


* interstitial: (in-tər-ˈsti-shəl): Pertaining to being between things, especially between things that are normally closely spaced. 1 a : a space that intervenes between things; especially : one between closely spaced or nominally indistinguishable things <interstices of a wall>, <the interstitial fluid found between body cells> b : existing in or filling a gap or break in something generally continuous <the interstices of society> <passages of genuine literary merit in the interstices of the ludicrous…plots — Joyce Carol Oates> 2 : a short space of time or content between events or features.

** bestiary (bĕs`chēĕr’ē): A
type of medieval book that was widely popular, particularly from the 12th to 14th cent. The bestiary presumed to describe the animals of the world and to show what human traits and moral lessons they severally exemplify. The bestiaries are the source of a bewildering array of fabulous beasts and of many misconceptions of real ones, and demonstrate differences in pre-modern and modern taxonomies and beliefs.

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Exhibition of Fauxist Materials & Appearance

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 19, 2010

Presenting a grouping of the Fauxist International’s projects concerning monumentality, museumification, and memorialization- in this case, those specifically engaging the queer, ISGD, trans, intersex communities. These project excerpts form part of a larger investigation and planning drive toward monument and ritual design and theorizing.


Queer archival practice, monumentality and memorialization often eschews the use of a queer methodology or lens, and aims for a historical solidity or definitional authority that is so often is critiqued by the makers themselves. In terms of monumentality (whether referring to statuary or performative modes) the didactic logic of most monuments- their rigidity and sense of historical closure- too closely resembles traits associated with the oppressive forces supposedly being critiqued, and become, in a word, fascist.

The monuments, rituals and archives surrounding Trans Day Of Remembrance have similarly been criticized for their problematic presumption of a unity of identity,  uncritical hagiography, and a general white-washing of race, class, and life-histories. The Fauxists believe We stand at an important threshold in determining the nature of mourning, accountability and resistance.


– Transgénero, como método y posibilidad: Museo Travesti del Peru

An investigation into a particular critical example of the Trans memorial/museum, this document describes the theory and practice of Museo Travesti del Peru (The Transvestite/Transgender Museum of Peru), and features an interview with Giussepe Campuzano, the museum’s founder. This publication looks in particular at the ways in which the nomadic, living, performative and anti-hegemonic Museo Travesti uses trans as an organizing and deconstructive metaphor in ‘doing the museum’, a tactic We believe is generally missed in trans memorializations, which often adhere to hegemonic, apologetic structures of mourning and presentation.

– Memorial Museums

We are in the midst of a generation of “memorial boom,”. More memorial museums have been built in the last 10 years than in the last 100. New speeds and types of atrocity, genocide, and thus memorialisation, tourism and writing proliferate.

In investigating this field, the Fauxists hope to look at dominant method and means of memorial museumification- the sites, objects, displays, and linguistic structures- that function to ‘remember’ and situate atrocities and genocide. This project aims to develop Our own critical-experimental forms of Memorial Museum, that necessarily avoid the pitfalls of the hegemonic memorial structures. We include this material in an effort to encourage reflection in each case upon ‘Queer/Trans Genocide’, TDOR, queer monumentality, and the structures of such events and spaces.

– Fauxist Anti-Monument Project

(Excerpts from working Document  “Meaning to Muteness: Abject Monumentality & the Fauxist Anti-Monument Register”)

A project initiated in 2008 interrogating the fall of hegemonic monuments in historical and political terms, and with production of anti-monuments, specifically those concerning ‘abject histories’ and minority categories of loss and identity. The Fauxist Anti-monument strives to be de/deconstructive, nomadic, temporary, performative, interventionist, painful, inconclusive, and in this context aligned against the GLBT-industrial-complex’s colonization of memory, history and utopia.

– Fauxist Investigations in Feminization Hypnosis

An under-explored area, Feminization Hypnosis is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, mainly online. Sold through mail-order/websites, the Femme hypnotic materials primarily take the form of audio tapes, Mp3’s, CD/DVD’s, but range to phone consultations, hypnotherapist outcalls, and ‘hexed’ hypnotic clothing and accessories.

The Fauxists investigate the cultural, political and anthropological dimensions of Femme Hypno, looking at common motifs, devices and indeed the psycho-social presumptions of trans-femininity.  Reading Femme Hypno materials by unpacking their constructions of psycho-somatic invocations, inductions and pathologization, ‘feminine artifactuality’ and self-organizing trans lives.

The “Fauxist Investigations in Feminization Hypnosis” CD, collects exemplary source materials, experiments in, and Fauxist productions of Feminization Hypnosis. Available from News From The Fauxist International

The “Contains No Original Material: Subliminal Films of the Fauxist International” DVD, includes a number of works using Feminization Hypnosis, though in a cinematic-subliminal context.


Fauxist luminary Regrette Etcetera also hosts the performance event.

Post-event documentation below. Photos by Huck Spin.

Regrette Etcetera.

Regrette Etcetera.


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Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on October 22, 2010

This publication documents some of the theoretical, performance and film uses of “feminization hypnosis” and its associated fields undertaken by the Fauxist International betweenMay 2008 and June 2010.


Project Outline & Aims

“Superfemalewhammy” (22:53): What is Feminization Hypnosis?

An Anthropology of Feminization Hypnosis

Subliminal Sissyfication and “HypnoFemme”

Feminization as a Technique of Torture

Pathology: Theorizing of Trans identities

Autogynephilic and Homosexual Trans: Dr. Ray Blanchard, Etc.

Transsexuality & Postmodernism: “The End of History”?

Regrette Etcetera. performs Femme Hypno @ Carnival of Electric Illusions, Sydney 2009

Associated publications:

– “Initial Fauxist Experiments in Feminization Hypnosis 2008-10”. (Upcoming)

– ““Thanks for helping me free the woman inside”: Selected Testimonials from Fauxist Feminization Hypnosis Users” (2010)

– “The Tasaday Berdache: Hypnotic 2-spirit sub-tribe” (2010)

Project Outline

An under-explored area, Feminization Hypnosis is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, mainly online. The number of dedicated femmehypno sites has risen from 8 in 2005 to 94 in 2010, the number of products available from 30 to over 2000 respectively, according to Some sites boast high numbers of visitors. Most of the products are sold through mail-order/websites, and the Femme hypnotic materials primarily take the form of audio tapes, Mp3’s, CD/DVD’s, but range to phone consultations, hypnotherapist outcalls, and ‘hexed’ hypnotic clothing and accessories.

Put most simply, and following the argot of the vendors, Feminization hypnosis is the process of inducing hypnotic states in ‘men’ which allow them to assume a ‘female’ identification, however ‘deep’ or with whatever longevity. Feminization hypnosis is primarily framed for use in three ways: by transgendered, transvestite and transsexual people; in the context of a dominant/submissive relationship (FemDom); and as sexual experimentation. In a typical ‘session’, the normal ‘male’ personality and perceptions of a ‘male’ body are set aside as a ‘female’/feminine personality, and/or an imagined/projected ‘female’/feminine ‘body’ and ‘sensations’ are created in/for the client. This may be accomplished by traditional hypnosis suggestions (in this case generally delivered by audio recordings and film), metaphorical stories, or intense visualization while under hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis is a controversial type of hypnosis, occasionally classified as a type of voluntary brainwashing, and is generally regarded as fraudulent by registered or professional hypnotists.

As of May 2008, the Fauxist International has initiated a number of investigation and projects around Feminization Hypnosis, as it lies within a number of our areas of interest, namely: Speculative literature, anti-science, trans-motifs, invocational literature/performance, abjection and pathologized identities, and suggests numerous possibilities for deployment in a didactic mode in productions and performance. By unpacking and experimenting with the existing products, and producing our own, we have managed to expand the field and it’s implicit political-cultural baggage.

This Project has sought to:

– Investigate the methodologies, forms and content of these products and their associated framing discourse, and look at the presumptions and assumptions of femininity, feminization- namely the metaphorics of femininity, feminine artifactuality, somatics, performance and simulacrum- through a political trans lens.

– Investigate the role of reaffirmation, reiteration and repetition in ‘performativity’ of gender and psychosomatics.

– Address the pathologization and medicalization of trans bodies and identities, the gatekeeper roles of psychologists and doctors, and the ways in which ‘self-organizing’ identities function and are upheld, specifically in relation to consumer products that purport to offer independent agency. Investigate theories of Autogynephilia(s) and paraphilic identities (see ‘Pathology’ section and video below), regarding how they are called upon and mobilized by Femme hypno.

– Deliberately invoke anti-scientific and anti-rational belief systems, motifs of conspiracy theory, the trappings of charlatanism, quackery, and so on. In the investigation of subliminal, hypnotic and channelling methodologies, and their linkages with received medico-scientific renderings of trans psychology and embodiment, we have endeavoured to unpack the truly conspiratorial nature of gender re/iteration and patrol by hegemonies and authorities throughout history.

– Explore feminization ‘Magick’ and hexing in relation to various uses of trance, invocation, spirit-possession, channeling, and parapsychological phenomena.

– Explore the large crossovers between these techniques- especially ‘sissification’ and ‘femme domme’ hypnosis- and the interrogation-torture technologies of the military-industrial complex globally, most notably in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and the ‘Dark Prisons’ of the US. By looking at the various fetishizations of the torture-interrogative techniques, with their attendant nationalism(s), gender and sexual orders (following Coco Fusco’s “Field Guide for Female Interrogators” 2009) and the ways these feed back into one-another, We seek to combine theories of the ‘postmodern confessional’, the reiterative performativity of gender and nationalisms, and the roles of (hegemonic Western) femininity as a device of coercion.

– Look at popular media’s role as a vehicle of hypnosis and suggestion in the maintenance of femininity and artifactuality.

– Delineate the trans mind-body relationships most commonly found in the Feminization Hypnosis genre, compare and contrast these with the medical/psychological establishment, and with theories of performativity, dis/identifications etc.

– Explore the claims of numerous theorists- notably the work of Susan Stryker, Jean Baudrillard, Donna Haraway and Marjorie Garber- which state that ‘Trans’/’transsexuality’ epitomises postmoderism and/or postmodern identity. And. In doing so, interrogating the ways in which trans identities are ‘looked through’ and used to produce/offer ‘deconstructive possibilities’ for identity politics.

– As such, explore how the transgendered subject is seen as either an apocalyptic or redemptive metaphor.

– Critique the anthropological/ethnographic elements to trans studies. By looking at the deployment of the Berdache, 2-spirit identities (etc) by white &/or western trans academics/activists, and also the libertarian uses of trans as a destabilizaing or deterritorializing space or force. These currents can be found to echo throughout the Feminization Hypnosis materials in subtle yet nefarious ways.

Project Aims:

– Publish our investigations and solicit work of others.

– Create a range of critical/hallucinatory-baroque femme hypno materials and merchandise- scripts, recordings, videos- using a variety of means including subliminal and hypnosis software, binaural beats programs, found materials, detourned materials, plagiarism, and so on.

– Continue to expand Our use of femme hypno techniques and media in public performance settings- listening stations, for audiences etc.

– Create ‘environments’ and installations that work on feminization hypnosis principles and motifs, including deployments in architectural work.

What is Feminization Hypnosis?

“Why spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on potions, creams, surgery, etc., when you probably have the absolute best tool already at your disposal! YOUR MIND! Instead of having male and female atributes in conflict with each other, learn how to join the forces of your mind and body – and have them work together to achieve a gender balance and harmony. This CD or MP3 recording will even complement your existing feminization regime – so add it to your feminine box-of-tricks today!”

Richard MacKenzie (

“The process of sorting out sexual identity is a difficult one for many men. For those who self-identify more strongly as a woman than a man, they may seek outlets for their female side including cross-dressing, gender reassignment surgery and, increasingly, hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis can play an important role in helping to prepare or complete gender reassignment surgery.”

Isabella Valentine (

“As you develop the look, the sound and the feel of a woman, you will be motivated on towards achieving more and more of you feminization goals – whether they be total feminization, partial feminization, un-forced feminization, temporary or permanent feminization…There are men who try surgery to become a woman. But surgical operations can only change the outside of your body, it can not make you feel like a real woman, because inside you are still a man. Instead, hypnosis breaks down the psychological barriers that prevent a man to become a truly woman. In other word, you can use feminization hypnosis to achieve the results that you will not get with surgery”.

An under-explored area, Feminization Hypnosis is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, mainly online. Sold through mailorder and websites, the hypnotic materials take the form of audio tapes, Mp3’s, films, and even phone consultations. The number of dedicated femmehypno sites has risen from 8 in 2005 to 94 in 2010, the number of products available from 30 to over 2000 respectively, according to Some sites boast high numbers of visitors.

Put most simply, and following the argot of the vendors, Feminization hypnosis is the process of inducing hypnotic states in ‘men’ which allow them to assume a ‘female’ identification, however ‘deep’ or with whatever longevity. Feminization hypnosis is primarily used in three ways: by transgendered, transvestite (cross-dresser) and transsexual men; in the context of a dominant/submissive relationship (FemDom); and as sexual experimentation. In a session, the normal male personality and perceptions of a ‘male’ body are set aside as a female personality, and/or an imagined/projected ‘female’ ‘body’ and ‘sensations’ are created in/for the client. This may be accomplished by traditional hypnosis suggestions (in this case generally delivered by audio recordings and film), metaphorical stories, or intense visualization while under hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis is a controversial type of hypnosis, occasionally classified as a type of voluntary brainwashing, and is generally regarded as fraudulent by registered or professional hypnotists. The producers go about establishing authority in the usual manner- Satisfied customer statements, repetitive assertions of their veracity, efficacy, vie expert testimonial etc.

Content: Most of the audio/Mp3 tracks last from 16 to 25 minutes, and consist of a central, customized hypnosis section bookended by a standardized hypnotic introduction/induction and conclusion which differ little from session to session. Narrated in the flat, monotonous tone commonly associated with hypnosis, and often with a pervasive boredom bordering on contempt. Many would appear to be made in home/PC environments by amateurs, and some are characteristically poorly executed, with glitch pops and background noise level changes at the transitions between standardised and session-unique content, and obvious re-edits of the narrations. The more professional works contain jingles, music and standardized branding motifs.

Efficacy/Veracity: The effectiveness or ‘reality’ of hypnotic techniques and subliminal materials are fully explored in our publications “Pop Music vs. Islam”, “It’s Hard to Even Think About…”, “Fauxist Subliminal Sleep Audio Tapes”, “One Second Theatre Competition”, “Fauxist Spirit Recording Project” (All available by clicking on the Category group ‘Fauxist Psywar’ at top left).

NOTE: The relative paucity of ‘Masculinization Hypnosis’ or equivalent materials, when compared to Feminization Hypnosis, is another significant facet of the field, and whilst in many ways  indicative of the motif of ‘feminine artifactuality’ discussed below, this is beyond the scope of the current publication, and We will leave it up to you to unpack the significance of this important fact.

“You will need to dedicate only 20 minutes a day to listen to the recording (repetition of the suggestions is very important) however the extra time spent on following the instructions, massages and exercises revealed on that recording, will pay huge dividends in hastening and compounding your feminization. Some results, such as the breast enhancement, are pretty much permanent, requiring only a little maintenance, but other results and effects will need more constant manicuring and attention, until they become “second nature”. (Or is that first nature?)”

LINKS: Creators of such products include:,,

“Gender Hypnotherapy at it’s best”,,

An Anthropology of Feminization Hypnosis

Common tenets/content:

1. Femininity: Psycho-social-intellectual

– – Associated with submissive sexuality.

– – Femininity as, and as producing fetishization, artiface, constructedness.

– – Underwritten by desperation, & secret hysterias.

– – Psychic disjunction and dysphoric mind-body interplay.

– – Untroubled/Unproblematised assumptions of binary gender and psychology.

– – Changes in interests & conversational content, generally informed by veiled misogyny.

– – Heavy focus on quasi-mythic accessories- lingerie, heels, makeup

2. Trans: Specific Proclivities of Transfemme identities to Hypnosis according to associated literature:

Dysphoric states. Predominantly rendered as ‘Wrong Body’ syndrome.

Unique Neurochemical/hormonal configurations/conflagrations to be activiated/switched off.

– Exhibiting an adlib mix of ‘Autogynephilic’ and ‘Homosexual’ trans categories whenever necessary.

– A generalized hypersexualization of transfemininity

– A focus on the ‘shemale’ as abject, psychologically fraught/unstable, transgressive sexually.

– abjection of trans desire

3. Somatic:

– – Comportment: Mandatory Leg-crossing etc.

– – Higher, quieter voice

– – Nicer/softer hair

– – Spontaneous Breast Growth

– – Secondary sex characteristics changed

– – Relevant Genetic De/Activation through hypnosis

– – Rewriting of ancestral/genealogical heritage.


HypnoFeminatrixes, Sissyfication:

In the context of a domme-sub relationship, forced feminization is a relatively common form of sexual play. In the dominant ‘heterosexual’ context the vast majority of dommes are female (FemDom) (ed. as in the reverse case it’s just patriarchy?). This is generally termed forced feminization as the submissive is “forced” by the dominant to assume a feminine, read as humiliating and/or subservient, role, including the wearing of ‘women’s’ clothing and makeup, but is generally not transgendered in their normal life. Femdom and sissification are key areas in the production and reinforcement of gender stereotypes.

From Mona “PussyCock : Sissy prissy…it’s the only way to be. And you feel this deep hypnotic resonating being. Hues in various shades of pink and purples. So very very soft, so very hypnotically soft, satin and lace in perfect harmony, and you feel so very hypnotic.” PussyPants : An intensive femme-laced hypnosis trance session that will allow you to set yourself free, allowing for the inner girlie to merge out. Prolonged visual directives guide you towards a feeling of sexual fulfillment and gender identity. Focus is completely lost as you simply allow intensive post hypnotic triggers to embed themselves deep into your psyche.”

Hypnosis can enhance role-playing in these situations, and brainwashing techniques may be used by the dominant. Some providers employ significant “brainwashing” techniques, including disorientation through extreme volume, confusing voices and imagery, and belittling of the male personality and body while asserting female characteristics. The sessions may or may not include an experience of sex as a woman. In the case of a series of such recorded products by Isabella Valentine, a well known female dominant using hypnosis extensively, brainwashing includes high volume, tremolo binaural brainwave patterns played very rapidly, alternating beats in each ear, white noise, high frequencies, drones, whispers and static to achieve significant confusion for the listener while suggestions and subliminal suggestions are repeated for effect. Some providers offer feminization hypnosis sessions by phone.

Feminization as a Technique of Torture

As explored in our publications “Pop Music vs. Islam”, “It’s Hard to Even Think About…” and “FSAAT” and “Initiations of New Americans at Abu Ghraib”, many hypnotic and subliminal techniques were developed and tested in the 1950’s, adopted by the CIA and military-industrial complex(es), and are now deployed in war interrogation-torture settings globally. Specifically in relation to feminization hypnosis, such techniques are often used to feminize (and thus disempower) a captive, source, or population- replete with a deliberately invoked range of cultural phobias around gender, sexuality, menstruation etc. as seen in the aftermath of Abu Ghraib. This facet of femme hypno, extending the use in Sissification and FemDom settings, is a fertile area of investigation and experimentation for the Fauxists. See the aforementioned documents for more information.

Pathology: Theorizing of Trans identities

– Autogynephilic and Homosexual Trans: Dr. Ray Blanchard, Etc.

Video by Annie Danger (

More and more people are getting interested in feminization hypnosis. This is popular especially among those who want to let out the inner women within them… They are doing this in order to break away from what they see as a lifelong trap – being in the wrong body when they feel like they are more like women than men.”      Isabella Valentine

Unfortunately, discussions about, and research on, transsexuality often focus on “etiology” – that is, the cause(s) of transsexuality: Why do transsexuals exist? Why are we motivated to change our sex? Is it due to genetics? Hormones? Upbringing? Living in a plastic-surgery-obsessed culture? Or maybe it’s just a good old-fashioned mental disorder? Such questions represent the intellectualization of objectifying transsexuals.

There has been a recent resurrection of Ray Blanchard’s model of transsexuality, which postulates that all trans women are motivated to transition for sexual reasons. Blanchard’s concept of autogynephilia was an obsure theory only known to a relatively small number of gatekeepers and transsexuals. That is, until psychologist J. Michael Bailey published his 2003 pop-science book “The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism”, which is undoubtedly one of the most sexualizing and sexist books about trans women yet published. The premise of the book is that all transsexual women transition for purely sexual reasons – either to attract straight men or because they are sexually aroused by the idea of being or becoming female.

This sexualizing of trans women’s motives is of course nothing new. In what amounts to a hypersexualization of trans women in our culture, trans women are regularly depicted as either sex workers, sexual deceivers who prey on unsuspecting straight men, or as fetishists who get off on the idea of wearing women’s clothing. The media’s (as well as Bailey’s) assumption that MTF (but not FTM) transsexuals transition in order to fulfill some kind of sexual fantasy not only dismisses trans women’s deeply experienced female gender identities, but also insinuates that women as a whole have no worth beyond their ability to be sexualized. (See also: Anne Lawrence “’Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies’: An Introduction to the Concept of Autogynephilia”)

It’s important to note that, according to Bailey et al, “male” bisexuality does not exist, and “women” are inherently bisexual. Moreover, according to the two-type theory, trans women are men, and thus inherently “gay” or “straight”. Their contention is that ‘autogynephilic’ transsexuals will have sex/one night stands with men to confirm their identities as women, but not because they’re really attracted to them. Thus according to Blanchard there are two ‘legitimate’ sex drives: heterosexuality and homosexuality. A deviance in each causes gender dysphoria, and in extreme cases ultimately causes transsexuality. The deviant form of heterosexuality is called “autogynephilia.” Blanchard defines Autogynephilia as “a man’s [sic] paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself [sic] as a woman.” Bailey not only endorses Ray Blanchard’s theory, but he takes it to an extreme of simplicity.

Apparent types of Autogynephilia:

* Transvestic autogynephilia: arousal to the act or fantasy of wearing women’s clothing

* Behavioral autogynephilia: arousal to the act or fantasy of doing something regarded as feminine

* Physiologic autogynephilia: arousal to fantasies of female-specific body functions

* Anatomic autogynephilia: arousal to the fantasy of having a woman’s body, or parts of one.

Transsexuality, Postmodernism: “The End of History”?

“What does it mean exactly to talk about the death of history? To what extent does such a claim tacitly reinscribe the very logic of temporality that it seeks to negate? And to what extent does a perspective sensitive to gender issues either affirm or complicate the thesis of the end of history and the end of sex?

Epochal change or paradigm shift accompanied by worry, patrol and fascination with category-troubling. Post 9/11 US pop culture’s obsession with trans- on talk shows, reality shows, etc As has been explored elsewhere- in times of paradigmatic/epochal change and troubling, identities and ideas that are confusing/trans-ing to the hegemonic culture become a central, if disavowed, focus. This is often centered around gender or sexuality and its relation to Nature/naturalism. For example: Fin de siele homosexuality (Oscar Wilde), the New Woman and the Dada Cyborg of Weimar berlin (Hannah Hoch), and the transsexual figure of the noughties TV culture.

Many theorists note the pervasiveness of images of transsexuality within much postmodern and poststructuralist thought. For example, in “The Transparency of Evil”, Jean Baudrillard writes, “the sexual body has now been assigned an artificial fate. This fate is transsexuality. Transsexual not in any anatomical sense but rather in the more general sense of transvestism, of playing with the commutability of the signs of sex … we are all transsexuals.” Here transsexuality, or perhaps more accurately, transgenderism, serves as an overarching metaphor to describe the dissolution of once stable polarities of male and female, the transfiguration of sexual nature into the artifice of those who play with the sartorial, morphological, or gestural signs of sex. The media visibility of such celebrities as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and La Cicciolina becomes symptomatic for Baudrillard of a fascination with the exaggeration, parody, and inversion of signifiers of sexual difference which pervades the entirety of contemporary Western culture.

Contemporary critical theory itself both echoes and intensifies such practices of gender bending and blending in its sustained conceptual challenge to the ontological stability of the male/female divide. While male theorists like Derrida, Deleuze, and Baudrillard himself profess their desire to “become woman” by aligning themselves with a feminine principle of undecidability and masquerade, so feminists are in turn increasingly appealing to metaphors of transvestism to describe the mutability and plasticity of the sexed body. Two of the most influential feminist theorists of recent times, Donna Haraway and Judith Butler, have both sought in different ways to break out of the prisonhouse of gender by reconceptualizing masculinity and femininity as performative, unstable, and determined.

See for example:

Stryker, S. (1995) ‘Transsexuality: The Postmodern Body and/as Technology’, Exposure 30(1/2): 38–50.

Susan Stryker, “Christine Jorgensen’s Atom Bomb: Transsexuality and the Emergence of Postmodernity,” in E. Anne Kaplan and Susan Squier, eds., Playing Dolly: Technocultural Formations, Fantasies, and Fictions of Assisted Reproduction (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1999), 157-171.

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Selected preparatory Documents in leadup to publication of: Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on April 16, 2010

Selected preparatory Documents in leadup to publication of:

Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…

A 32-page investigation of Fauxist theory, performance & production.

Selected FAQ from


Can past life regression help with physical feminization, if previous female body memory is restored? This is something I have never tried out, I do regression, though never have for this purpose.

Could hypnosis for feminization actually change the male endocrine system towards female hormone balance?

I am not a doctor

Does Feminization alter the spiritual values of the subject?

Feminization alters personality, though spiritual influences won’t be changed.

Does Feminization include physical health gains?

You will feel more complete the more feminine you become, you know women are the stronger sex and you are healing yourself, bettering yourself, women live longer than men and can cope with more things, men tend to wallow inn self pity, women battle on and remain positive, you are changing to the female outlook, everything seems brighter and happier, therefore you feel even better, positive thinking is the best healer, becoming a woman is a very positive thing, you will feel all the benefits.

How can hypnosis make the male body change into a female physique if the male body has no programmed knowledge of this type of shaping? Do your subjects need to take hormones to affect the changes in body?

No, hypnosis works alone, I know nothing about hormones, and would never tell anyone to use them. All I know is my hypnosis can influence the brains thoughts which bring about physical change, I would not like to swear to it but I think that the mind is capable of producing female hormones when it is programmed to do so. Lets hope some rich doctor does some studies on why the changes happen after hypnosis, then again I also do magic and no one really knows why that works either, but it does.

The hexed panties you recommend for feminization and curvier hips, do these need to be a particular style and colour for affective results?

Black are best for the spells I perform, any colour can be used, none are as effective as black.

The recommended method of washing hexed underwear is to use cold water. Please advise if a hand wash powder is acceptable and if the act of cleansing the garment has any significance in terms of the hexing and magical powers.       Use only a little mild hand wash liquid, too much harsh washing can damage the hexing, very hot water will kill its power.

You allude to putting the male memory to sleep with extreme feminization hypnosis. Does this remove personal security information about a person identity, such as credit card details, national insurance numbers, place of birth etc.?

NO not at all, Bella Donna is feminization hypnosis only, I do have files for this type of thing for those that have the fetish, this is not inn the Bella Donna series at all. Nothing about my controlling you inn anyway is inn the Bella Donna series. Ragazza Serica range is about control plus forced feminization if that’s what you are looking for.

I had noticed that on July 2, 2004 the Silky girls had their first period until July 8, 2004. Then again, the Silky and the Belle Donna girls both started their next period on August 31, 2004, but I never saw a message telling them that it ended, are they all still on their period since then?

All Bella Donna girls, Silky girls and Satin sluts start their periods at the end of each month and it lasts for 5 days. I do hope all the girls remember this and remember to wear there pads and feel moody and miserable. Also remember you must sleep with your pads on as this is the worse time of all. I would ask that you post to let the others know you are ‘on’ at this time.

Feminization Magick Pack available on 2/9/2009

Title: Bella Donna Ultimate Feminization Box

Price:  $628.95

This pack is especially for those of you wanting to transform completely into a woman. The box you receive will be packed full with everything you need to become the beautiful woman you want to be, inside and out. Your box will contain the following items:

Hexed Feminisation Panties -Please provide size with order.

Especially for those that want to be feminized, these hexed panties or pantyhose will be doing their magic all the time you are wearing them, allowing you to be the curvier you. An ideal companion to my feminization MP3’s.

Feminisation Pantyhose.

Hexed Feminisation Bra – Please provide back size with order, and cup size you wish to achieve.

Especially for those that want to be feminized, this hexed bra will be doing its magic all the time you are wearing it, allowing your busts to swell and nipples become more sensitive.

Lady Lita’s Hexed Feminisation Ring – You will notice how your mannerisms become feminine while wearing the ring.

Lady Lita’s Magick Lipstick – My girls will love this specially hexed lipstick. It smells and tastes so wonderful as you wear it you can’t help becoming so feminine and irresistible. You will have sexy femme confidence while wearing this lipstick as it transforms you into a prima donna. Even the more submissive amongst you will love to be centre of attention at times. So ladies, but on your sexist outfit, do your hair and nails, then put face on, remembering the magickal lipstick and its wonderful power.

Lady Lita’s Girly Potion Perfume – Lady Lita’s special perfume potion. It smells so wonderful you won’t be able to stop sniffing the bottle. When you wear it you will suddenly become very lusty and aroused about being feminine, like an addiction you will need more and more of the wonderful feminine feeling. The added bonus is you will attracted lovers who can’t get enough of you. The bottle this comes in will vary according to availability. I usually send it in a beautiful perfume atomiser.

Lady Lita’s Bewitched Beauty – Now you can become the feminine beauty you always wanted to be.

This spell feminizes you to your specification. Send a photo of the woman you want to look like and let the magick take over. You will notice more changes everyday once the spell has been cast.

The spell includes an animation which you are to watch everyday as often as possible. The specially hexed animation will be working while you watch.

Lady Lita’s Stunning Diamante Hexed Slave Collar – These are stunning diamante collars with tag, are specially hexed to make sure you always feminine and sexy. When you wear the collar you will feel submissive for me. The tag has ‘I belong to Lady Lita’ on the front and ‘’ on the back. Pink – For feminized slaves.

Lady Lita’s Magick Scarf – Not only are these beautiful scarves magical because they look wonderful, feel wonderful and can be worn as a scarf, shawl or cowl. They are also magickal because they have been hexed to make the wearer feel wonderful, beautiful and feminine. This luscious scarf will give you the confidence to be the real you. The casting will leave them scented, soft and ready to wear.

Lady Lita’s Hexed Charm – This beautiful magick phone charm will have you feeling feminine permanently as you carry it about on your mobile phone. It is supplied presented in a beautiful bow box with black velvet inside.

Lady Lita’s Charmed Compact – This beautiful compact mirror is a very special item within it’s self, even more so when it is enchanted by my powerful magick. Anyone who looks into the mirror on the inside lid of it will instantly turn into a beautiful feminine sensual woman. The effects of the mirror will wear off after 2 hours and can be topped up again any time by looking into the mirror again. The style and colour of the mirror compact will vary according to availability. All will be beautiful and feminine and come in a lovely satin pouch.

Ms Dolly’s Hypnotic Doll Program – The Dolly Program is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long, this varies depending on the speed of your computer and how many other programs you are running. It is recommended that you close all other programs and have you PC online while watching to take full advantage of the live commands and subliminals Ms Dolly sends to the program once she knows it is running on your PC. Once you have paid for the program I will send you a dolly name. It is important that you have a dolly name you really like because once the program has been started with that name it is programmed in permanently to the Dolly Program as well as your mind. You will hear your dolly name instead of your other name. If you have a name you would like to use already let me know then I can make a note of who you are for when you are watching. If you don’t like the dolly name I choose for you, let me know and I will give you another one. YOU MUST HAVE A DOLLY NAME YOU WANT TO STICK WITH BEFORE USING THE PROGRAM.

The file comes as a flash projector and is available for both PCs and Apple Macs.

Countess Isabella’s Feminization Potion Drink – Countess Isabella will spend many hours inn her lab mixing up this potion for you. The drinker of this potion turns into a beautiful woman.

Beautiful Satin Handbag – Special beautiful sequined handbag to keep all your girly items inn.

Adora Adore’s Dream Pillow – This magick dream pillow is stuffed with herbs that will make you dream feminine thoughts as you sleep. Just pop it under your pillow before going to sleep.

Adora’s Magick Dolly Beads – Edible candy beads form a magickal necklace. If you start to feel your male mind coming back, you can nibble on one of these beads to give you an instant boost.

Adora’s Magick Crystal – A powerful specially chosen crystal that you should keep with you at all times.

Various Feminisation Flash Animations.

Signed Photo’s from Lady Lita, Adora Adore and Countess Isabella.

Total =  728.95. Special price for all these exciting magickal items is only  628.95 saving a massive  100. Price includes postage and packaging.

What you need to send so the spells can be cast for you:

1. Date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (where possible).

2. A photo of you.

3. A photo of a woman who you would most like to resemble.

4. Your chosen female name, unless you would like us to choose one for you.

You must be happy to keep the name once you have it, so please think carefully about this.

5. Any special details about how you want the magick to work for you, the more details you send the better.

6. The size for your hexed panties and bra.

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