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List of published Fauxist texts selected from and available on News From The Fauxist International, and as collected in The Fauxist International Reader.

Fauxist Reader, produced for The First Working Retrospective of the Fauxist International, 2010

Note: The texts are organized under both the relevant project and rough subject headings, whilst many transgress such categorizations in content & genre, and could recur. In the coming weeks, each title will be linked to it’s respective entry on NFTFI, in the most recently revised version, and to a PDF copy available for free download.


“‘Out of Time, Place, Scale’: Cryptozoology & Neocolonialism”

“Bigfoot Found On Mars!: The Spatio-Visual Politics of Cryptozoology,  Military Cryptogeography, & Space Archaeology.

“Blobsquatch Against the Panopticon: The Abject Romance of Low-Res, Information-Mythologies & Anti-Rational Divination in Cryptozoological Media”

“Chupacabra In Chernobyl!: Border politics, Radioactive Cryptids & Videogames in The Zone of Alienation.”

“Yearning for (re)animate Nature: Faunal Colonialism in Cryptozoology and the Case of the Thylacine”

“‘Hooray for Cryptozoology’: The Fauxist Cryptozoology Tapes, 2010”

Para-Architecture & Cryptogeography

“Amputees in Mock-Afghanistanian Mud: Military Simulation-Urbanism, Performance and the Future of Global Warfare.

“Occult Sex Architecture in Second Life: A personal narrative of discovery”

“Overdose At The End Of The Tunnel: Architecture in Near death experiences & A Proposal for a Thanatological Themepark”

“Dreamspaces & Psychosisgeography: Imagined Urbanisms, & Design”

“America’s Exurbs: ‘Green Zones’ & Iconoclasm in the city of the Other”.

“An Invisible Vatican needs more faith in modernism’s phallic refuse. Winnowing the lines of ‘Anonymous Fauxist’ for Modernist allegories of Fauxist deterritorization,”

“The Carceral Dream: Piranesi’s Imaginary Prisons & Contemporary Prison-Industrial Speculations”

“4 Fauxists Visit the True City of Fauxism on PCP. An excerpted transcript of a 4-hour audio tape, recorded 12/3/2007”

“Above the 2nd Floodline: Bunker Architecture in Seedbanks and Frozen Zoos”

“Bomber Villages: Ruins & ‘Bomber Ecology’ ”

“Thank goodness! USYD has a plan for Fauxist invasions”.

Fauxist Monumentality

“Sealing the magic mountain: The monumental task of warning future generations. A Fauxist design concept and application for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, Nevada.”

“From Meaning to Muteness: Abject Monumentality & the Fauxist Anti-Monument Register”

“How Drugs Are Taught: Narco-museums, smuggling architecture & Meth PSA’s”.

“When Monuments Mimic: Yagans & Saddam’s decapitations”

“The New Museum of Abu Ghraib & Sacrificial Monuments in Postmodern Televisual War”

“’The performativity of Torture Images’ & the photographic erasures of Josh Azzarella”

“Torture Tourism: Statue parks and the Rise of Genocide Museums”

Time Capsules


“Plaques, Placebos: The Time Capsules of the Fauxist International”

“2010 Pop-Indigeneity Time Capsule”

“Timeless prank: UC time capsule from ’50s reveals porn from ’80s” June 26, 2009

EVP/Spirit Media

“Fauxist Spirit Recording Project: Theory & Background”

“The Fauxist Spirit Recording Sessions Habitat on 1475.0 kHz wave, Nie śpią tylko duchy. Transcripts & Descriptions of Fauxist initial experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomenon”

“Dialogues with A Dead Doctor: Two Conversations with Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1909–1974) In which he variously encourages the Fauxists in continuing their EVP investigations, speaks about what it’s like being dead, and the pop music of the afterlife. (Transcripts From Spirit Mic Recording CD)”

Fauxist  Postmodern Bestiaries Project

“Exo-conservation narratives & The Environmental Apocalypse: Some Notes On Eco-Apocalypse in preparation for the Fauxist  Postmodern Bestiaries Project”

“Cinematic Dinosaurs & the Apocalyptic Extinction Genre (Pop-Culture Imaginaries of Radical Neo-Lib Conservation.)”

“The Subliminal Symbolic Faunal Taxonomies and Bestiaries of Late Capitalism: An Introduction and Project Overview”

Xenophilia/Alien Sex

“The Fauxist’s Sex With Aliens survey 2009”

“The potential down side of the public acceptance of Xenophila: A personal treatise solicited from an anonymous Xenophile by a member of the Fauxist Xenophilic”

“Basic Care and Maintenance for your Ceruluan clone’s oral system.  Advice for Owners.

An exercise in futurehygiene, sponsored by the Fauxist Xenophilic Studios”.

“Fauxist Space Sex: In space, no one can hear your safeword.”

“Fauxist Public Opinions on Xenophilic Pornography Survey 2009”

“Fauxist Xenophilic Pornography Studios: Statement and Review”

Post Apocalypse Consultancy Agency

“The Fauxist International’s 2012 Global After-Party  December 22nd, 2012. “           .

“Just what is all the hype about 2012?: The Latest Contender and Its Pop-Culture Manifestations”.

“Con-fabulating the Cabinet: Biography of a Museum Creator.”

“MEDIA RELEASE: Fauxists to hold inaugural Apocalypse Fair at Sydney Park”

“Secularisation and the Neo-apocalpse: More apocalii than ever before!” Preliminary publications of the Fauxist Post-Apocalypse Consultancy Agency.

“A Day at The MOA!: A Brief introduction to The Museum Of The Apocalypse”

“Wife Swap for 2012: A Call for Fauxist families, their friends and functionaries”


“FAUXIST FOSSILS and the Final demises of Evolutionary theory. Or, A DISTRACTED ARCHAEOLOGY OF DISSOLUTION.”

“99% of the Problem: Fossils, The  Fauxistosaur, & Anti-Enlightenment Evolutionary Theory”

“The Fauxistosaur: A History”

“Fauxist Fossil-Fragments Fun” (Activity worksheet for teachers)

“Of Hoax Fossils & Punctuated Equilibrium”

“‘Too close a shave’: The perils of Occam’s Razor in how ancient life is imagined using Fossil-Fragment Extrapolation”.


“Worlds First Ever “Vomit-In”! The Fauxist International Protests John Waters Opera House Show, asking “Has Trash Become Innocent?”

“Invocation/Insurrection: The Pentagon Exorcism and Histories of the Use of Magic in Protest and Resistance”

“Hiatus Interruptus”

“The Fauxist International’s Mirror Protests”

“The Fauxist International’s Mardi Gras appearances”

The Fauxists In Space

“There has to be a bit more on the moon for me” An interview with a member of the FAUXISTS IN SPACE.

“Fauxist International ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party” (Collected invites and documentation)

“Moon Cheese & Science Trannies” A Review of the Fauxist International Moon Bomb Amateur Telsecopy Party, Sydney,  9th-10th October, 2009. By Johnathon Hadres

“Fauxist 2011 Space Playground”

“UPDATE: Moon Bomb Impact & Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy Party IMMINENT! Fauxist Moon Bomb Amateur Telescopy PARTY UPDATE”

“The Fauxist International Convinces Neil Armstrong His Own Moon Landing Was Faked”


“Initiations of New Americans in Abu Ghraib: Reflections on/of Race, Gender & Digitisation in Torture Imag(in)ery”.

“2010, A Cyborg Manifesto: Border Genocide, “Fucking Machines”, Including: “A Unique Proposal to World Governments Regarding the Use of Transsexual Interrogation Bots”.

“Schizoanalysis in the Postmodern Confessional: Recent Torture & interrogation developments”

“Digital Diaspora, Vision & Gender in the Abu Ghraib Scandal”

An Anthropology of Telepresence

“Participatory SURVEILLANCE & Psychovideography: “Virtual Border Watch”, Pay-CCTV, & Military Ghost Webcams”

“Speaking Skulls: Drones/UAV’s, invisible colonialism, & ‘Playstation Mentality’ in war & border zones”

“The Island of Dr. Haraway: Cyborgian technologies & weapons in Border Surveillance & Defense”


“Send your DNA into space!”

“Uploading Life: Send Your Personality to Space”

“Digital Space-Be-in time-capsule”

“’Exolanguages: SETI, Alien Literature, and voices of space…’: Overview of Fauxist Projects”

“Subliminal Genetics and Astrobiology: Molecular graffiti, physical puns, complaints & bills found coded in Human DNA! DNA found to terraform planets & signal readiness for ET Colonisation!”

Fauxist Will Project

“6,000,000,000 Abject Deaths: The Last Wills of Gina Ponydroolwhore”

“Fauxist Will Project Collection: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS”

“Children’s Will & Funeral Project: Call for contributions”.


“Pop Music vs. Islam: Music Torture in the War on Terror”

“It’s hard to even think about” Musicians (Finally) Say No to Music Torture, While we wait for them to actually get the joke. An Exploration of Music in PSYWAR and Report of associated Fauxist Investigations, including the first account of the Fauxists at interrogation school”.


“Why We Won’t Publish The FSSAT Scripts”

“Chipmunk Hypnosis”: Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject.

“All Pieces One Second or Less… One Second Theatre Competition winners showreel.”

“Fauxists Create First Ever Simultaneously Magic Eye and Subliminal Film”

Statements on Fauxist Method

“Hystery of the Fauxist International #4: Fauxist Use of Collective Names & the genesis of “Regrette Etcetera”

“A Disavowal of Disavowal: Selection of Fauxist statements on Plagiarism as method, 2005-8.”

“Fauxist Blotter-Acid Art: An overview of activities, productions & exhibitions of Fauxist Blotter-Acid Art Australia, USA, Britain: 2006-10”

Secessionist States Project

Fauxist Secessionist State Project #3: “Fauxists Open Application for “Mainstream Bizarre Secessionist Nation”in the WORLD FOLKLORE THEME PARK, Guangzhou, China. — A callout to cultural workers —“Fauxist Secessionist State Project #4:“The Nomadic Plastic Nation Spins” An Interview with crackpot Fauxist genius Noni Mastor

Gasps From the Lab

Monthly publication: “Gasps From the Lab: Fauxist Science Tidbits”.

“Dear Etcetera: Collected Correspondence from Science Journal Submissions by Fauxists”

“Frozen Zoos & The Environmental Apocalypse”

“Designing Conceptual Schema and Career Planning the Psycho-geographical Slime-Mould Way”.


Fauxist Real Gender: Feminization Hypnosis

“Selected preparatory Documents in leadup to publication of: Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…”

“Fauxist Investigations in ‘Feminization Hypnosis’: Gender Dysphoria, Autogynephilia, Schizoanalysis, Postmodernism & “Becoming-Woman”…”

“Initial Fauxist Experiments in Feminization Hypnosis 2008-10”.

“Interview with ‘Zoltan’, Designer of Robot AI Sex dolls & regarding his robot girlfriend, Alice. 2010”

“ATTN: All Fauxist Luminaries, Functionaries and fans…Extreme Makeover Needed! Why and how Fauxists must transcend their fake transhumanist-academic chic aura to Remain Relevant; AND What We can learn from Nerds, Metrosexuals & Andrei Codrescu’s “The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess” in order to woo the reticent commoners… An Internal Fauxist Manifesto by an Endangered Fauxist Species- the UberMale”.

Speculative Economics

“Please Explain”: Being an Account of the Fauxists seeking the advice of a financial expert on the GEC”

“Fauxist Comprehension Test #12: Economic Crisis Organisers Meeting: An exercise in the intersticies of capital, identity and the body.”

“Co(s)mic Locusts & Global Economic Apocalypse: Excerpts from series of Fauxist International working papers on the machinations of the Global Economic F(l)ux”

“Economic Collapse Psychic Sued: The Fauxists clamour for Mrs None Hagen”

Endless Colonialisms & Ethnographic Burlesque

Fauxist Perfume Protest Sculptures #3: “Madonna & Gucci in Africa: Celebrity Activism, Charity Branding, The White Man’s Burden, Blackface & Celebrity Adoption as Ethnographic Spectacle”.

“Disinterring the Duckworth Digit: Taking Hostage the remains of late Cambridge anatomist W.L.H Duckworth”

“Suffer Little Children: Fauxist Writings on the interconnections of Paedophilic Discourse, Neoliberalism, Art Censorship & the NT Intervention in Australia 2007-10”

“New Porn Censorship Guidelines put Fauxist models out of work. Paedophilic Breasts & Photoshopping Labia: CSA Panic, Body Patrol, Small breasts and non-existent femm-jizz- ejaculation”

High-Water Mark Project

“The 2088 Australian Tricentennial: High Water Mark Project”

“The 2088 Australian Tricentennial Visions Project”

Fauxist Personality Tests

An array of often facetious questionnaires and fake admission tests.

“PFIFF!!!  SENSES AGAINST  OBJECTIVITY” (Onomatopoeia activity sheet)



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