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New Interview with Regrette Etcetera, Fauxist Editor

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 11, 2013

Regrette Etcetera at home.


(Photo by Lui Rincon)

— For more images from the photoshoot, click the image below —

Regrette Etcetera Lui Rincon

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Fauxist Editor Regrette Etcetera interviewed for Artlink Magazine

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on October 1, 2013

Regrette Etcetera Artlink

​Artlink Magazine 

Vol. 33 No. 3, 2013​

“​Werq The Runway Darling!: What Drones Taught Me about being a Better Tranny“​ 

An interview with Regrette Etcetera, by Rachael Sweting.

$14 buys you a copy

or click image below to read online…

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(Another) New Fauxist Editor Interview

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on October 8, 2012

Watch full-size HERE

“Regrette Etcetera” by Elliot Hughes,  HD video, 2012.

A maximalist video portrait featuring Regrette Etcetera on the relationship between identity, performance, architecture, economics and culture.

This work was first shown as part of the solo exhibition “Containers of a Liquid Reality,” at Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney. “Containers of a Liquid Reality” documents the performance practices of participating individuals through the creation of interview-based documentaries. The work develops a dialogue about capitalist enclosure of physical space and about the way in which human bodies are treated within a capitalist system of economics. Through a discussion of their performance practices, the interviewees provide insights into the imaginative ways in which they redefine and reclaim their physicality. In addition to the video portraits, the exhibition features an architectural inversion that utilizes engineering principles first used in the creation of Gothic cathedrals. The exhibition as a whole explores the link between ideology and architecture.

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“Schizo((Aliens//Trannies//Noise))Science”: Fauxist Lectures upcoming in 2012

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 19, 2011

Regrette Etcetera. at Harvest Festival, Parramatta, Sydney.

For the Schreber Centenary, and in leadup to the 2012 Fauxist Performance-Lecture series:


Showcasing Recent Work from The Fauxist International

The Fauxist International presents a new series of Our infamous performance-lectures (“Like Taylor Mac using Microsoft Powerpoint and a meat-filled piñata to explain Neocolonialism” UN Magazine) with outré Fauxist representative Regrette Etcetera.

Exhibiting Our trans-pedagogical, “genre-mashing queer scholarship of hallucinatory breadth” (Zund Magazine), and hot-mess antics,  Schizo((Aliens//Trannies//Noise))Science condenses one area of Fauxist theory & projects of 2011//12 into 3 content-heavy events.


Transfeminine Tele(path)ology & Mythinformatic Schizo-Science

Beginning with Psychology’s myriad misuses of Daniel Schreber- the German judge turned into “a woman with an ass irresistible to God” by cosmic telephoto-Rays- We elucidate the linkages in transfemme tele(path)ologies from hysteria to dysphoria to fetishism. Skipping from Schizoanalysis, Neurotheology and Parascience to millenarian postmodernism & media culture’s obsession with ‘the transsexual’, We inhabit contemporary cultural trans-techno-hysterias in accounts of Alien Feminizing Rays, transfemme ghosts, Spiritualism, EVP, & the strange new field of “Feminization Hypnosis”, & thus trace the intertwined trajectories of the occult psychoanalysis from1898-2011, and outline all the projects We’ve generated along the way…

Identity under Alien Science/Re-tracing the alien scalpel: Body Panic, Schizoid-Tech, & becoming the other Other (again)

From the history & apocalyptic/millenarian miscegenation politics of ‘Human-Alien hybrid’ identities & exo-communities to a typology of the alien-body-as-intent over time, We trace Fauxist engagements with sexo-hysteric discourses of the (Other’s) Body and fantasies of Becoming-Ethnic in fringe cultures. In interrogating ‘Alien Super-Science’, Panic Bodies and postmod mythinformatic techno-paranoias in the field of Alien implants, We interview implant doctors, and find out “Why Aliens make Stupid Scientists”. And finally, unpacking discourses of Alienated wombs, xeno-feminism and hysterical genealogies in Alien pregnancies (“Italian Woman’s 19th Alien Pregnancy!”) & alien-impregnation porn, We explore fantasies of transgression and subsumption of techno-reproductive fears & bodies.

Signal Decay in the Postmodern Bestiary: Fauxist Cryptozoologic Expeditions

Meet the Blobsquatch, the Martian Bigfoot, the Chernobyl Chupacabra & the LARP’ers re-enacting psycho-tropic architectures & mutant canids of S.T.A.L.K.E.R when Fauxist Cryptozoology meets the Military-Industrial-Entertainment-Network! From histories of restricted/toxic landscapes as spaces of imaginative monster production, Our CZ work draws in the hallucinatory expansion of signal-noise quandaries in CZ, econationalism, gender & class in Bigfoot lore, the “exosociobiology” of Martian Anomalists, and the Fauxist cryptid recordings project, whilst traversing the strangest biopolitical realms of SETI, Nuclear meltdowns, and gaming cultures in compiling Our critical postmodern bestiary.

(Photo by Morgan Carpenter)

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How Fauxists Disorganize Monumentality

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on May 22, 2011

Regrette Etcetera & Regrette Etcetera

at the ISGD (Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse) rally,

May 11, Parliament House, Canberra, Australia.

(Photos by Huckleberry Spin)

For a full list of the demands & memorandums presented by the rally,

click HERE.

For press coverage, HEREHERE

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How Fauxists Advertise/Fuck

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on May 9, 2011

Regrette Etcetera

Photographed in mini-exhibition of Regrette’s entries for 

Interstitial BestiariesMagazine

at “Slut Shame”, 7/5/2011, Sydney.

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“Saint Schreber’s Centenary”: Fauxist Members in Sydney Performance

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on April 17, 2011

Regrette Et Les Trous

The mega-no-show with 10 simultaneous stars to assuage all yr performance pococurantism!

A celebratory work to mark the centenary of the death, and continuing psychoanalytic case-study trans superstar status of Daniel Schreber  (see: & marked 10 days late to fall on Easter.


Glace Chase                    LaDonna Rama               Justin Shoulder

Regrette Etcetera           Lori Keat                            Dolly Rotten

Asha Zappa                    Pony Glitter Pony             Pony (Melb.)


Mega-spectacle, heavy twinned costumes, opera singers, glossolalia, tranny snaps, Freud/Schreber-Christ, diagnostic chants, vomit.


Pretty Peepers Cabaret, April 24th

Post-Performance Photos:

Matthius the Libidinous & Justin Shoulder: "The Peach Twins"

Glace Chase as Saint Schreber/Glace Chase

LaDonna Rama

Asha Zappa and Regrette Etcetera

Regrette Et Les Trous

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Upcoming Publications on NFTFI

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on February 25, 2011

Exciting New & Upcoming Publications from

Fauxist International Contributors and Sources

in Early 2011.

Stay Tuned.

New in the Fauxist Cryptozoology & Military Cryptogeography Series:

(For existing work in this series, see for example: “Bigfoot Found On Mars! The Spatio-Visual Politics of Cryptozoology,Military Cryptogeography, & Space Archaeology“, “‘Out of Time, Place, Scale’: Cryptozoology & Neocolonialism“, “Yearning for (re)animate Nature: Faunal Colonialism in Cryptozoology and the Case of the Thylacine”, “Exo-conservation narratives & The Environmental Apocalypse“, “Cinematic Dinosaurs & the Apocalyptic Extinction Genre“)

Animatronic Amputees in Mock-Afghanistanian Mud: Military Simulation-Urbanism, Cultural-Performance & the Future of Global Warfare.”


The rise of Mock/Sim-Villages: Global Training Facilities; “Architectural ornament as target criteria”: The Arab City in Orientalist Imaginary; The Future is Slum Wars; Employing Diasporas in Diplomacy;’Amputees in Action’: Makeup & Amputees (Video Collection);Global War-Games and the city: Meta-MOUT’s;

“The PlayStation to beat all PlayStations”: Telepresence Architecture; “All but war is simulation”: MIME-NET; Blurring the Base: A Typology of Military Performance in ‘civilian’ space.

Chupacabra in Chernobyl! The Hunt for a Global Cryptid through Border Politics, Psychosis-Architecture & Military Cryptogeography”.

Contents: The History and Biopolitics of Chupacabra; Goat-Sucker Goes Global: Diabolical Diaspora; Chupacabra & the Mutants of Chernobyl; Disaster Prediction in Chernobyl’s Cryptids: Mothman, The Kaptar & Black Bird; Stalkers & Cryptogeography in ‘The Zone of Alienation’; Psychosisgeography, Dream Architecture & Radiation Monsters in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series; Picturing Chupacabra: Vampiric Mutant Canids in S.T.A.L.K.E.R; Re-enacting Disaster Architectures: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Cosplay/LARP in the Irradiated Zone.

“BigFoot on Google-Mars: Space Archaeology, Telepresent Performance, & Cryptozoological constructions of “Martian Indigeneity , (Part 2 of “Bigfoot Found on Mars!: The Spatio-Visual Politics of Cryptozoology, Military Cryptogeography, & Space Archaeology”)

The second installment of the popular “Bigfoot Found on Mars!”, investigating telepresence and colonial affect in the Lunar & Martian rovers, cartographic re-enactments, Martian Indigeneity in the work of anomalists and NASA, and the recently expanded field of Space Archaeology.

Selected Cryptogeographic Projects”

As part of Fauxist investigations into military cryptogeography, this document presents elements of our research and contextualizing materials for existing work in the field of cryptogeo, military urbanism, simulation-architectures work and ‘an anthropology of telepresence’.

Contents:  Cryptogeographic Histories; Military Cryptogeography and Globalisms; Gaming in Gitmo; Blank Spots on the Map: Projects of a Cryptogeographer; Decoding Military Landscapes

New in the Alien Sex, Xenophilia & Exopolitics Series:

(For existing work in this series, see for example: “Fauxist Sex with Aliens Survey 2009“, “Fauxists ‘Moon Bomb’ Amateur Telescopy Party” (and Review),”Fauxist 2011 Space Playground Design: Goulburn West Primary School” “”Mindless Fleshapoids Are Easy: A Trans-Viral Technophilic Oz

“Alien-Human Hybrids: Body Panic, Schizoid-Tech,  & becoming the other Other (again).”

Part 1: Hybridity in the American Alienation: Alien-Human Hybrids: History, Identity, Support groups & literature; Becoming Other (again) in America: Race, miscegenation & Erasure in Hybrid discourse; ‘Starseeds’- Exemplary Statistics & Electro Sensitive Citizens

Part 2: Genealogies of Estrangement: “Hair of An Alien”: The ‘Alien DNA’ paradigm; Off-Earth Hybrid Populations and Acceptance; ET pre-human evolution & Sociobiology/Evolutionary psychology; Alien Experimentation: a teleology of evolutionary Intent.

“God is Dead & I’m His Telephotographic Wife”: Daniel Schreber & Alien Feminizing Rays. Being The True Story of One Fauxist becoming a woman with an ass irresistible to God & their Various Efforts to build a Alien Feminizing Ray Receiver-Condenser”


Part 1: The Case of Daniel Schreber becoming a woman with an ass irresistible to God; the front courts of heaven are drained of souls; man/woman, body/soul, conscious/unconscious, private/collective, God/human; psychoanalysis eschewed; Histories of Alien Feminizing Rays ; from the solar anus to civilizational amplitude;  Alien Feminizing Experiments of matriarchal martians and sex-meddling Arthurians; Defense Attempts A design history of thought-proof helmets;

Part 2: Cosmic DIY Trans-Femininity: My Feminizing Ray Condenser How to make a DIY feminizing god/alien ray antenna/amplifier using commonly available parts, design antecedents, trials and preliminary results; High-grade voluptuousness eventually passes into sleep,

“’Retracing the Alien Scalpel’: Alien Implants, Schizo-Surveillance & the Super-Scientific Alien-Machine”

Contents: Implants; “Compared to them, Pavlov was an angel”: Histories of Implantation 1967-2010; The Implant Doctors (including Fauxist interview with Dr. Roger K. Leir); “Pleased to see the lack of inflammation”: Alien Implant removal stories & interviews, as told to the Fauxist International; Panic Bodies; Schizoid Surveillance- Postmodern mythinformation & the Super-Scientific Alien-Machine; “Illnesses You have to fight to get”: Implants & Electrosensitivities as ‘Alleged Illnesses’ under privatized healthcare; Hacking Alien Tech: DIY Uses of Domestic Appliances & Auto-Surgery; What is Alien Medicine? Quarantine, disease, & entropy

Hysterical Genealogies: Human-Alien Pregnancies

Contents:  “Woman’s 18th alien-hybrid pregnancy”: Giovanna Podda; A Genealogy of ; Alien Pregnancies for sale in Second Life; Alien pregnancies & Alienated Wombs in popular culture; ‘Should I Baptize my Hybrid Baby?”: Exclusive Fauxist interview with Dr. Jameson (the “abortion reverend”); Alien Insemination Pornography- A Genre Analysis

“Drugged Animals Signal Aliens!: An Expose on Alien/ASEMIC writing in the actions of Fauna regarding the Exo-Eco-Apocalypse”

Contents: The Truth behind crop-circles: Pinned Marsupials, algorithims and geometers; The Alien-God in the Postmodern Bestiary: Augury, Allegory and Secular Apocalypse in Alien-Nature; Asemic writing, hieroglyphs and Exo-linguistics in whale beaching patterns; Queer Soldiers & Mass Bird deaths; The Luminescent Runes of the North Pacific Giant Squid Architeuthis martensi; Quorum Sensing; The Dolphins of Heaven (Animals as Aliens): Psychic ETI Sasquatch, Children’s fears of animals, reptoids; Addendum: Transcripts of telepathic Messages from alien Whales to Humanity

New in the Fauxist Drug-Architecture series

(For existing work in this series, see for example: “Temporal Slip in Crystal Architectures: Meth Museums, Meth Labs in Space, & The Meth-Architecture-Organism“, “4 Fauxists Visit the True City of Fauxism on PCP“)

“Ketamine’s Thanatological Themepark: Near Death Experiences, K-Hole Architecture, & K-Transgender”

Ketamine & Near Death Experiences; Ibogaine in North Africa: Ritual Near-Death Drugs;  The Ketamine Architectural Goddess; Overdose At The End Of The Tunnel: Near Death Experiences & A Thanatological Themepark proposal; Ketamine & Transgender; How to Look Good in a K-Hole: Fauxist Couture; A Kat-Valium Eternity: Chronotopic Architecture, Paulo Virilio, & Depression; Chasing Gravity on Wonk.

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Fauxist Associated Projects: Regrette Etcetera’s “So this one time…”

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on December 10, 2010

“So this one time I turn up for a trick…”

Selected ‘Surprisingly Astute’ & ‘Hilariously Erudite’ Outcall Stories

of Regrette Etcetera, 2008-10

News From The Fauxist International is are pleased to announce that Our Editor and Luminary, Regrette Etcetera (link) has published their much-anticipated collection of sex-work stories “So this one time I turn up for a trick…”: Selected ‘Surprisingly Astute’ & ‘Hilariously Erudite’ Outcall Stories of Regrette Etcetera, 2008-10

(Click HERE for free download)

If Etcetera’s Fauxist work is anything to go by, (and indeed the publication includes an account of the Fauxist Spirit Recording Project!) We are in for a labyrinthine treat… We are told that issue 2 is slated for release in mid-2011. Is this how Fauxist’s “pay their way through medical school”? Ha.

Launch Party

‘International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers’

Sex Worker Art Exhibition

December 17,

Little Fish Gallery,

Newtown, Sydney.


About “So this one time…”

As excerpted in Interstitial Bestiaries magazine iss. 4, “So this one time…”  collects the international whore stories of Regrette Etcetera. We follow this heady narrator into being paid to sit in on French Lit. lectures, parrying post-porno-pooches, appearing in an all-trans-ho amateur Gertrude Stein production, and taking various forms of revenge on a retinue of the strangest tricks- among them Etcetera’s high-school english teacher, a self-proclaimed alien-hybrid, a tazer-wielding trannychaser, and the unforgettable ‘Caeleb Wilson’- all the while being offered a hilarious, patrician commentary on all that occurs.

Critical Reviews

“Captures the inherent weirdness of the outcall moving with it into self-reflexive plays on the similarly weird psycho-mythic representations of trans women… Unique.” UN Magazine

“For once a respite from the sex-worker titillation genre!… Etcetera’s mock-moralisms and ridiculous, convoluted humour are a delight to unravel”                                                                                                 Karen Elliot, Smile

“Refreshingly repudiates the transfeminine autobiography-cum-autopathology moral-confessional motif… an unapologetic work of makeup, coincidence  & hallucinatory autodidacticism…”         Alexis Jung, 1-Claw Zine


We will be publishing a Fauxist review of “So this one time…” in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to NFTFI.


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Exhibition of Fauxist Materials & Appearance

Posted by Regrette Etcetera on November 19, 2010

Presenting a grouping of the Fauxist International’s projects concerning monumentality, museumification, and memorialization- in this case, those specifically engaging the queer, ISGD, trans, intersex communities. These project excerpts form part of a larger investigation and planning drive toward monument and ritual design and theorizing.


Queer archival practice, monumentality and memorialization often eschews the use of a queer methodology or lens, and aims for a historical solidity or definitional authority that is so often is critiqued by the makers themselves. In terms of monumentality (whether referring to statuary or performative modes) the didactic logic of most monuments- their rigidity and sense of historical closure- too closely resembles traits associated with the oppressive forces supposedly being critiqued, and become, in a word, fascist.

The monuments, rituals and archives surrounding Trans Day Of Remembrance have similarly been criticized for their problematic presumption of a unity of identity,  uncritical hagiography, and a general white-washing of race, class, and life-histories. The Fauxists believe We stand at an important threshold in determining the nature of mourning, accountability and resistance.


– Transgénero, como método y posibilidad: Museo Travesti del Peru

An investigation into a particular critical example of the Trans memorial/museum, this document describes the theory and practice of Museo Travesti del Peru (The Transvestite/Transgender Museum of Peru), and features an interview with Giussepe Campuzano, the museum’s founder. This publication looks in particular at the ways in which the nomadic, living, performative and anti-hegemonic Museo Travesti uses trans as an organizing and deconstructive metaphor in ‘doing the museum’, a tactic We believe is generally missed in trans memorializations, which often adhere to hegemonic, apologetic structures of mourning and presentation.

– Memorial Museums

We are in the midst of a generation of “memorial boom,”. More memorial museums have been built in the last 10 years than in the last 100. New speeds and types of atrocity, genocide, and thus memorialisation, tourism and writing proliferate.

In investigating this field, the Fauxists hope to look at dominant method and means of memorial museumification- the sites, objects, displays, and linguistic structures- that function to ‘remember’ and situate atrocities and genocide. This project aims to develop Our own critical-experimental forms of Memorial Museum, that necessarily avoid the pitfalls of the hegemonic memorial structures. We include this material in an effort to encourage reflection in each case upon ‘Queer/Trans Genocide’, TDOR, queer monumentality, and the structures of such events and spaces.

– Fauxist Anti-Monument Project

(Excerpts from working Document  “Meaning to Muteness: Abject Monumentality & the Fauxist Anti-Monument Register”)

A project initiated in 2008 interrogating the fall of hegemonic monuments in historical and political terms, and with production of anti-monuments, specifically those concerning ‘abject histories’ and minority categories of loss and identity. The Fauxist Anti-monument strives to be de/deconstructive, nomadic, temporary, performative, interventionist, painful, inconclusive, and in this context aligned against the GLBT-industrial-complex’s colonization of memory, history and utopia.

– Fauxist Investigations in Feminization Hypnosis

An under-explored area, Feminization Hypnosis is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, mainly online. Sold through mail-order/websites, the Femme hypnotic materials primarily take the form of audio tapes, Mp3’s, CD/DVD’s, but range to phone consultations, hypnotherapist outcalls, and ‘hexed’ hypnotic clothing and accessories.

The Fauxists investigate the cultural, political and anthropological dimensions of Femme Hypno, looking at common motifs, devices and indeed the psycho-social presumptions of trans-femininity.  Reading Femme Hypno materials by unpacking their constructions of psycho-somatic invocations, inductions and pathologization, ‘feminine artifactuality’ and self-organizing trans lives.

The “Fauxist Investigations in Feminization Hypnosis” CD, collects exemplary source materials, experiments in, and Fauxist productions of Feminization Hypnosis. Available from News From The Fauxist International

The “Contains No Original Material: Subliminal Films of the Fauxist International” DVD, includes a number of works using Feminization Hypnosis, though in a cinematic-subliminal context.


Fauxist luminary Regrette Etcetera also hosts the performance event.

Post-event documentation below. Photos by Huck Spin.

Regrette Etcetera.

Regrette Etcetera.


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